Campaign Launched To Recognize Elizabeth Taylor’s HIV/AIDS Work

English television presenter and journalist Matthew Wright has said that Elizabeth Taylor should be honored for her campaigning work with HIV and AIDS.


English television presenter and journalist Matthew Wright has said that Elizabeth Taylor should be honored for her campaigning work with HIV and AIDS.

Speaking to Gay Times, Wright describes the moment he met Taylor when she was in England to receive the BAFTA Academy Fellowship Award.  At the end of the night, Wright says that the actress asked him to promise that after she died he would make sure that she received an English Heritage blue plaque on the house in London where she was born.

Wright said that Taylor changed the world’s perceptions towards HIV and AIDS when she established the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation in 1991:

“At the time when she set up her charity, people thought you could catch HIV from standing too near to someone who was gay, and all other kinds of homophobic nonsense and ignorance. The fact that she was so iconic certainly had an impact. If someone like Elizabeth Taylor is going to embrace a cause – kind of like Princess Diana, actually, who also did fantastic work with HIV and AIDS – it’s going to change the way people think.”

When Taylor died in 2011, Wright was told by English Heritage that in order to qualify for a blue plaque, a recipient must be dead for a minimum of 20 years.

However, some London boroughs waive the requirement.  Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell was honoured with a plaque outside his London home in 2010.

Wright has launched a petition to get Taylor recognized with a blue plaque.


  1. JackFknTwist says

    It’s a great idea.
    She was one of the few, along with Princess Diana, and others, who had courage compassion and integrity in a time of calamity.

    And she had more balls than the politicos.

  2. HAHAHA says

    Eye roll. Positive in your own mind. Debbie Downers never realize how negative they are, they just wonder why no one talks to them and why they don’t have any friends.

  3. Dback says

    I’d love to see the actual dollar amount that she raised over her lifetime; it was easily in the hundreds of millions of dollars…remember the apocryphal story about a doctor coming to her house to talk about how much money he’d need to build a hospital in Africa, and Taylor asked him for a dollar amount, then excused herself for awhile. When he went to check on her, she supposedly had millions of dollars worth of jewels spread out on her bed in her boudoir, and was on the phone negotiating how much she could sell various pieces for. By the end of the day, she–and the doctor–had enough millions pledged to fund the hospital. She was an amazing woman.

  4. Rick says

    By all mena, let’s iconize and build monuments to the very few heterosexual women that have ever done anything on our behalf, while ignoring the many heterosexual men who have done far more in the fight against AIDS/HIV….and let’s also dump on gay men like Elton John for all their contributions, while we are at it.

    All hale the “diva”! Long live straight female “icons”!

    (By the way, were it not for her personal friendship with Rock Hudson, I doubt this woman would have done a damn thing….any more than Madonna or Bette Midler or Cher or any other “icons” ever have)….

  5. mizzy says

    My friend was in the hospital in the AIDS ward, more then 20 years ago. I went to visit him, and he was so happy, he pointed to a small arrangement of purple flowers and said read the note. The note was from Elizabeth Taylor, she had sent everyone in the AIDS ward flowers and all had a personal note. She was a Goddess with a huge heart. I will love her forever.

  6. robroy says

    Rick- you might want to delve a little deeper into who Elizabeth Taylor was. Rock Hudson was far from the only person close to her with AIDS. And at a time when many the other people with AIDS afflicted friends/relatives/assoicates kept things quiet or abondoned them Liz Talor threw on 10 lbs of sequins, 5 lbs of makeup, some truly startling 80s hair and shouted from the rooftops. As hard as the nameless, faceless, dedicated healthcare workers/activists/victims fought the simple truth is Liz Taylor, her People Magazine life and $250,000 rings/necklaces could draw attention accross swaths of this society that few others could. And she could fundraise at a level that no one posting on this board could imagine. She is the only reason Ronald Reagan had to finally utter the word AIDS three quarters of a decade into its spread- look into that story if you want to appreciate the diferent tracts she pursued simultaneously.) She knew who she was, what she was and did what she could to the best of her ability.

    It should also be noted that at one point she actually covered administrative costs for her charity so that the contributions would actually be used for their intended purpose and not propping up a bloated organization or vanity project.

    And the perception that people can only be respected or appreciated one at a time or at a detriment to others is probably a sympton of mental illness…

  7. Rick says

    “at a time when man the other people with AIDS afflicted friends/relatives/associates kept thing quiet or abandoned them……Liz Taylor…..shouted from the rooftops”

    Oh, such courage. She was putting SO much at risk by doing so, as a retired actress worth billions

    “at one point she actually covered administrative costs for her charity”

    Oh, how heroic–a multi-billionaire Hollywood actress actually spent a little bit of her own money–

    “She is the only reason Ronald Reagan had to finally utter the word AIDS”

    He didn’t HAVE to do anything….and he gained absolutely nothing politically by doing anything…..

    “And the perception that people can only be respected or appreciated one at at time or at a detriment to others is probably a symptom of mental illness”

    The mental illness belongs to effeminate gay men who will attack someone like Elton John–who has done as much or more in the fight against AIDS as Liz Taylor ever did….and refuse to even acknowledge straight men who made huge contributions, whether in research, fundraising, or otherwise……while they heap praise on heterosexual women….out of the deranged notion (that their gender-confused state results in) that these women somehow “represent” them

    The same way they do with cultural figures generally (which is why all gay male “icons” are straight females, making gay men the only group in society that exclusively iconizes a group other than its own)

  8. says

    Rick, just save yourself the time and write “my dad hated stereotypical gays and thus hated me ergo i hate stereotypical gays because i can’t accept that maybe my dad was just an @sshole who hated having me for a son.”

  9. Tyler says

    Liberal women are gays are what Rick hates the most. Are we truly surprised he’s posting so much crazy hate on this thread? Was anybody actually expecting class and a respect for facts and history from Rick? A troll is a troll is a troll.

  10. Derrrick from Philly says

    Elizbeth Taylor was one of the greatest movie stars of all time, AND turned out to be a great screen actress.

    Her relationship to Gay American history is not only her work to combat AIDS, she also starred in some of the first films to deal with homosexuality (not just in a subtle/hidden way).

    “Suddenly Last Summer”

    “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof”

    “Reflections In A Golden Eye”

    Check out “Reflections…” It wasn’t a big hit, but Marlon Brando played this closeted homosexual in the military. He was great and so was Elizabeth Taylor.

  11. BETTY says

    RICK as always sticking up for the straight men he loves so much. Do they kiss you after they are done with you? Do you find them on the sports message boards you troll? Your obsessive compulsion to put down effeminate men, straight women, lesbian women, people who are non-white, transgender people and more is getting old. Will the facility you reside in please take away your computer priveledges??

  12. says

    LONG before Princess Diana, long before virtually anyone, Elizabeth Taylor (and don’t you dare call her “Liz” ) made fools of the fearful, was active in the engagement of Mathilda Krim and the formation of AmFAR…she took that face, those eyes, those breasts and that great, big diamond everywhere in support of all of us.

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