Colombian Footballer James Rodriguez Gets Bugged, Hugged: VIDEO


Colombian footballer James Rodriguez, the World Cup's leading scorer, had a close encounter with a massive locust before his side lost 2-1 to Brazil and were eliminated.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP....

And below, a bonus vine of Rodriguez being consoled by Brazilian superstar David Luiz after the match.

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  1. Is he being consoled about the bug or the match - lol?!

    "It's ok, the big bug can't hurt you!"

    *sniffles* "OK"

    Posted by: IWorkItSoGood | Jul 5, 2014 4:00:44 PM

  2. Soccer is the most homoerotic sport for me since wrestling. These guys are so beautiful, I can't take it. I'm glad it's finally becoming more popular here in the States. I approve.
    Swoon, swoon, swoon.

    Posted by: Marc | Jul 5, 2014 4:40:25 PM

  3. Now here's a reason for some shirtless hugging...

    Posted by: james street james | Jul 5, 2014 6:34:07 PM

  4. The giant bug could not resist the beautiful Mr Rodriguez

    Posted by: jarago | Jul 5, 2014 7:03:50 PM

  5. The bug has good taste...

    Posted by: gb | Jul 5, 2014 7:57:03 PM

  6. This is why athletes shy away from gay guys. Everything has to be about sex to you. This is why gay athletes can't come out and be successful

    Posted by: UNFAIR TO WHO | Jul 5, 2014 8:11:24 PM


    With all due disrespect, this is just a reminder to you:

    Posted by: Anon | Jul 5, 2014 8:16:07 PM

  8. Everybody that I know wants to get it on with him!!!

    Posted by: George F | Jul 5, 2014 9:39:56 PM

  9. Watching this World Cup I find it very hard to find at least one player unattractive. They're a very good looking, physical and talented bunch. I'll watch them any day over the NFL or NHL.

    Posted by: NY2.0 | Jul 5, 2014 9:59:11 PM

  10. They're all very young, good looking, fit, and rich! Most of these guys are pros in european leagues. James Rodriguez makes 678k € for AS Monaco, Hulk makes 5 million € for Zenit Saint Petersburg, Nemar makes 8.8 million € for FC Barcelona, Theago Silva makes 12 million € for Paris Saint-Germain, Messi makes 16 million € for FC Barcelona, and Christiano Ronaldo makes 21 million € for Real Madrid. The US goal keeper Tim Howard makes $2.6 million for Everton.

    Posted by: TimF | Jul 6, 2014 12:45:56 AM

  11. Great display of sportsmanship. I remember playing soccer as a kid and we'd line up at the end of games to give high-fives to the opposing team as a show of camaraderie. I think it's wonderful these two men could be supportive of each other in an open, physical display of affection - that's the way things should be.

    Posted by: Ty | Jul 6, 2014 3:08:42 AM

  12. My first time being jealous of a locust.

    Posted by: jason MacBride | Jul 6, 2014 5:54:47 AM

  13. Not a locust or a bug- it's a Katydid. Harmless to humans.

    Posted by: Wirrrn | Jul 6, 2014 6:52:43 AM

  14. @NY2.0: Google Dirk Kuyt of the Netherlands. There's a series of pictures online comparing him to Sloth from the Goonies.

    Posted by: crispy | Jul 6, 2014 8:09:48 AM

  15. I wonder how many bells that bug is worth.

    Posted by: Derrick | Jul 6, 2014 8:26:00 AM

  16. @CRISPY, he's not as good looking as the rest but he definitely can still get it.

    Posted by: NY2.0 | Jul 6, 2014 8:46:02 AM

  17. It is a Langosta Grasshopper. This time of year here in Latin/Central America they are everywhere as it is mating season. They come in a huge array of colors and get even bigger than the one from the soccer match.

    Posted by: LaSelva | Jul 6, 2014 9:03:43 AM

  18. @NY2.0: You whore! :)

    Posted by: crispy | Jul 6, 2014 9:06:44 AM

  19. Lol

    Posted by: NY2.0 | Jul 6, 2014 10:58:32 AM

  20. All you soccer fans need to take a look at the Rugby 7's competitions....... 15 min games and a lot more physical activity and no padding like our games. Rugby men tend to be more built, while soccer men are more runner types.

    Posted by: sjaeger | Jul 6, 2014 1:11:02 PM

  21. Keep an eye on James Rodriguez (and not just for the obvious reason that he is deliciously gorgeous). He is going to be a star of the caliber of Lionel Messi or Cristian Ronaldo.

    This has been one of the most exciting World Cup series I've ever seen. Some of the matches this World Cup have been strategic masterpieces.

    A few questionable calls by the officials (yeah, Luis Suarez bit the guy but he didn't deserve to be banned), a minimum of diva dives and some incredibly awesome goals (James has two of the most beautiful goals in the whole World Cup thus far).

    So, it's up to Brasil or Argentina to keep the Cup here in The Americas.

    And here's to you, Neymar. I hope you do not suffer any lasting ill-effects from your back injury and may you soon return to the field and continue to dazzle us.

    Posted by: jamal49 | Jul 6, 2014 2:55:39 PM

  22. I'm enjoying the World Cup, Jamal, but the diving has been spectacular. Someone should give Arjen Robben an Academy Award.

    Also, the officials didn't ban Suarez. FIFA did. The ref officiating the match didn't even see it.

    Posted by: crispy | Jul 6, 2014 3:27:29 PM

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