Comedian Russell Brand Tears Apart Dr. Ben Carson’s Anti-Gay ‘Logic’ – VIDEO


British comedian Russell Brand made a video criticizing Dr. Ben Carson — an anti-gay pundit who embarrassed his alma mater by comparing homosexuals to child and animal rapists.

While viewing Carson’s past interview clips, Brand hears Carson talk about “getting rid of political correctness and replacing it with civil discourse.” Brand then responds, “When people talk about political correctness, it’s not long before they say something either racist or homophobic.”

CarsonIn the same interview, Carson says that he only has a problem with gays redefining marriage, but that if gays want to call their unions something else, we can.

Oh wait, we tried that. They were called “civil unions” and they weren’t recognized as marriages by the federal government and were thus denied the “1,138 benefits, rights and protections provided on the basis of marital status in federal law.”

Brand adds that gay marriage stops personally affecting people the instant they stop worrying about it, because apart from worry, gay marriage affects straight people in absolutely no way at all.

Later, when Carson goes onto say that gays who want to call their unions “marriages” are like people who’d like two and two to equal five, Brand responds:

“By comparing a social and civil idea like sexuality to an objective system of signs like arithmetic… the only point about [math] is that it’s about definitive systems and symbols… if you apply that to social structures which are cultural and constructed then you’re saying that your opinion is as objectively righteous as mathematics, something is beyond morality and is absolute.”

In a later Fox News segment with Sean Hannity, Carson casually lumps gays in with the pedophile group the North American Boy Love Association and those who support raping animals. Sean Hannity then casually throws incest and polygamy into the mix, supposedly paraphrasing Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

“I suppose what they’re doing is they equate something that they personally dislike with other things they assume a larger category of people find objectionable,” Russell says.

Although Carson eventually offered a self-serving apology for his hateful remarks (largely in an unsuccessful attempt to keep from being ousted as John Hopkins’ commencement speaker), he continues to shill for the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage.

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  1. Bernie says

    I say kudos to Russell Brand! He is not one of my favorites, but he articulates in a very smart way back to Mr. Carson, who spouts rabid right wing nonsense about gblt people….

  2. Jack M says

    Russell is great, but Dr. Carson’s so-called logic is so ludicrous we don’t even need anybody to take it apart. It’s nonsense just on the face of it.

  3. RJ says

    @Robert M. … I don’t believe Carson has a PhD. Sadly, this guy is a (retired) pediatric neurosurgeon. How he ever managed to get through his science courses and achieve his medical degree, let alone surgical qualifications with his stone age belief system, I have no idea.

  4. RJ says

    @Robert M. … I don’t believe Carson has a PhD. Sadly, this guy is a (retired) pediatric neurosurgeon. How he ever managed to get through his science courses and achieve his medical degree, let alone surgical qualifications with his stone age belief system, I have no idea.

  5. simon says

    Medical students may need to pass basic science courses like physics, chemistry and mathematics, biology. Unfortunately most of the exams are multiple choices questions or simple questions which emphasize mostly on memory rather than understanding. He may have good memory. That doesn’t mean he understands what were taught. It is a problem of the US education system which emphasize more on quantity and number of students than on quality.

  6. Sergio says

    Simon has it right. Many doctors can tell you how angiotensin affects the renal system, but won’t be able to tell you why Martin Luther King’s movement was good for racial harmony in America. The same happens with engineers who design highways, but cannot understand why a woman might want contraceptive coverage. Doctors and engineers are often just autistic-style automatons, existing in a cultural and social void – this is entirely the fault of our education system, which privileges mindless regurgitation over actual discussion.

  7. simon says

    I also wonder if his Dr. means a medical doctor degree or PhD. You don’t need a PhD degree to teach in medical schools. As a matter of fact, a lot of the their teaching staff are just medical doctors.

  8. says

    I am still trying to figure what made him the Go To expert on the subject for fox propaganda in the first place .. He’s just a hack with a personal opinion …. and you know what they say about opinions !!

  9. funinsnowfall says

    Russell Edward Brand’s a drug junky who got divorced from singer Katy Elizabeth Perry (Katy Elizabeth Hudson) so Russell E. Brand’s views are useless since he admits he’s a drug junky and drunkard. Homos & lesbians should quit their sexual behaviors just as drug junkies should quit drugs like marijuana, cocaine, etc. Big Island Chronicle’s journalist Tiffany Camille Edwards Hunt is a drug junky who smokes cocaine and marijuana. Big Island Chronicle’s Tiffany Camille Edwards Hunt farts and shits in front of her kids and her 2 children have smelled Tiffany Camille Edwards Hunt’s turds. Big Island Chronicle’s Tiffany C. Edwards Hunt is a fat Squaw which is why Tiffany Camille Edwards Hunt smokes drugs and again, she farts and shits in front of kids.

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