Kirk Cameron Says Anti-Gay Christians Should First Clean Up Their Own Marriages

Anti-gay theocrat Kirk Cameron has shilled for the anti-gay organizations like the National Organization for Marriage and Alliance Defending Freedom. But he recently took a different tack, saying the Christians should address the issues of fornication and adultery in their own marriages before worrying about the gays trying to “redefine” marriage:

Kirk_cameron"I think the greatest threat to marriage is not other people's definition of marriage," Cameron said in a telephone interview with "The church isn't taking God's definition of marriage seriously. It's not other people sabotaging marriage that's the problem."

"The church determines the moral temperature of the culture," he said. "On our watch we've let morality decay, the commitment to love and marriage fall apart. We've given in to an anti-biblical Christian worldview. We're simply failing to do our job as the church. Other people are moving into the leadership positions and steering the car right off the cliff. They're not the problem. It's those in the church who have taken their hands off the wheel and given up our place in the driver's seat.”…

"I think there's great hope," he said. "There are those who want to get it right, to turn from our wicked ways, to get marriage right, to get family right. Instead of complaining about a culture, we need to say, 'Show me how to create a culture.'"

Even though Cameron said all this as a way to hawk his own marriage-counseling style seminars called “Love Worth Fighting For,” he has a good point. He might also be interested to know that some states with gay marriage also have lower divorce rates and other community health gains.


  1. pete n sfo says

    Does he think he’s passing an Olive Branch?

    So, you’ve lost the battle & your new career with the bigots & going down the toilet, eh?

    Do us all a favor & disappear.

  2. simon says

    He may be right. How to make people listening to you in practice is another question. He can’t even control the little gays, how can he succeed in taking on such a big target. It is just hot air. Just look at the much more powerful Roman Catholic Church. How many Catholics are really following the Church’s teachings?

  3. Brian1 says

    I usually hate Towleroad’s sensationalist headlines, which often completely contradict the actual story just to get clicks. But in this case, without the headline I’d really have no idea what Kirk is saying. The first paragraph is straightforward but the rest of it is really all over the place. I could easily read it to be another anti-gay message if we’re the ones who have “grabbed the steering wheel.”

  4. Mike says

    You know as much as I hate to agree with Kirk Cameron he’s absolutely correct about the straight anti Christians that speak the loudest against gays or our rights breaking their marriage vows on a daily basis. I work with a narrow minded HR Director and she has changed her name 3 times during her employment with us and the second divorce was due because she had been caught sleeping with the president of the company. But will sit out in the break area saying how she and her now current husband would leave a restaurant because gays were sitting next to them. Talked about how when whe had to get a new passport that she has to put 4 names on it because that’s how many times it has changed. So much for Till Death You Part.

  5. jamal49 says

    Blah blah blah christian blah blah worldview blah blah blah sin blah blah blah fornication blah blah blah…. Kirk, honey, sit down and shut up.

  6. Josh M. says

    As if the health of their marriages is the broccoli and spinach they have to eat before the “dessert” of bigotry against others. Reveals so much about the psychology of cannibalistic zombie worshippers. They *enjoy* being bigots more than they love their neighbor.

  7. Princely says

    This is absolutely the FUNNIEST thing he’s ever said/done! Finally, he hits a funny note.

    It’s absolutely satisfying to me that they’ve started to turn their putrid vessel towards softening their hateful rhetoric now that they’ve finally realized they’re losing the debate. Now that they realize they won’t get votes or scare the judiciary, they want to appear as being open to the idea and attempt to sound like they’ve been reasonable all along. But don’t be fooled: they’re still the same bigots they’ve always been! Don’t let up on these fools!

  8. GreatLakeSailor says

    4 out of 5 divorced evangelicals believe marriage is sacred.
    –Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian

    This is a hoot, t’boot.

  9. johnosahon says

    hmm… either someone is blackmailing him about his sexuality or one of his millions of kids has come out, that is the only way the right eases up on issues.

  10. Bill says

    If you look at large parts of the Old Testament, there are long sequences that follow a pattern: the “chosen people” start to backslide and become sinful, so God gets angry and they get conquered by their neighbors. Then a prophet gets them to turn back to their religion and the tables turn.

    What actually went on is that they and their neighbors were pretty much an equal match, so they tended to alternate as to who ended up on top. The “prophets”, who today would be on meds, would rant about how people had lost their way, and then when the inevitable switch occurred, the “prophets” took credit or credited their deity.

    Cameron is apparently doing the same thing – they are losing so he is blaming the Christians for their sinful ways (as preachers and prophets have done for thousands of years), while the “righteous” among them (and hence the biggest donors to that collection plate) nod in agreement.

    The argument works because Christians are primed to accept that argument as it follows a very familiar pattern and thus sounds right.

  11. emjayay says

    Kirk, I’m wondering if God’s biblical definition of marriage is 700 wives and 300 concubines, or is it having to marry your rapist? Maybe either or both.

  12. BrokebackBob says

    Sorry Kirk, the cesspool that is right-wing male-female marriages cannot be cleaned up. Too much cheating, too much pedophilia, too much child-abuse, too much cross-dressing, too much ignorance, too much hate, too much mixing of p***y and c*m juice.

  13. ChrIslam says

    FINALLY! Someone said it. And it was from Cameron. Thank you sir!

    Now if someone would just call out Gallagher and Huckabee for being gluttonous hypocrites.

  14. jason MacBride says

    This tool has finally figured out that there’s no more money to be made in demonizing the gays. That’s all played out. Time to move to more fertile pastures.

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