Bryan Fischer Says Michael Sam Should Seek Therapy, Compares Him to a ‘Brain Concussion’

Bryan Fischer Michael Sam tweet

Because Michael Sam is young, black, and gay, the always-classy Bryan Fischer claims that Sam is the highest at-risk group for contracting HIV and that he should seek therapy

2_samFischer also called Sam "the sexual equivalent of a brain concussion."

The NFL is celebrating the sexual equivalent of a brain concussion by going gaga over Michael Sam’s sexual proclivities.

For a league increasingly priding itself on concern for player safety and health, it is bizarre that they are enthusiastically praising a draftee for a lifestyle that could send him to an early grave.

And, of course, no Fischer rant is complete without a double-swipe at both Obama and gays in general, lest anyone forget that he views homosexuality as an utter abomination.

So much for his love affair with black men.


  1. Trolliollio says

    Bryan Fischer is vapid prejudiced and filled with self interest. Compassion would urge us against listening to him so he may have more time to get the therapy he needs.

  2. AlexBH says

    Yeah – I don’t really need to have any more Bryan Fischer updates – If I hear nothing more about him I’ll just assume he remains an a**hole – thanks

  3. HadenoughBS says

    If it’s a reparative therapy cure Fischer recommends, he seriously should pursue it himself due to his excessively damaging homophobia. I mean it’s to the point where apparently it’s all Fischer thinks, eats and dreams about. The man has allowed homophobia to cause grave and serious damage to his psyche. I truly worry for his sanity (NOT)!

  4. Buckie says

    If it wasn’t for the gay blogs I wouldn’t even know who Fischer *is*.

    None of my straight friends know who he is, none of the Christians I work with know who he is.

    That goes for most of the people in articles in gay news blogs about bigots.

    Our adversaries are sure noisy, and will remain so, mostly because a their influence and credibility and the regard for them wanes, the more desperate they’ll become.

    I’m sure that they enjoy all the free PR they get though.

  5. SpaceCadet says

    If this wing-nut is complaining then that means we are winning. Rejoice!

    And does this guy even have any twitter followed? I’m sure this guy and no would really care besides his family members if at all.

  6. Jude says

    Keep talkin’, Fischer, keep talkin’!

    Just this morning, my conservative, fundamentalist parents said that you are a disgusting bigot, and that you are unfit to judge how gays and lesbians live their lives.

    The more you defame gays and lesbians, the more support you lose. So talk on, Bigot, talk on.

  7. john patrick says

    I’ve never heard of anyone getting AIDS from just being young, black or gay. But I have heard of AIDS being transmitted by unprotected sex with someone who has the virus, and by blood transfusions of AIDS infected blood. But truth has never been a strong suit of lyin’ Bryan.

  8. Twins says

    Stop being delicate. Based on statistics, young black men are at a higher risk of contracting HIV/AIDS.Although Michael Sam is not DL and is in a relationship so his risk goes down.

  9. SpaceCadet says

    I caught a typo in my precious comment. I meant to say “if this guy died no one would even care.” I agree, this blog is the only place I’ve even ever heard his named mentioned at.

  10. ToThePoint says

    If there were a god, there would be a way to permanently silence this menace to society, but his mere existence proves there is none.

  11. says

    Just to point out to the people who are saying “I’ve never heard of Bryan Fischer.”

    His radio show is played on 180 stations and reportedly has a million listeners.

    Many more people know who Bryan Fischer is and have heard his opinions than will ever read this blog.

  12. Patrick says

    What Obama said is that you should be judged on what actions you take, not on “ideas” of what is sin. Bryan is caught in the Dark Ages.

  13. MajorTom says

    Therapists would send Michael Sam away, telling him that homosexuality is not a disorder. Homophobia, they would be quick to point out, is–and frequently indicates repressed homoerotic desires. So who really needs to have his head examined?

  14. Bill says

    Actually, I’d like to see Bryan Fisher say that again …. to Michael Sam in person and assuming that the courts would rule that Fisher’s “opinions” constitute “fighting words” so that Michael Sam would not get into trouble.

    That is, see it from a safe distance. While Fisher may think that Mr. Sam needs “therapy,” the outcome if Mr. Sam quite justifiably loses his temper would be Fisher needing surgery.

  15. Javier says

    Fischer is becoming more like Ann Coulter in his increasingly rude and insensitive attacks. Personally I think he is just flailing to see who pays attention to him.

    And Fischer is not our enemy. Our enemies are ignorance and prejudice. Fischer merely wields our enemies as weapons. Through education and awareness we will disarm Fischer and his ilk. They will become powerless at worst and allies at best.

  16. Kalos says

    @Mike What truth, of its true that he has a high risk factor, the theraoy oart is silly,So young, white gays dont need therapy, being black and gay causes you too magically get AIDS

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