Election 2014: The Big Story In The November Midterm Elections Might Be The Governor Races!


FitzgeraldMuch has been written about the midterm elections and the epic struggle for control of the Congress of the United States. Democrats seem to be hanging on by a thread to continue their control of the Senate. In the House of Representatives, the Dems are hoping a number of Republican vacancies might give them a remote chance of taking back the House.

However, the real victories for the Democrats might come by taking back statehouses currently controlled by the Republicans. Even more importantly, the states are mostly large swing states that will be decisive in the 2016 Presidential race. Reclaiming these prizes could increase the Dems' chances of controlling the Presidency for at least another four years!

All of the Republican governors whose seats are in jeopardy have taken strong anti-LGBT stances.

Democrats have a few seats that are in jeopardy. The governorships in Illinois, Connecticut and Colorado are most vulnerable. The situation in Colorado, according to the latest polls, is improving by the day for the Democrats.

Here are nine states where Democrats, if they have the funds, could have major victories in the Fall.


Pennsylvania: Republican Governor Tom Corbett appears to be 'toast'. He is trailing by over 20 points in most polls. He is one of the most unpopular governors in the country. STATUS: Democratic Pick-up.

Maine: The Tea Party incumbent Republican Paul LePage is in big trouble from Democrat Congressman Mike Michaud. The only question is whether the independent candidacy of Eliot Cutler will stop Maine from electing the first openly gay governor in history by electing the congressman. STATUS: Leans Democrat.

Florida: Another Tea Party hero, Republican Governor Rick Scott is in a tough race with likely Democratic nominee former Governor Charlie Crist. The latest Quinnipiac Poll shows Crist (a former Republican) with a lead of ten points. STATUS: Leans Democrat.

Georgia: Will this be the year that the Peach state goes Blue? Republican Governor Nathan Deal took a big hit with the winter weather this year in Georgia. The grandson of former President Jimmy Carter will be the Democratic nominee and is running a surprisingly strong race. The Libertarian is running in the high single digits making Deal's re-election even harder. STATUS: Toss-up.

Michigan: Republican Governor Rick Snyder is fighting hard to keep control of Michigan from Democratic Congressman Mark Schauer. The incumbent Governor has held a lead of about four points. STATUS: Leans Republican.

B9948722z_1_20130706222626_000_gor1g0jd_1-1Wisconsin: The Republican Governor Scott Walker (who wants to run for President) successfully defeated a recall
attempt. Many thought that victory put him in good position for his re-election. However Democratic businesswoman Mary Burke is giving him a run for his money. The last Public Policy Poll had Walker up by only three points. STATUS: Leans Republican.

Ohio: Right-wing Governor John Kasich has maintained at least a five point lead over handsome and charismatic Democratic challenger Ed FitzGerald (pictured, above). If FitzGerald can raise the money he could tighten the race in this crucial state for 2016. Kasich currently has a five point lead. STATUS: Leans Republican.

Arizona: The Grand Canyon State is an enigma and is hard to forecast. Incumbent Governor Jan Brewer is thankfully not running for re-election. The open seat is witnessing a bitter Republican primary while Democrats are uniting behind the Chair of the Arizona Board of Regents Fred Duval. STATUS: Leans Republican.


Kansas: One can only hope that the rock solid Republican state of Kansas would do 'Dorothy' proud and elect a Democrat! Incumbent Governor Sam Brownback is running a tighter race than expected against Democrat Paul Davis. At the moment, Brownback still maintains a strong seven point lead. STATUS: Likely Republican


  1. local_gay says

    Why is it automatically assumed that gays must be thrilled that Dems will win a seat this November?

    1/3 of gays vote GOP for President, and I bet that number is even higher for state races.

    Also “Kasich currently has a five point lead.” So you’re using a poll from FEBRUARY and ignoring all the other polls that show a 6-10 pt lead for Kasich since?

    Very cherry picked post…

  2. says

    As it stands now, Ohio more than “leans Republican”. Fitzgerald is way behind in fundraising and botched vetting his first running mate – leading to a very public embarrassment. Meanwhile, Kasich is running an appallingly hypocritical campaign: touting his blue-collar roots and his father’s job as a postal carrier – while he’s spent his term as Governor trying to screw public workers. Kasich’s also taking credit for Ohio’s economic recovery – for which credit should rightly go to President Obama. And too many Ohioans are falling for it – again.

  3. Terry says

    I used to despise Charlie Crist. He did, after all, support Amendment 2, Florida’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. But he’s a Democrat now. I do believe he supports marriage equality. And Jesus, if I despised Crist, I TRULY hate that POS currently in the governor’s mansion. Here’s to Crist taking over the governorship this November.

  4. Liam says

    @Local_Guy: Anyone who votes against their self interest over and over again is a fool. With one party actively trying to trample all over us, the local races are often even more extreme then the national ones.
    You just don’t vote for Republican candidates ever.
    Until that party changes its views on us, any vote for them is a vote against us.

    It is really that simple. Human rights always should trump any economic arguments. Especially since the Dems are center of the road economically anyway.

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