Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent Marry

Brent_berkusNate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent married at the New York Public Library on Saturday night, People reports:

The ceremony was officiated by Sheri Salata, president of Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Productions. Berkus wore a J.Crew suit and Brent wore Saint Laurent; the two exchanged identical gold bands from Van Cleef & Arpels.

Parents from both sides and siblings were among the 220 guests, which included longtime friend Winfrey, Rachael Ray, Katie Lee, Rebecca Minkoff, Irene Neuwirth, Busy Philipps and Elizabeth Hendrickson from The Young and the Restless.

Wedding planner and friend Marcy Blum Associates collaborated with the men to design the evening's festivities. The invites were done by Elum Designs for Sugar Press. The décor combined their color palette of black, whites and creams and included gold touches, and natural elements like geodes and minerals, mixed in with lush greenery.

The ceremony wall was custom built and linens from Berkus's own fabric line blended with his Target collection.


  1. UFFDA says

    A big wedding at the top of the Western world of fashion and success. Sounds fun. Nate did lose a man he loved in the terrible tsunami of 2004 remember. He knows pain and loss, and he has worked very hard to be where he is. I wish him well.

  2. Gary says

    Hope Oprah gave them sheets with appropriate thread count for their new status. That’s what holds these marriages together.
    Nate and I share the same September 17 birth date, but I have better taste. Good luck to Nate, with his Ready Whipped hair style and new beau pillow

  3. Splatt says

    Good frikken Lord….you Americans are so bitchy.. Another happy gay couple gets married.. thought you’d be happy!
    Best wishes to the newlyweds.

  4. stanhope says

    Nate certainly seems to recover well. His performance as widow after Fernando was followed by another serious relationship with what’s his name then Jeremiah showed up and the whirlwind happened. I can’t see this merging of brands lasting. While I would certainly wish any couple well, this feels like negotiated strategy. Was Rachel Zoe in attendance????? I’d like to know that.

  5. stanhope says

    When he was on Rachel Zoe’s show I had a feeling Jeremiah was a surprise top despite appearances that might suggest otherwise. Gentlemen, we have confirmation at the Cape. LOL LOL

  6. Hobbesdawn says

    All the very best to them! Although, to be fair, the above report sounds like the script to a ‘Chloë’ video…

    “The invitations were by Sugar Press, and I was seated next to my good friends Deborah Kara-Unger, Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis, and Mo’nique. We ate food by Kona Nigari, Beluga Caviar, and Skittles.”

  7. Arrow says

    Howard: The hetero cage of coupledom. Enjoy until boredom and cheating rears its’ head. Marriage is a life changing adventure–you’ll learn more from the break up. Good luck.. Cynical enough?

  8. Mitch says

    I want to like him. I wish him well. As he publicly parades his latest flame, his self-promotion parallels the Kardashians – first the grieving widower, amour to shoe designer Brian Atwood, then to architectural designer Carlos Huber, and now with Jeremiah Brent. He’s becoming more known for cover spreads and his boyfriends than bedspreads and his interior design.

  9. Mark says

    agreed. he is annoying, pure affectation. everything with him seems so…calculated. apparently they both have that in common.

    yeah, yeah, yeah it’s nice they got married etc but whatever.

  10. Madie of Nana's Wishes and Kisses says

    Wishing you both a life filled with love, happiness and great health always.
    Mazel Tov!!!!
    With Love,
    Nanas Wishes and Kisses

  11. jeff says

    Bitterness and cynicism abound with this crowd!! Cant we just wish this couple well with their new lives together? Nate is a great designer. Even if you don’t like his styles personally, you have to admit that some people do or he would not have had the success that he has had. I do not know anything about his new husband, but best of luck and good wishes to them both. My mother taught me to be gracious and generous to people at certain times of their lives whether I like them or not. Its just manners and respect.

  12. Gary says

    What do we owe Nate Berkus? He’s attempting to hijack gayness. Manners and respect would be not editing comments to fit your desired perceptions. And no, I certainly did not “fight” to read about this ever so predicable pretension.

  13. jamal49 says

    What a miserable group of cynical gay b*tches we have here today. Jealous much?

    Congrats to the newlyweds. Much happiness and love to you in your life together.

  14. Gary says

    Following words with “much” indicates a dork…. no, absolutely no jealousy. Over what? Don’t miss “Black Box” premiering tonight on ABC.

  15. stanhope says

    To those who would charge some of us are cynical should review the facts in evidence. Nate Berkus is a self promoter. He has run through several “husbands” in a very short time. Reminds me of Zsa Zsa and Liz. His “performance” on Oprah after the tsunami was most interesting. Oprah sends out the militia and Nate sheds a tear at just the right time before commercial. As for his talent, if Oprah wasn’t behind him, I doubt he’d be much of anywhere. This feels like a merger of the my china matches your silver so let’s get hitched type. Again, I knew that Jeremiah was a top. LOL Watch RadarOnline for when the Jeremiah, Tom, Dustin, Nate engage in wife swapping. LOL LOL

  16. Kissyfur says

    Agreed. I fought for the freedom to be critical and bitchy of whomever I want whether it’s that self-hating rapper and his trash porn star wife or these fake ass queens.

  17. GB says

    Did we “fight” to hear the details of rich gay fag weddings? What’s to become of the rest of us? Thank you Stanhope and Kissyfur for hitting it.

  18. Kyle says

    Well.. personally, I’m not familiar with Nate or his work, but I will still wish the happy couple best wishes. So what that his wedding was an so extravagant and the attendees were just as famous or more famous or richer.. the fact that a gay couple got married is reason enough for celebration. It doesn’t seem to matter that Ellen’s wedding was just a huge and attended by rich celebrities why does this matter about Nate’s?

  19. BrokebackBob says

    Jeremiah Brent looks only barely legal in that photo, with Nate as the covetous daddy. If that’s the case, ewwwwwwwww! Every time I flip the channels and happen to stop on one with Nate’s show on, the only I see is hundreds of ginormous incredibly expensive rainbow Coach man-purses bursting out of his mouth. Nate used to be so laid back, oh well, he’s rich now, maybe that made him ultra-gay.

  20. AmericanDremer says

    I am not sure what would be worse:

    Losing your lover in a tsunami or working for Rachel Zoe.

    Either way both of these queens have been through a lot and deserve the best.

    I wish them the best of luck.

  21. Topol says

    Didn’t Nate Berkus lose his former boyfriend in the tsunami in southeast Asia and couldn’t bring himself to use the masculine pronoun to describe him.

  22. Topol says

    Wedding announcements used to come with ages: Nate 42, Brent 29.

    The right to marry comes with the right for the public to impose the stake standards imposed on straight marriages: There is a large age difference between these two.

  23. calpoidog says

    For those wondering, Nate Berkus is a designer who was on Oprah a lot and then had his own short-lived afternoon talk show.

    His items are now carried in Target. Maybe that’s where you know the name….

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