1. Me says

    I’ve seen him for many years on CNN….knew he was gay…and he’s the most annoying vapid man I’ve ever seen. He’s a horrific broadcaster.

    And how did you not know he was gay after his central park meth arrest?

  2. Leo says

    Quest is textbook passive-aggression and a loose cannon with the demeanor of a man carrying a perpetual boulder on his shoulder that just took 20 shots of espresso before every single interview.

    Witnessing this colossal train-wreck on camera is an utterly mortifying experience and the people that hired him must get some sick pleasure in not only forcing us to attempt to comprehend him, but wasting our energy and time pitying him. Good riddance.

  3. AmericanDreamer says

    I remember the incident where Quest was found in some kind of leather S&M outfit (I think he had a collar around his neck) in the Rambles of Central Park. When police arrested him he informed them he was carrying meth.
    I actually really respect CNN for sticking by this guy after that and letting him keep his job.
    Unfortunately I think he is really BAD at his job. I hate his manner of presentation and everyone else does too.
    Then again CNN is down the drain noone watches it anyway.

  4. tagg says

    Good god folks…he SCREAMS GAY! What a surprise. Not!! Lol

    Btw: 100% agree…he is beyond annoying. I turn the channel whenever I come across his reporting.

  5. Mark says

    The meth arrest, if true, would explain why he seems to be hopped up when he’s on camera. I watched the Malaysian missing plane reports and it seemed as though he was going to jump out of the TV box and into our living room with every word he said. He always seemed like a nervous wreck.

    All of the above isn’t a critique of his gayness, but as a reporter. Maybe his coming out will help him calm down and report the news in a more matter of fact sort of way.

    Cooper is gay, and I really respect his manner of reporting and interviewing. I’d respect Quest more if he simply stated the facts and injected less emotion into it. I feel like Quest has this thing about punctuating every word to convince the audience he’s bringing the best possible viewpoint to the table. Reporter’s don’t have to do that if what they are reporting is accurate in the first place.

    Obviously, I have no comparison to make between Cooper and Quest and I mean no disrespect to Cooper by bringing him into this post. It is mentioned only because the two happen to be gay and nothing else.

  6. Brian W. says

    Richard Quest is an excellent broadcaster. He’s not just a straight reporter, but also a business and aviation analyst for the network. His work during the Malaysian airlines tragedy was spot on.

  7. TKinSC says

    “Richard Quest is … not just a straight reporter.”

    You can say that again.

    “Is everyone at CNN gay?”

    Have you seen a Mrs. Blitzer? Me neither.

  8. peterparker says

    I never knew if he was gay or simply British, but I have always known that he is stupendously annoying. Cannot stand his delivery and always turn the channel when he comes on television.

  9. feo says

    Everywhere I travel in the world, Mr. Quest is there. He covers global business, aviation, travel, some weather and Sports, and whenever I see him, I flash on that little unpleasantness in Central Park. You have to hand it to him, he’s a trooper with a great sense of humor.
    If I heard that thunderous voice coming up behind me in the dark, I’d run for my life.

  10. e rodgers says

    If I were back on radio, I dont think I could work one day knowing the world knows Im gay. Thank got im straight. How does he do it. He was told according to him that his voice is like ground glass in his throat. Thats not good news for his gay buddies.

  11. Steve Preston says

    I think Quest is s find broadcaster and who cares if he gay or not. Come on people. He is not gonna hump a dude on air. Get real. Watching him now with the Air Asia lost plane now. Stop being close minded. I am hetro but I do not judge like some of the morons who commented earlier.

  12. Dwain says

    Don’t care if gay/straight/whatever, but CNN does have a colorful trio of on-air gay guys.
    Anderson Cooper is great at all he does because he’s a natural at it.

    I’m hoping the network soon begins surprise drug screenings for Richard Quest while I’m still shaking my head why CNN Don Lemon and his titanic ego.

  13. MickyFlip says

    Look. I don’t want to sound like a stickler everyone but would it really make a difference if one more reporter comes out as gay? I’m reading scathing comments from homophobes on Facebook regarding Michael Sam. Do you really think another gay reporter would change everyone’s minds in this country?

    Because, frankly, I’m starting to feel like Josephine Baker after asking Walter Winchell to just confess what he saw at the Stork Club. Only for it to backfire. I’m feeling backed into a corner and I’m not liking it.

  14. MickyFlip says

    Indiana passed a discrimination bill. Now Arkansas passing one. Very soon Georgia too. And it looks like the list is growing. I don’t know about you all but I’m thinking we’re gonna have to do something drastic. And I’m thinking the olive branch isn’t working anymore.

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