Hatemonger Linda Harvey Claims Gay Parents Will Molest Their Children: AUDIO

HarveyLinda Harvey has never been a person with any degree of integrity, but she reached a despicable new low with her latest radio bulletin wherein she made the astounding claim that gay parents would be more likely to abuse their children than straight parents:

And yes there are adults who molest children. It’s not every adult in this lifestyle, of course, but it certainly seems acceptable to some. Where are the built-in protections? Homosexual groups are busy dismantling them in schools and in public places with parents seen as obstacles. Why? When you are open to sinful, God-defying behavior in one profound way, violating other boundaries happens more easily.

Dan Savage might have a differing opinion as to how safe children are with straight parents by default.


  1. Bart says

    This woman is batsh*t crazy, so to even bother with her insanity is an exercise in futility. She’s truly a depraved, creepy, evil human.

    But more to the fact, she’s wrong. Maybe Ms. Harvey should actually look at facts (gasp!) about parents who molest children. It’s almost exclusively the straight parents.

    I don’t know what sort of lifestyle Ms. Harvey has been participating in to becomes so vile and ignorant simultaneously but I hope this sick woman gets mental help.

  2. BETTY says

    Then you better take every child out of every straight home because the majority of molesters are straight parents. Check the stats honey! What an offensive, hateful person.

  3. says

    “God-defying” … well, she certainly speaks from experience. The nasty creature is likely guilty of many crimes besides lying and inciting violence.

    I don’t defy God. God thinks I’m just great.

  4. kdknyc says

    When people talk this way, they are really talking about themselves. What does this say about her?

  5. JackFknTwist says

    I am getting seriously annoyed at the site deleting my comments.
    Just because I would like to punch her in the mouth is no reason for sparing the world from my opinion.

    Besides this one, Harvey, is beyond the Pale, she is one cheap stinking manipulative b.
    -Now post this watered down version !!!!

  6. Keith says

    Like heterosexual parents don’t molest their children? Where is her righteous condemnation of heterosexuals?

  7. Andrew says

    Who is even is this woman? Why does this blog give so much attention to people that hate us?

  8. BETTY says

    Yes Andrew, let’s pretend people like her don’t say these vile things about us so we can’t stand up for ourselves and fight back! Just let her say crap about us and you can put your head in the sand and maybe they don’t exist. You answered your own question. You didn’t know who she was but this blog told you why you SHOULD know who she is and people like her because of their crusade against us. Hey, maybe you can just ignore them and they will go away. Right.

  9. jonnathewoodswoman says

    Funny- I’m always hearing about men and women of the godly persuasion doing horrific things to kids: Catholic church, Radio show host with child porn, Lisa Biron from the KKKristian legal defense fund, etc etc etc.

    As Dan Savage said “They’re better off dropping their kids at a gay bar than a church”

  10. anon says

    It’s the sort of shock-jock comment that you’d though have died out in the past ten years, but perhaps she didn’t get the memo.

  11. Onnyjay says

    Who is this old dragon, and why should we care what idiocy she emits? Let her drown in her own bile.

  12. Bernie says

    Ms. Harvey is THE meanest, stupidest, most homophobic and hateful woman in the WORLD!! She spouts that people should not be treated by gay doctors, EMT, etc and not wishing her harm, I do hope if she ever needed medical attention that the ambulance driver, the EMT worker, the nurse in the ER and the Dr. in the ER would be gay!

  13. Ted Holland says

    I was going to say I hope she has a child that comes out….but then I saw her picture and realize shes too old to have children and too ugly for any man to have sex with.