Kentucky Baptist Church To Perform Same-Sex Marriage Next Year – VIDEO

Highland baptist church kentucky

In a break with most of the church’s denominations, Highland Baptist Church in Kentucky announced it will marry couple David Bannister and Steven Carr next May.

Highland, which will become the third Baptist church in the area to perform same-sex weddings, is considered to be at the more liberal end of the congregation’s spectrum. In 2012, Highland ordained openly gay Minister Maurice Blanchard.

The news comes following a wave of recent pro-equality judicial decisions, including the June 25 decision in Indiana that struck down that state's marriage ban, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals' ruling in Utah which ruled broadly in favor of marriage equality, and a July 1 decision that found Kentucky has no constitutional right to ban same-sex couples from marrying.

Although U.S. District Judge John G. Heyburn II ruled in the Kentucky decision that "long-held religious beliefs do not trump the constitutional rights of those who happen to have been out-voted," he stayed the ruling until the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decides same-sex marriage cases from Kentucky and three other states, according to The Courier-Journal.

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has hired a law firm to handle the appeal after Attorney General Jack Conway declined to appeal the ruling. 

Speaking to The Courier Journal, Pastor Joe Phelps said that the decision to perform the marriage has upset some members of the congregation, who have nonetheless taken the decision to stay with the church.

Sam Marcosson, a law professor at the University of Louisville, said:

"What Highland is really doing is what churches do on important issues. They're taking a stand in order to influence their community and move their community in a certain direction."

Beshear's lawyers will make their arguments to reverse Heyburn's ruling on August 6.

Watch a report on Heyburn's decision to overturn the ban on same-sex marriage in Kentucky, AFTER THE JUMP…



  1. David From Canada says

    God bless the Highland Baptist Church in Kentucky – they’re benevolent pioneers!

  2. KJ says

    Good on them!

    I know this is geeky church information, but as best I can tell online, they seem to be an independent Baptist church, and not aligned with a specific Baptist denomination (e.g., Southern Baptist, North American Baptist, American Baptist, Conservative Baptist, Primitive Baptist, General Assembly of Regular Baptists). “Baptist” itself cannot be used to refer to a denomination.

  3. Luke Meade-Barlowe says

    As one of the four couples in Kentucky, together 46 years (Longer than the Governor and Jane, longer than the Attorney General has been alive, married in Iowa in 2009, we are anxious to get to August 6th and the 6th Circuit.

  4. says

    Following our conscious and abandoning the clear truths of God’s word is not following the Holy Spirit, it is following the political bandwagon and will lead inevitably to the over throw of the Church itself which repeatedly chooses to follow human logic over Godly wisdom, thus proving that most “Christians” do not really believe in a real God who has given us His unchanging word within the Bible itself
    In Christ Jesus
    Dominic Roy Accampo

  5. 1♥ says

    @Dominic Roy Accampo
    You pimp Jesus like he was your two dollar whore.
    If the Bible is the word of your god then your god is a liar.

    You are proof that Jesus died in vain.