1. litper says

    Another nasty piece made by self-hating gays promoting closeted “straight” guys

  2. EchtKultig says

    Oh wow! Straight guys do the same things I do. (not) I feel so much better about myself now. (not)

  3. jason MacBride says

    Surfing is a gay thing? Who knew?

    Still waiting for LOGO to air anything worth watching.

  4. KT says

    Wait, how is surfing a gay profession? I have read that the surfing world is kind of homophobic.

  5. Cam says

    Oh My GOD!!! Do some straight guys become hairdressers?!?!?! WOW, we gays should finally feel good about ourselves knowing this!

    Does anybody gay actually work at Logo other than RuPaul?

  6. voice says

    Why is this on Logo…gays could care less…maybe it should be on A&E after Duck Dynasty…seems ti me that crowd needs the education that guys can do whatever they want without judgement.

  7. Rolf says

    Gay or straight, unless they are doing drag, it should be illegal for men to wax their eyebrows.
    Eeesh. Major turnoff.

  8. Yup says

    Exact what is a “gay gym?” And since when is surfing and bar tending a “gay profession?” I guess a those saloons in the frontier West were gay bars?

  9. David says

    @Yup, while I agree with most of the above, when I first came to NYC I went to an honest-to-god gay gym. All the clientele were gay and the gym advertised itself as catering to gay men. And that steam room and sauna…seriously. People go “all gyms are/can be gay and all of them have action in the sauna” but sorry, nothing compared or has compared to that.

  10. Cory says

    Logo’s really reaching for that straight girl audience with this bait.

    Logo, you are the literal worst.

  11. Tom says

    Dumb! Here’s an idea for LOGO: emphasize the non-sterotypes of our gay men playing in our flag football league than celebrating s straight man’s securities within the gay community. I am not sure what the point of this show is about..(in 2014)

  12. says

    To the gay media, please stop your pathetic obsession with straight guys. You’re making the rest of us look bad. That is all.

  13. Donks says

    The comments on here are really judgmental and snobby. What is it about gay men here that they are so afraid of anything stereotypically associated with gays. The point of the show is to break stereotypes but somehow it had the opposite effect here. Heaven forbid we acknowledge that they’re actually gay hairdressers.

    Somehow along the way to equality, large sections of the gay community morphed into this judgmental swamp that seem to have little tolerance for the identifiably gay. Every depiction is met with derision and I really don’t understand why.

  14. Cory says

    @Donks, Hardly anyone’s judging gay hair dressers here. Most of us are judging Logo/other gay media for continuing to ignore queer programing to promote another “Straight guys step into the world of Gay culture…” project

    It’s beyond pathetic at this point.

  15. unruly says

    More useless stereotype reinforcement. How about LOGO covering all the gays in science? By the way LOGO treats anyone outside of the liberal arts, entertainment, or fashion industry, you’d think all those who are working in STEM fields are outliers.

  16. Rich says

    Seems like just another dumb LOGO series. I don’t have LOGO anymore, but, when I did, I stopped watching it after about two weeks.

  17. MACnNYC says

    Who does LOGO think their demographic is?
    Aaron Schrock? Closeted self hating LGBT?
    Like we don’t already know this already.

  18. Rob says

    Since when is surfing a stereotypical ‘gay’ activity? I live in San Diego and the vast majority of surfers are straight guys.

  19. tinkerbelle says

    Who are they kidding?

    Best line ever: “I wanna understand these guys so I can serve them better”… Obviously straight, if he doesn’t know the answer to that one.

  20. Steven says

    I’ve known many straight guys who are completely comfortable with their sexuality and have zero problem hanging around gay guys. The sad part is in reading all the bitter and sarcastic comments on this thread. Are you so unhappy with your life that you feel it necessary to pick apart a documentary that shows support for the gay community? Would you rather straight guys be homophobic?

  21. jay jay walker says

    they got it backwards they need to do a show about gay men who do str8 professions like mechanics and cops, construction workers, armed service… oh wait the village people already did that! but that would still be more interesting breaking gay stereotypes! instead of reinforcing them!

  22. says

    Men are men. We like sports, we like hanging out with our friends and we like to look good. And not all gay men know how to pick out good clothes whereas there are straight men who do. I’m not seeing much of a difference these days.