Kirk Cameron Says Anti-Gay Christians Should First Clean Up Their Own Marriages

Anti-gay theocrat Kirk Cameron has shilled for the anti-gay organizations like the National Organization for Marriage and Alliance Defending Freedom. But he recently took a different tack, saying the Christians should address the issues of fornication and adultery in their own marriages before worrying about the gays trying to “redefine” marriage:

Kirk_cameron"I think the greatest threat to marriage is not other people's definition of marriage," Cameron said in a telephone interview with "The church isn't taking God's definition of marriage seriously. It's not other people sabotaging marriage that's the problem."

"The church determines the moral temperature of the culture," he said. "On our watch we've let morality decay, the commitment to love and marriage fall apart. We've given in to an anti-biblical Christian worldview. We're simply failing to do our job as the church. Other people are moving into the leadership positions and steering the car right off the cliff. They're not the problem. It's those in the church who have taken their hands off the wheel and given up our place in the driver's seat.”…

"I think there's great hope," he said. "There are those who want to get it right, to turn from our wicked ways, to get marriage right, to get family right. Instead of complaining about a culture, we need to say, 'Show me how to create a culture.'"

Even though Cameron said all this as a way to hawk his own marriage-counseling style seminars called “Love Worth Fighting For,” he has a good point. He might also be interested to know that some states with gay marriage also have lower divorce rates and other community health gains.

Posted May 31, 2014 at 10:15am ETC by Daniel Villarreal
in Julie Bindel