1. Randy says

    Don’t overdo the apology.

    That slur WAS exactly who Jonah was that day. He apologized, in a believable way.

    Now leave it alone, before you screw it up.

  2. Harris says

    Sometimes people get angry and the say bad mean things that hurt other people’s feelings. Jonah Hill, and Alec Baldwin for that matter, are #5,452, and 5,453 on my list of problems facing the gay community.

  3. David From Canada says

    Homophobia is so deeply ingrained in our society that everyone is homophobic in varying degrees. When people like Jonah Hill and Alex Baldwin & Company become angry and make anti-gay slurs, it’s the overall Collective Homophobia coming out of them. There is still so much more work to be done.

  4. Mike says

    You are a great guy. We get it!
    (Sheesh. This might be the first time that someone becomes known for apologizing over and over for something very few people saw.)

  5. will says

    Good lord, could DAVID FROM CANADA get any more sanctimonious & preachy & goody-goody? Yes, thank you for explaining there’s “still so much work to be done”. your cant is much appreciated.

  6. Bob K says

    Look at Jonah – he probably did not have a very good time in junior high, and heard that line addressed at him by other boys.

    When the paparazzo tormented him all the way down the street, he snapped and regressed to the adolescent retort.

    I am glad he helped show millions how awful those words are –but he had better not do it again!

  7. raul415 says

    This is what I wrote on his twitter feed:

    Please use the moment to tell young men homophobia sucks, they need it.

    media outrage is not outrage

    Gay here, we’re cool

  8. JNJ says

    Instead, why don’t you all tell the media that you have accepted his apology and to stop asking him about the outburst? I’m sure he himself is not bringing it up.

  9. Princely says

    @JNJ you’re exactly right! They are the ones flogging this to death by asking about it over and over. The scoop is gone, folks. Leave it be.

  10. Mutable says

    Jonah’s apology on the Tonight Show was one of the best I’d seen in my life. I believed it was sincere, and forgave him. It was his ‘first strike’ after all. That apology was already a reiteration from an earlier one, and I think it’s enough now.

    If he continues to apologize, it will give the impression to gays that Jonah wasn’t listening to us accept it. It will give straights the impression we didn’t accept his apology, and having more people like Channing weight in starts to suggest that now Jonah is the victim of unforgiving gay communities.

    Jonah f***ed up and gave more than one sincere apology; it’s time for all of us to move on.

    If Jonah and Channing decide to do anything more, I think it should be a homoerotic video they do together; a simulation vaguely similar to what Seth Rogen and James Franco did. Jonah and Channing could do it if they feel like they need to demonstrate just how comfortable Jonah is with gays. The premise could be Channing punishing Jonah in a fetishy kind of way:
    Now who’s been a bad little Pig Boy?!
    That would be fun! It could add a little levity and ‘close the circle’ on this so to speak.

  11. BRAINS says

    I will not accept Jonah Hill’s apology until such time until Channing Tatum comes over to my house and spends the night apologizing to me!

  12. Mike says

    One of the first things they teach you in public relations on how to recover from a crisis is to apologize once. Just once.

    It’s to the point where I’m wondering if Hill did this on purpose, or if the whole thing was a setup, to drum up publicity for his new film opening next week. It’s all just a little too convenient, and out of the blue, especially when added to the Jonah Hill apology tour. I lived in Hollywood for decades, and this wouldn’t be the strangest thing stars/studios have done for publicity, not by a long shot.

  13. BrokebackBob says

    Oh for God’s sake, shut up about it Jonah (and the whale) and Carol Channing! We could ruin Jonah’s career but we the Gay Mafia have decided not too since you sounded sort of sincere. Okay!? If you keep apologizing we will ruin your career. Just watch that mouth!

  14. Scudder says

    Whenever someone has a new movie–especially a crappy movie–they come out with some scandalous news story to get their name in the press for free advertising. Perhaps his publicist was hoping for a Chic-fil-a or Duck Dynasty controversy to drive the morons to see this new film of his.

    It’s great that he apologized, but it still bothers me that this was prolly staged from the get go.

  15. Just_a_guy says

    Ok, so, Channing Tatum, CEO of GaySpoilatiton, Inc., has stepped in. Gag me, gross. No one ask your opinion, Tatum, hush now and just be pretty again? Haha. Just my initial reaction here.

  16. Kissyfur says

    He’s not a homphobe, just a fat nasty slob of a man who probably smells like urine in a bad way. And Channing needs to get back to the casting couch and stop acting like Bill Clinton.

  17. Houndentenor says

    I accept Hill’s apology. What will impress me is if it doesn’t happen again. That will show that this is an aberration rather than just an instance in which he was caught doing what he actually does all the time. We’ll know which it is soon enough I suspect.

  18. jim says

    Jonah’s looking all contrite, in a practiced way. It’s almost like he’s milking this apology thing for all the media and publicity he can get…

  19. says

    He’s not. This is done. This story is over.

    Wanna complain about Homophobia? Remember the RNC’s official party platform, just reaffirmed – it’s not just homophobic, it’s outright anti-gay and prejudicial and bigoted and DANGEROUS.

    anyone who chooses to continue to harp on Jonah Hill is a f***ing moron.

  20. ames says

    I’m with the growing list of people who are starting to get tired of this story, especially since every single repeat performance glosses over the fact that the paparazzo was following him for quite some time, intentionally antagonizing him. Should he have reacted in that way? Of course not, but who hasn’t reacted in anger and exhaustion by doing or saying something stupid? He is not infallible and the man who pushed him to this for the sake of a salacious ‘soundbite’ should be held accountable as well. Where is his public lashing?

  21. Oscar in Miami Beach says

    Deep down the guy is a homophobe.That is the reason why he came out with what he said.It would never occur to me to call someone a jewish slur because I am not a jewish hater but I have to be careful what I say about blacks because I have had real bad incidents with blacks in the past.If a person does not have a problem accepting a group of people that person does not thinks at any time to say something that could be demeaning to that group.Jonah Hill is a homophobe at heart that has to keep it in check because of society’s taboo and because he needs everybody to go and buy tickets to his movies.That is the real truth of this situation.

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