1. Dback says

    My mom went to a lecture she did way back in the 80’s when she was just beginning to embrace the Episcopal church…such a kind, lovely, and very, very funny woman. Besides the two Emmys she has, she spent the last years of her life in service to others via the Episcopalians. RIP, everyone’s 2nd mom.

  2. Merv says

    It’s disappointing to hear that she had become a Christian. I would rather not have found out that she hated gay people. Sometimes you just want to maintain childhood illusions.

  3. Mike says

    What an ignoramus you are Merv. It said she was involved with the Episcopal Church, that has gay ordained leaders. Not the black church in Harlem. When did she ever say or do or appear with anything you might be offended by? Idiot

  4. Mike says

    Today the Church calls for the full civil equality of gay and lesbian people, and ….”

  5. Mike says

    Today the Church calls for the full civil equality of gay and lesbian people, and ….”

  6. Merv says

    Christians hate gay people. Claiming “Love the sinner, hate the sin” doesn’t change that.

  7. Merv says

    The Episcopals are Anglicans. The Anglicans dominate in English-speaking Africa, including the rabidly anti-gay countries of Nigeria and Uganda.

  8. Mike says

    You are a jerk MERV!

    Like JEXERER said “Not all Christians hate gay people.”

    I know. I am Christian and I am gay!

    Just do not have satisfaction with ALL of both.

  9. David From Canada says

    I’m surprised that no one has mentioned it, but it is generally known in a quiet manner that Ann B. Davis was gay/lesbian herself. She never married and it was just kind of there that she was not known to be a heterosexual. She was raised back in the day when you had to be very cautious about your sexual orientation in Hollywood and society in general.
    Rest In Peace Ann B. Davis, a very funny, kind lady.

  10. Sean Maloney says

    Rest in peace, Ann. She’s gone to that big (broom) closet in the sky.

  11. randy says

    It’s amazing how some people say things as if they know everything. The Angelican Church separated from the Episcopal Church because the Episcopals are gay-affirming. It is not a case of “loving the sinner…” but a celebration of diversity, which includes same-sex marriage. Sorry to divert from the main topic here — the passing of this wonderful lady.

  12. Nelson says

    Well I am an atheist, but Merv….the problem is that these days , unlike many years ago, the term Christian has now become synonymous with “fundamentalist nut case”. And unless the more liberal and mainstream denominations start to grow a pair and stand up to them, it will always be so from now on.

  13. Tre says

    Reading it the first was sad enough … WTF? Is there a chimp on staff publishing these articles?

  14. Liam says

    Well, She and Ellen are both women so, yeah, they look alike in that way. Other than that maybe get your eyes checked?

  15. Robert says

    Ann was one of my favorite celebrities ever. Lord I wish I could have met her and tried to find her secret for being so damned warm and lovable.