1. AmericanDreamer says

    I’ve never understood CNN’s love affair with Anderson Cooper.

    His ratings for the network have always been abysmal (much lower than competing networks) but they pay him millions

    I read it works out to like $1.50 per viewer per night

  2. Neil says

    I thought McDonald’s got rid of the “Super Size” thing, after that mustached guy made that documentary about it. Now, it’s just do you want small, medium, or large — maybe that’s what he meant? Or it could be that he was lying and hasn’t been to McDonald’s in years.

  3. TyInTennn says

    Say what you will….when he did the part about, “I was walking down the street and someone yelled “Hey Dr. Drew” and I replied (flipping them off) “F*ck you!”… it was damn funny!

  4. Bob K says


    Sorry he is not YOUR kind of queer.
    Or are you jealous that he is a Vanderbilt, even though he bends over triple backward not to act privileged?

    When he walked out after Letterman introduced him, there was a HUGE ovation.

    American loves him more than some petty queens here do.

  5. johnny says

    I’d wait for him to get home and cradle his tiny gray head in my arms and whisper to him over and over, “Happy birthday, Andy, happy birthday, Andy”.

    Because that’s not creepy, right?

  6. raul415 says

    I like Cooper in general, but I don’t understand why he keeps up the blah guy routine. I thought he had a longtime boyfriend, but he never seems to show up in any of these stories.

  7. Brendan says

    The truth is, ONE Anderson Cooper representing us on CNN every night is worth more than all the bitter, angry trolls spewing anonymous venom on gay websites.

  8. Keith says

    How funny, yesterday was my 46th birthday!
    No McDonald’s but pizza and a couple close friends. So maybe he WAS the loneliest guy at that moment. Aw.

  9. Max says

    @Raul415, Anderson talked about his partner when he co-hosted with Kelly Ripa on her show and his bf did a short clip with AC and Kelly on her website. AC’s bf has said that he’s not interested in being in the public eye or talking about his relationship with Anderson, so that’s why AC generally keeps mentions of him to a minimum.

  10. Mike says

    No, Johnny I guess that you could “cradle his tiny gray head in your arms and whisper to him over and over, ‘Happy birthday, Andy, happy birthday, Andy’. (Tiny head REALLY?)

    I do not think that would not really be “CREEPY” . . . just as long as his HEAD WAS STILL ATTACHED, AND IT IS OK WITH ANDERSON (AND HIS LONGTIME BOYFRIEND.)

    After some of the early bitchy comments by some Anderson Cooper haters in here, (Most likely several snarky comments by one name changing troll.) I am not too certain. Personally I think that he is a pretty intelligent, caring and funny guy. So why not just lay off his case.

    If he is not your cup of tea then move on. After all the problem just MIGHT be with you . . .

  11. Gloria says

    Everybody sounds fake in a Letterman interview-skit, except Joaquin Phoenix and Crispin Glover. But geez, Andy, have some dignity. Don’t sound like you’re trying so hard.

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