1. says

    Oh, honey, you’re not going to have standing no matter how high you try to climb on the judicial ladder. Go to your miserable room and stop wasting everyone’s time, Theresa.

  2. Bernie says

    Even though Ms. Santai-Gaffney is making a fool out of herself and has not declared that she is probably making all these appeals in the name of religion, she is a perfect test case for marriage equality. And, basically these courts are saying she has NO standing in these type of cases and that she should mind her own business. But in the mean time we can watch the appeal process and continue to laugh at this foolish woman.

  3. simon says

    It is a bit far-fetched that she represents the state. She doesn’t even represent her own county. Her job is to do some secretarial works as determined by state laws.

  4. says

    No @TKINSC, she is required to follow the U.S. District Court decision. She’s free to voice her disapproval of that ruling but her thoughts on it are wholly irrelevant.

  5. simon says

    I would shut my trap if I were you. She does not represent the state. A third-grader knows that. She can say she doesn’t understand the judge’s ruling. Then she needs to clarify it with the AG. If she still doesn’t want to do her job, she will be sued. She will be a defendant, not a plaintiff.

  6. simon says

    You have been under the rocks for so long you need some news updates.
    On May 20, U.S. District Court Judge John E. Jones struck down Pennsylvania’s ban on gay marriage. Governor and AG didn’t appeal. It is the new law of the state. You should know the clerks are required to follow the current laws, not the ones yesterday or the ones a century ago if you were not sleeping in your high school civic classes.

  7. simon says

    We heard that you have been banned from a site. Is that why you are coming back here. Not that we don’t want you here. At least you can provide some kind of comic relief.

  8. simon says

    It is possible that she is a NOMee or just a good Christian convinced by NOM to delay the inevitable. NOM is so desperate since things have taken a sharp turn that they were left in the dust. The have failed to stand in for the state. Now they are trying to invent another test case, no matter how ridiculous it is.

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