1. steve talbert says

    Like magic Johnson can only represent black people and there’s this solid block of black people like lava. He knows he’s not racist because he believes blacks are equal to him (and separate). Instead of separate (but not equal) .

    It seems that to a lot of people they seemed confused as to why this attitude is taken as being racist. LOL

  2. MaryM says

    He’s pretty innocent if he believes that Magic Johnson got HIV from a woman (well a natural born woman anyway).

    Magic Johnson along with his pal Eddie Murphy are known for women of a more masculine DNA.

  3. David From Canada says

    Donald Sterling is an elderly man, 80 years of age, whose mindset is in the past – many older people are similar to him.
    Yes he made some serious mistakes, but it’s time to stop publicly flogging him in such a self-righteous manner. The media has got their “pound of flesh”, so let him go on to his private life now.

  4. Jo says

    he’s employed (through the Clippers) thousands of people over the past 33 years. additionally he’s given millions of dollars to universities and other charities.

  5. Merv says

    Actually, Magic did lots of business. He started a chain of movie theaters, among many other things, and is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

  6. Keith says

    Wow. In other words no one does anything, at any time, better than Mr. Sterling. I bet if he wanted to he could go out and get ‘the aids’ better and faster too!


  7. Rowan says

    I’m sorry but he has a point..not sure why you don’t mention that Don Lemon called out black entertainers a few months back for the same thing.

  8. Bill says

    @MaryM : FYI a man can be infected with HIV by having sex with a woman who is infected. The female to male transmission rate is much lower than the male to female rate, but is not zero.

    Keep in mind that very low probability events will occur at noticeable levels given enough tries.

  9. Pandion says

    These bigots are typically also cowards. They always say they want to protect the “little kids” from the things THEY are scared of. I’ve never seen a kid bothered by a kiss or by vague tales of sexual profligacy.
    Many adults traumatized by religion are, though. And they should just own up to their own phobias, instead of projecting them to innocent little children.

  10. Media Ho! says

    @David from Canada: “The media has got their “pound of flesh”, so let him go on to his private life now.”

    I agree! And did you see how just like V.Stiviano, Anderson Cooper baited him and goaded him into saying those things? A poor defenseless elderly billionaire with lawyers and media advisers is no match for a pretty-boy journalist like that. Cooper seduced him into nearly slandering and defaming Magic Johnsons, when all Sterling wanted to do was educate the public about the dangers of HIV and promiscuity!

  11. Mike says

    The legionary Magic Johnson has done and continues to do a lot more for basketball than an owner and racial bigot like Donald Serling. The hateful Sterling does not actually do anything himself. Only his money does. Money that for the most part was earned by the sweat of minorities, people that he continues to oppress. Serling stopped just short of saying that he owns these people.

    At six foot seven, the tallest point guard ever, Earvin Johnson led Michigan State to a national title. And he did it with such admiration and wonder of his supernatural ability that he rightfully earned the nickname “Magic”.

    The first choice in the NBA draft back in the late seventies, Magic Johnson personally led the Los Angeles Lakers to win the championship during his first year with them. In all thirteen seasons with the L.A. Lakers he earned three MVP awards and help rack up five NBA championships. In 1992 he won the Olympic gold metal as part of the famous “dream team” that is still talked about in sports circles with a sort of awe.

    As a businessman he repeatedly invested in urban and minority businesses and programs that directly address social problems while investing in fitness centers, restaurants, theaters, sports teams and a TV network. As such he has also become admired by many. Through the Magic Johnson Foundation he “works to support community-based organizations that address the educational, health and social needs of ethnically diverse, urban communities.” Yes, he helps black people, and people of every color.

    When his own son came out as gay several years ago Magic Johnson was the first to support him.

    Said Lon Rosen in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. “I’ve known Earvin since 1979 and his whole mission in life has been to create business opportunities in urban America and to be charitable,” “He has literally donated tens of millions of dollars of his own money to organizations and individuals forever and ever and ever.”

    The Magic Johnson foundation has raised more than $20 million for charity and has given out almost $4 million and many scholarships.

    Magic Johnson’s greatest legacy may be in his publicly acknowledging to the world that he has HIV. (Not AIDS as Sterling said and as Anderson Cooper was quick to correct him.) Because of him people everywhere were talking about it and as a result many ran out and got tested. He has personally helped change America’s attitude toward the disease.

    Meanwhile Donald Sterling and his plantation mentality continues to be more than reprehensible.

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