U.S. Senate Confirms Two Black Openly Gay Judicial Nominees to Federal Bench

Gayles Yandle

The U.S. Senate has confirmed Darrin Gayles to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida and Staci Yandle to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois, marking the first time that two out gay judicial nominees have been confirmed on the same day, Lambda Legal reports:

President Obama has already nominated more African-American judges and openly gay and lesbian judges than any of his predecessors. With this historic confirmation, Darrin Gayles will become the nation's first openly gay African-American man to serve on the federal bench, while Staci Yandle becomes the second openly lesbian African-American woman to be confirmed in the 20 years since President Clinton nominated Deborah Batts to the Southern District of New York.


  1. says

    worth noting – i know there are many tired-@ss white gay men who comment in here who are always looking for things to be pissed at Obama for.

    but if you wanna look at what really drives america – it’s those judges on those benches. try to take off your “i just don’t like Obama” glasses and soberly look at whom he’s put up. yeah. exactly. its’ a good thing.

  2. TJ says

    Little Kiwi-you are so right! I just don’t think people understand what the President is up against, and more importantly forget to celebrate the successes…hell, I don’t even think he knows how to celebrate his successes.

  3. says

    Just checked out the list of current U.S. court judicial vacancies. It’s gone WAY down since filibuster reform (thank goodness!). There are still 63 vacancies, for which there are 25 replacements nominated — 38 still need a nominee. That’s way, way better than it was a year ago, but let’s get nominees for every vacancy. From what I’ve heard, judges on many courts are feeling stretched pretty thin.

  4. Rowan says

    Renly, hopefully because we all know that the only reason gay black men become out and proud of their sexuality is always because of a white partner.

    Maybe if more gay black men stepped up, these guys wouldn’t ALWAYS find themselves the only out gay black person at work or on campus.

    When are irrational gay black men gonna get it through their thick skulls that it’s a class thing? Not a GD race issue!

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