1. SpaceCadet says

    Pat’s comment doesn’t even make sense. There are plenty of conservatives who agree that there is global warming, they just don’t necessarily agree with scientists on the cause.

  2. AuthlimofXvim says

    So we’re unpatriotic for not supporting (many) large corporations and their lobbyists interests and racist because we’ve hurt the feelings of their white CEO’s.
    Thanks for enlightening me Pat

  3. MajorTom says

    So says the man who watches other people play Hangman for a living. Oh, and Bill, it’s not age in his case. He’s a lifelong wingnut.

  4. james street james says

    This just confirms that stupid people who have easy, highly paid jobs begin to confuse their good luck with intelligence. And then with expertise. And finally with holding the high moral ground.

    His opinion doesn’t even make sense. Are we supposed to buy vowels to decode it?

  5. I wont grow up says

    Here we go, now the press is going to crucify yet another public figure. For DARING to voice an opinion that is contrary
    to the fantasy of global warming, pushed on a gullible people by Algore and his money making speaking tours. What ever happened to allowing other people to voice an opinion without the liberal media going on the attack.

  6. anon says

    Well, there’s nothing in the statements to indicate he denies GW, only that he hates the alarmists. And the debate has devolved into alarmists on one side and denialists on the other, with the alarmists full of smug moral superiority and the denialists able to believe three impossible things before breakfast. Can you honestly say you believe in GW while still driving an SUV?

    However this is more of the “Can you believe what he said” nonsense TR is devolving into. Next we’re going to have “ten things every gay man needs to know!” articles.

  7. MIke says

    LOL, since when did Global Warming I mean Climate Change I mean Climate “Instability” become a gay thing? I believe there was just a scientific expert from the UK who was publicly dismissed by the Climate “Instability” crowd “because his data wasn’t beneficial to us”.

  8. woodroad34 says

    Sajak was a “weatherman” for 4 years at KNBC in LA. Nothing indicates that he really knew anything about weather (no degree, schooling, etc–just ‘anchoring’ the weather). Kind of akin to Sarah Palin alluding that she should be President because she could see Russia from her house.

    From Wikipedia:
    “Sajak is an active supporter of conservative political causes and has written a number of columns for the conservative magazine Human Events.[21] According to NEWSMEAT, Sajak has donated over $17,000 to candidates and election committees, all associated with the Republican Party.[22] Sajak is also a regular poster and podcast participant on the conservative blog[23]

    On April 18, 2014, Sajak used Twitter to announce his heterosexuality, a move viewed by some as being critical of the gay rights movement.”

    One could easily say that his denials are unpatriotic and that he’s racist for knowingly misleading the public for his own corporate gain. Yeah, “good night” you scurrilous drunk.

  9. jaker says

    @i wont grow up. really? which “press” is going to persecute sajak?

    any free speech doesnt preclude criticism for that speech. you delicate persecuted flowers on the right dont seem to get that

  10. Retro says


    You ask: “What ever happened to allowing other people to voice an opinion without the liberal media going on the attack.”

    A better question might be, whatever happened to people voicing an opinion without attacking those one disagrees with by calling them “unpatriotic” and “racist”?

  11. Beezers says

    After he got called on his first tweet, he said that he was just poking a hornet’s nest, like it was on purpose. Now he’s saying that he was just joking. Why does he believe what he first tweeted? Because he’s an old, rich, white Republican male and that’s what FoxNews told him to believe. No one ever said game show hosts are smart!

  12. MIke says

    “”Kind of akin to Sarah Palin alluding that she should be President because she could see Russia from her house.””

    Sweetums, that was Tina Fey as Sarah Palin. But you knew that.

  13. Fox says

    What I find amazing is that 56K people follow Pat Sajak on twitter. Seriously? LOL!

    Anyway, he should probably be the type who sticks to tweeting what the weather is like where he is, and what he’s having for dinner. He wouldn’t want to mess with his brand and ruin his safe, boring persona.

  14. says

    I met Pat Sajak eons ago during my youth. I went to LA to watch a filming of Wheel of Fortune with my dad. I lost all respect for him during that experience. He was a total prima donna, was rude to his coworkers and the guests/audience, and was extremely arrogant. Obviously, when I learned a few years ago that he was a conservative Republican, I wasn’t surprised.

  15. BrokebackBob says

    Pat Sajak is a moron tv game show host. Let’s not waste our life forces talking about a person who DOES NOT MATTER in the discussion about climate change and how to address it before we are all completely f*****.

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