News: Adam Levine, Le1f, Naya Rivera, Saturn, Internet Trolls

RoadJohn Heilemann and Mark Halperin to start politics site for Bloomberg.

LevineRoadAdam Levine is a blonde.

RoadNaya Rivera still a Gleek, says FOX: "There is no truth to the rumor Naya has been fired from the show," the Fox Network noted in a statement released to The Associated Press Saturday night, which concluded, "She remains under contract to 'Glee.'"

RoadNigerian government arrests leaders of protest march demonstrating against government's lax response to kidnapping of 276 school girls vy terrorist group Boko Haram.

RoadMariah Carey hung out with the common folk in Times Square.

RoadGay military spouse denied in-state tuition in North Carolina because she is gay.

RoadMark Abramson talks about his book For My Brothers with KALW in San Francisco.

RoadThe NYT profiles Le1f: "Even in a post-Frank Ocean age of gay tolerance, it’s unusual to find a male vocalist who expresses his interest in other men with such bravado and lack of ambiguity. But in recent months, Le1f, who is 25, has been embraced not just by the artsy downtown set, but also by fellow rappers and mainstream audiences. He is both subversive and increasingly influential."

RoadNeil Patrick Harris is "so stoked" about his Tony nomination.

RoadMale model fix: James Gatenby.

RoadBen Affleck banned from Vegas casino for counting cards.

RingsRoadSaturn's rings as captured using Cassini's Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph detector.

RoadIsraeli Justice Minister plans to promote inheritance law for gay couples: "Israel’s Justice Minister Tzipi Livni is planning to promote an amendment to the Inheritance Law that would allow same-sex partners to be each others’ heirs when the Knesset reconvenes for its summer session on May 11."

RoadFour same-sex couples denied marriage licenses in Savannah, Georgia.

RoadUK police officers fired for homophobic bullying.

RoadInternet trolls are also real-life trolls: "Since a sadistic person is characterised by being vicious and degrading toward others (sometimes physically), it’s possible that the internet allows them to redirect their energy. If they’re inflicting harm through anonymous words, perhaps it’s preventing them from doing something much more destructive in person. On the extreme end, and unsurprisingly, sadism is commonly seen in sexual offenders and serial killers."

RoadFormer Marine reaches out to gay friends: "When Roger Huffstetler served in the Marines, he slept next to Sgt. Terry Santiago. Huffstetler didn’t know Santiago was gay until they came home from Afghanistan. Huffstetler also had a childhood friend named Andy Lane. He also didn’t know Lane was gay until many years later. When he found out that both men were engaged to be married to other men, Huffstetler started wondering 'could I have been a better friend to these two guys?' So he set out to make amends with Lane and Santiago."


  1. Gary says

    Saturns rings are pretty. Amazing Adam hasn’t gagged to death on his narcissism. Nava doesn’t need “Glee.” This fear of “trolls” is fear of the heckler, fear of public disagreement, or being nailed or unveiled by views not shared, or collectively coddled by all. Gays are individuals…duh. The SADISTIC theory is ten cent psychology attempting to apply a frightening subconscious connection to an activity viewed as something sick and sinister. Very similar to the “wing nuts” comments on gay sex, and lifestyles–“gays have anal intercourse, gays are sick.” Sorry but my comments are not “Manson moments.” I will acknowledge quick wit but absolutely no filter. I don’t own a fly swatter.

  2. rick says

    I am offended. You lump me together with serial killers? My future husband tkinsc is similarly outraged. You guys are lucky the comments are anonymous.

  3. Mike says

    Once again bloody RELIGIONS prove their total lack of worth to society! This time it is Islam extremist that kidnap over 200 Muslim and Christian girls in Nigeria. What group of fanatics is next? Far too much of history consists of despicable human suffering brought about by religion and there is no excuse. Absolutely no excuse at all!

  4. Arrow says

    Was CINCO DE MAYO acknowledged here today? Too busy with Adam Levine gone blond. Not very nice to the soon to be ruling class.

  5. unruly says

    Arrow, you may be an idiot if you don’t realize Mexicans don’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo. It is a more or less a manufactured American celebration (outside of the small town of Puebla.) It is not Mexican Independence Day. Learn some history or talk to Mexican families.

  6. Arrow says

    “May be” is the operative phrase. I guess July 4th will become their new Independence Day. Sorry, Boston was not big on Mexican history.

  7. Mike says

    You have nothing to be sorry for Arrow! Unruly could not be more uninformed. Went to some of my college in Mexico and I assure you that a lot of cities DEEP down in Mexico celebrate Cinco de Mayo in a very BIG way with parades, music concerts in the city parks, etc. It is almost like a small Mardi Gras. Clothing and food are prepared long in advance for this carnival of dancing that usually ends up with public fireworks and private parties. Last year a friend said that he did not recover for a FULL three days. (He might have been exhausted but he was happy.) Guess that it’s all on where you go.

  8. GB says

    Thank you Mike. Now I want the inside info on that Episcopal divorce. See tomorrow’s news… This story IS gay news.

  9. Mike says

    Sorry GB If you want a site that limits itself ONLY to gay news look elsewhere. Towleroad fortunately is not so limiting. True it excellently covers gay new and news primarily news from a gay point of view that we as gays are interested in. However it is cognizant that being gay is only one, albeit important facet of a person. You apparently are not so encumbered by a diversity of interest.

  10. Randy says

    If you’re going to be promoting the idea that internet troll are real-life sadists (seems legit) then maybe you ought to define what “internet troll” actually means. Many lefty bloggers seem to think it means anyone who disagrees with them.

  11. Randy says

    NYT: “it’s unusual to find a male vocalist who expresses his interest in other men with such bravado and lack of ambiguity.”

    Well, yes, if your head is up your own rear.