Houston City Council Debate and Vote on LGBT Nondiscrimination Ordinance: WATCH LIVE


The Houston City Council is debating an LGBT nondiscrimination ordinance introduced by Mayor Annise Parker that would protect the city’s public and private employees from workplace, housing and public accommodation discrimination based on their sexual orientation and gender identity.

Watch the live feed here.


  1. Nancy Janzen says

    You want to open up bathrooms to both sexes and I suppose you want to be more open to the people of the Muslim faith and their wants. But you have not thought this through. These two groups wants are in direct opposition. Not to mention all the other people who are in opposition. As a security guard in a bar near the border I can tell you that there will be clashes. I have run into this problem when Spring break college clashed with Mexican National who thinks all unattended girls are tramps. You will be dealing with fights in or near restrooms all over Houston.

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