The First Teaser Trailer for ‘Into the Woods’ Has Arrived: VIDEO


Disney's next holiday must-see Into the Woods has just released its first trailer to get audiences excited about the cinematic adaptation of the Broadway musical – though there is no singing here.

Following the dark-but-not-really fantasy tone set by MaleficentInto The Woods gets into a fairytale mashup with interwoven stories of Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel, Cinderella, and Little Red Riding Hood, all centered around the wishes of a humble baker's family and the Meryl Streep (above) who cursed them.

Also starring Emily Blunt, James Corden, Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine, and Johnny Depp – who is no Bigby Wolf, but he'll do - Into The Woods will open on December 25th.

You can watch the trailer AFTER THE JUMP…


  1. Dback says

    Yes, I know this clip downplays that it’s a musical. Yes, I know it’s going to get flack for being “true” to Grimm (all-white actors as opposed to some multi-cultural rethinking). Yes, I know that it feels a bit “Once Upon a Time” (which has actually been ripping off “Into the Woods” handily for four years). I don’t care, I’m still clearing my calendar for Christmas night: This. Is. Happening. (The production design and special effects alone look just…splendiforous.)

  2. Luva says

    I was excited, but Meryl looks awful… Also, they are taking out the wolf/Red relationship, the prince’s affair(thus, no Moment in the woods song) and the death of a character. They are also adding 2 new songs.

  3. saywhat says

    looks cool

    the trailer should have had them singing

    and Luva if true “they are taking out the wolf/Red relationship, the prince’s affair(thus, no Moment in the woods song) and the death of a character.” very disappointing

  4. Matt27 says

    I know it’s Hollywood and there it doesn’t matter, but no singing in the clip? It is a musical and I’d like to hear if any of them could carry a tune.

  5. JJ says

    Alas, I can’t enjoy these fairy tales ever since I realized that Rumpelstiltskin was an anti-semitic stereotype: an predatory lender with an Yiddish-sounding name who can make gold out of nothing (a metaphor for usury) and steals babies. Once I realized that, I saw the motif everywhere. The villain is invariably an olive-skinned child snatcher with crinkly dark hair and an aquiline nose. These stories are full of propaganda that Europeans fed to their children for centuries to demonize Jews (and no doubt Romanies and others), eventually escalating to genocide. It’s really sad that the entertainment industry continues to perpetuate these archetypes. Disney just did it a couple years ago with the Mother Gothel character in Tangled. How to Train Your Dragon 2 (DreamWorks) is one of the worst I’ve seen. Apparently they couldn’t decide whether to make the villain black or jewy, so the button nosed white kids and their jolly elders are terrorized by a dreadlocked, broad-yet-hooked nosed semite voiced by Djimon Hounsou, the single person of color in the cast. These are adults who should know better making this material for young children. It’s disgusting.

    It will be great if Into the Woods is different, but that image of Meryl Streep doesn’t give me hope.

  6. R says

    JJ — Rumpelstiltskin isn’t in Into the Woods.

    You clearly have no idea what is in Into the Woods. It is not an adaption of Grimm Fairy Tales.

    It uses a few characters who are in (but not exclusive to) them, mixed with completely original characters.

    The completely original characters are the ones who generally drive the story, though.

    It’s an amazing, amazing musical — with a great story, from one of the most creative creators of musicals in Sondheim… who is Jewish.

  7. Chuck Mielke says


    So you would “politically correct-ify” traditional fairytales to fit modern moral precepts? Seriously, if you want to avoid seeing an entertainment because your values stand in the way, that’s your choice, not a fault of the entertainment or its producers. You remind me of the woman who went to see “Frozen” three times, once with each of her grand-daughters, before whining that the show “promotes the homosexual agenda.”

  8. Marlon Manroe says

    @Luva – You say Meryl looks awful… Do you have any idea that she plays an old, wizened witch? She’s supposed to look awful. On stage, Bernadette Peters looked awful, as did Vanessa Williams. That’s the role.

  9. JJ says

    @CHUCK MIELKE: “So you would “politically correct-ify” traditional fairytales to fit modern moral precepts?”

    If by “politically correct-ify” you mean retelling them without using race, ethnicity, and color as a proxies for good and evil, then that sounds like a good idea. It’s not what I said, though. I criticized what the industry does. I didn’t suggest what it should do instead. If you have to put words in my mouth to make your argument, then—by definition—you don’t have an argument against what I said.

    “You remind me of the woman who went to see “Frozen” three times”

    She took her grandchildren to a movie after learning she disapproved of it, and then decried others exposing children to the same material. She was a hypocrite for doing what she preached against.

    Are you calling me a hypocrite? Have I done something against what I’ve preached? Maybe you see two people complaining about children’s movies, and that simple construct is as deep as you’re able to reason.

    Allow me to take you deeper. Do you think racism on the one hand versus embracing diversity on the other are two equally valid, equally benign ideologies deserving of equal respect and support? Do you think teaching children racist stereotypes is just as good for them and society as teaching them to value their own diversity and that of others? If your answer to both those questions is no, then you should be able to understand the material difference between me and Mormon grandma that belies your analogy.

  10. Bob says

    No, no one sings in this teaser. It is the first of MANY teasers that will be released between now and when the full ads and previews are shown. It’s supposed to whet your appetite and build the anticipation. I’m looking forward to the next round of teasers and the film itself.

  11. JJ says

    @R: “Rumpelstiltskin isn’t in Into the Woods.”

    I never meant to imply that it was. It was simply that story that awoke me to the fact that the depictions of race in European folklore in general—including the *other* works that Into the Woods draws on—weren’t simply using the familiar and unfamiliar to teach stranger danger. They were venerating and demonizing specific ethnic groups. The villains weren’t dark and hook nosed because European children weren’t those things. They were dark and hook nosed because Jews *were* those things by European caricatures of the time.

    What’s shameful is that even contemporary works that extend the fairy tale tradition perpetuate the same racist archetypes. I don’t know if Into the Woods does that, but the picture on this post at least flirts with the idea.

    “from one of the most creative creators of musicals in Sondheim… who is Jewish”

    Really?? You’re going to try to tell a mostly gay audience that people don’t perpetuate stereotypes against themselves?

  12. Bryan says

    I can’t wait to not see this grotesquely sanitized, sex free, death free, special effects riddled Disney bastardization of one of the best musicals ever written.

  13. verbocity eric says

    this trailer makes the film look dour and humorless, very serious and ultimately tragic.

    not good marketing for people who don’t know the material.

    for those who do know the material, we now get all the exposition lapine and sondheim avoided for the sake of better understanding the characters.

    how much music and book had to be cut so we can see the beanstalk grow, jack climb it etc. etc…

    now i’m intrigued to see what marshall has done with the Jack’s, Red’s and Ella’s songs.

  14. wheelie81 says

    “Disney’s next holiday must-see Into the Woods has just released its first trailer to get audiences excited about the cinematic adaptation of the Broadway musical – though there is no singing here.”

    It said in the very first sentence that this has no singing, which is why you did not see any in the trailer.

  15. "Acronym Jim says

    “the Meryl Streep (above) who cursed them.”

    That explains a lot. It’s not her name, it’s her species. Human actors don’t have much of a chance of beating this muse in their fight for Oscars.

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