John Oliver Proposes That Anderson Cooper Is Actually Dorian Gray

Screenshot 2014-07-24 13.41.16If John Oliver is to be believed then Anderson Cooper is to covering the war in Gaza what Dorian Gray was the painting in his attic. Sunday’s Last Week Tonight pointed out Cooper’s impressive, if eerie, lack of apparent aging over the years that the journalist has been reporting from the Middle East.

“How does he still look the same?” Oliver pondered to his audience. “Somehow in five years this situation has not improved, and [Cooper’s] face has lost none of its virile yet tender magnetism.”

Check out a clip of Oliver's analysis AFTER THE JUMP



  1. thomasina says

    @Rob: didn’t you do analogies in school? “An arm is to a person as a wing is to a bird.” “Toe is to foot as finger is to hand.” In elementary school we had logic tests on these, expressed in this format: Kitten: cat::puppy:___ (where the answer would obviously be “dog”).

  2. Rob says

    @THOMASINA: If it was meant to be an analogy, then a “to” is missing after “was” in the sentence. I wish Towleroad writers would make more of an effort to do a quick proofread before posting these articles.

  3. leprechaunvict says

    If you don’t find John Oliver funny then there is no hope for your sense of humour because he is a genius. Right up there with Colbert.

  4. ratbastard says

    Take away the make up, lighting, other tricks of the trade (maybe even some cosmetic surgery?), an I’m sure Anderson looks his age. He’s still a handsome man.

  5. NOTICE says

    I agree- that first sentence is sort of framed like an analogy but isn’t one as far as I can figure. If it is a poorly worded analogy then I don’t get it.

    How does Anderson Cooper’s coverage of the war in Gaza relate to Dorian Grey’s painting in the attic? Soooo confused.

    I get that the point was that Anderson doesn’t age similarly to how Dorian Grey doesn’t age, but how it relates to Anderson’s Gaza coverage is beyond me.

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