Hillary Clinton Sits Down with Jon Stewart, Suggests She Wouldn’t Mind an Oval Office: VIDEO


Hillary Clinton joined Jon Stewart on The Daily Show last night to talk about writing her book Hard Choices, whether she enjoys a certain shape for her home office (such as oval), the "cottage industry" of attacks on her, the "dead broke" comment, income inequality, and doing something about young people who are neither in school, nor in work.

The interview is in four parts, AFTER THE JUMP

Part 2:

Modernizing the State Department, the bureaucracy of government, the empowerment of people by the internet and how it affects government and leadership, the context of the U.S., what it stands for, and how we've tried to move the world toward democracy and freedom, how American culture and ideas are important in teaching the world about who we are.

Parts 3 and 4:

The conflict between Hamas and Israel, and the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The peace process and previous attempts to come to agreements in the region, and making….hard choices.


Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


  1. MIke says

    Her book sales are a disaster, she’s made a fool of herself with the “we waz SO po!” crap, and don’t invite Hillary and Elizabeth Warren to the same dinner party. As Mark Halperin said “In their zeal to anoint her, the Democrats forget she runs a horrific campaign.”

  2. hugo says

    I’m still on the fence if I want her to run but one would be hard pressed to find anybody among those GOP clowns currently doing the dance that you could have such an intelligent and in-depth conversation with. Maybe Jed Bush but certainly not Cruz, Rubio, or Paul.

  3. Mike says

    LOL, the libs would LOVE Jeb wouldn’t they? Rand scares them because he polls so highly with college students. I like Scott Walker, the Union Buster. Turned a deficit into a surplus and decreased taxes, while there’s not a thing President zero hasn’t touched that hasn’t gone to sht.

  4. anon says

    She’s running in all but name now, trying to build up a war chest that scares away primary opponents. However, she can’t admit to it because then the race would be “on”, and others would announce and take the limelight away from her.

  5. Tyler says

    Lol Mike just can’t stomach the fact that his beloved Republican party has no viable candidates for 2016, and that they still embrace a platform that wishes to make LGBT people second-class citizens. It’s killing him that the GOP is increasingly losing favor and relevance with each passing day. And a women seeking higher office? That makes Mike absolutely livid.

    And ignore Sam, since he’s a well-known alias of Rick. I wouldn’t be shocked if he then posted some monstrous rant about Trans people.

    So what we’re dealing with is a deluded quisling (Mike) and a psychopathic troll (Sam). Just so we’re all clear.

  6. Paul says

    “The Republicans haveno viable candidate for 2016.” Sure nobody thought the Democrats did either back in 1991 before Bill Clinton proved everybody wrong. Don’t underestimate the Americans love of the new boy over the established figure (Clinton againt Bush senior in 1992, Bush Jr. against Gore in 2000 and even Obama against Hillary in the 2008 primaries). As we saw in 2000 – it doesn’t matter if the new boy is a complete moron. I hope to God Hillary wins in 2016 but I’m not feeling confident.

  7. Logan says

    Clinton’s only campaign flaw in 2008 was she had no plan to win the caucus states, where fresh new talent does better because she had no idea that Obama would end up being as popular as he was and she relied too heavily on the idea the DNC would forgive Michigan and Florida for moving up their primaries, both of which she soundly won.

    How quickly people forget how contentious the 2008 primary season was. Her plan was doomed from day one because she underestimated Obama’s popularity. She won’t repeat that mistake and let’s face it, we don’t have another Obama to try to dethrone her.

  8. EchtKultig says

    “Love Hillary; she’s a tremendous Statesperson, but I am SOOOO over this coy crap. ”

    Exactly, first comment nailed it…I like when that happens on Towleroad. Whether Hillary recognizes it or not – and it’s hard to believe she doesn’t – this is getting to be really bad politics. She isn’t going to be a very effective candidate if it looks like she was coerced into running over the course of many months or years. It’s time to claim your future, Secretary Clinton, if that’s what you want.

    A little reminder that a republican trimuvirate in DC would be a disaster and with a couple Supreme Court changes you could kiss your gay rights advances of the last 10 years goodbye. Believe me, little pinhead minions at Heritage Foundation et al. are feverishly working on this plan, right now. Most Americans now support gay rights you say? Learn a little history.

  9. james street james says

    If Obama could be re-elected Hillary could certainly be elected. The American voter isn’t a lost cause.

    I bet not even six Republican candidates could name as many foreign leaders as Hillary could off the top of her head. Bush couldn’t even pronounce them!

    Elizabeth Warren would have a hard time winning a national election just as Kerry did. Too Boston intellectual for this nation.

    But it’s early yet. This is just the pre-game warm up.

  10. WeHo says

    Most folks voted for Joe Biden twice. He was the one that got Obama to get off his ass and support gay marriage. Why go for Hillary when Joe’s ready to go?

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