NOM Asks U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy to Block Oregon Gay Marriage Ruling

KennedyThe National Organization for Marriage, whose attempt to intervene in a case challenging Oregon's ban on gay marriage was rejected by U.S. District Judge Michael McShane before he struck the ban down, has appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court to block McShane's ruling, the AP reports:

The group, which opposes gay marriage, says it filed the request on Tuesday with Justice Anthony Kennedy, who handles such requests from the region that includes Oregon.

…The National Organization for Marriage is seeking a stay of that ruling while it appeals an earlier decision that prohibited the group from defending the marriage ban on behalf of its Oregon members.


  1. woody says

    the supremes granted a stay in utah, but it was the state attorney general who requested it.
    nom has no standing to make such a request in utah or anywhere else. kennedy won’t grant it.

  2. simon says

    Is it possible that a supreme court justice has to read every document from every lunatic under his jurisdiction? Isn’t that the job of his secretary?

  3. says

    If NOM doesn’t have the right to defend the law, then the Supreme Court can’t hear a challenge to uphold the law until NOM gains the right to defend it in the first place. NOM is probably going to do more to harm to its cause by trying to do something it doesn’t have the right to do. Not that I’m complaining that those people are idiots.

  4. Bob K says

    Remember — NOM IS A FEW PAID SPOKESMEN, and a few rabid donors

    They won’t change until the donors die, so don’t bother arguing with them

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