Macedonia To Ban Same-Sex Marriage: VIDEO

Macedonia’s government is to consider proposed constitutional amendments that would effectively ban same-sex marriage


Macedonia’s government is to consider proposed constitutional amendments that would effectively ban same-sex marriage, reports The Big Story.

The country’s politicians agreed on July 16th to begin the amendment process proposed by the conservative government.

A spokesman for the conservative VMRO-DPMNE party said the amendment aimed to protect "traditional, family and religious values of marriage."

The proposed amendments would define marriage as a heteosexual union, set limits on Macedonia’s national debt and limit the country’s annual budget deficit to 3%.

Although President Gjorge Ivanov has said that discrimination against gay people in Macedonia is a myth, the country’s Pride parade was cancelled last year following an increase in the number of homophobic attacks.

Watch a 2012 Macedonian television interview in which minister for labor and social policy Mr. Spiro Ristovski explains why his party is opposed to same-sex marriage, AFTER THE JUMP



  1. Grill says

    EXHIBIT #1) Ban on same-sex marriage

    EXHIBIT #2) Canceled Pride Parade

    EXHIBIT #3) Increase in homophobic attacks

    …And yet, Macedonia asserts that “discrimination against gay people in Macedonia is a myth.”

    This begs the question; are Macedonians liars by nature, or do they have a self-serving stipulative definition for the word “discrimination” that excludes real discrimination, or the word “myth” that includes truth…

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    The irony.

    The greatest Macedonian hero of all time was what we now call a bisexual. He loved women too, but the great passions of his life were for another man and a eunuch (a eunuch is still a man, isn’t he?)

    Oh, Alexander.

  3. Mike says

    Was struck by the irony too. Macedonia has not amounted to much since 336-323 B.C. when Alexander the Great with the love of Hephaestion and other men changed much of Europe and Asia forever. Any marriage to women (Roxana of Bactria, Stateira II of Persia and Parysatis II of Persia) were in rapid fire and just for politics.

  4. says

    Meanwhile, Croatia has passed the best partnership law for same sex couples in Eastern Europe, putting it ahead of Italy and many US states.

    Are we only covering bad news from former Yugoslavia?

  5. ct says

    This article is not about “Macedonia” but the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia which has nothing whatsoever to do with Alexander the Great.

    Alexander was the king of ancient Macedon which was part of Greece. He spoke greek, his teacher was Aristotle and his kingdom took part in the Olympic Games which were for greeks only.

    Even today most of Macedonia belongs to Greece, including the port city of Thessaloniki. The former Yugoslav Republic only occupies a small part of that region and yet tries to usurp the name of the whole region for itself. Its inhabitants are slavs and albanians who came to the region many centuries after Alexander died.

    @ KevinVT

    Croatia also banned same-sex marriage by referendum in December 2013.

  6. Ulf says

    What isn’t reported here is that President Gjorge Ivanov not only said that discrimination against gay people in Macedonia is a myth, he quantified it by adding:
    “Our system discriminates against no-one. Homosexuals stigmatize themselves and think they are in an underprivileged position.”
    These people have been drinking the Catholic/Islamic kool aid for a very long time, they aren’t changing anytime soon.

  7. JackFknTwist says


    Yeah, isn’t it beyond ironic that Alexander and Hephaistion who were lovers throughout all the campaigns to the east would now find himself denounced in Macedonia.

    And to think that both Alexander and his father, Philip of Macedon were from Pella, in Greek Macedonia.
    Things are not as they had been.

  8. Ulf says

    MOZ, did you even watch the vid?
    Having been to Macedonia, rest assured, Catholicism, tho not as prevalent as the Orthodoxy, is just as rabid against gay’s.

  9. says

    CT: We were in Croatia when the referendum happened and watched the whole thing. Meanwhile, the Croatian Constitutional Court said immediately that the referendum was only about the use of the word “marriage” and could have no effect on the government’s plan to introduce life partnerships for gay couples — which has almost all the same rights as marriage.

    It’s not perfect, but it’s better than anything in the region.

    As to Macedonia… It’s ridiculous to claim that the Macedonians there do not have the right to name their own country and their own language and their own nationality. There was a time when Thessaloniki was probably majority Slavic, including in the Byzantine period.

    Alexander is claimed by Greece, Macedonia, and Albania.

    But as to ancient traditions, it should also be pointed out that the same sex unions described by Boswell also came mostly from the Balkans. Adelphopoiesis / pobratimstvo was very big in the region, and was probably sometimes de facto gay marriage.

    Macedonia is predominantly Orthodox, some 64%. According to Wikipedia other Christian denominations make up LESS than 1%, so it’s mostly about the Orthodox, who are now very antigay in neighboring Serbia and in Russia. And Muslims, who are about a third of the population.

  10. ct says

    @ ΚevinVT

    What is ridiculous is for an upstart state that only became independent in 1991 to steal somebody else’s history in order to forge some sort of national identity.

    I couldn’t don’t care less who “claims” Alexander. They can claim Ghinghis Khan for all I care. Pella, the capital of ancient Macedon, is inside greek borders. If you want to visit the royal palace and the tomb of Alexander’s father Philip, you have to visit Greece.

    The Gospels were written in greek because greek became the common tongue of the Near East due to Alexander’s conquests.

    Thessaloniki was named after Alexander’s step-sister. It was never majority slavic, but majority jewish until the 20th century.

  11. MaryM says

    Croatia is a member of the EU.

    It legalised Civil Partnership apartheid after the primitive savages of that country VOTED to keep us 2nd class citizens. There is nothing to celebrate about the Croatian CP Apartheid law.

    As for Macedonia – well f*** them. I want immediate confirmation that its application process to join the EU is suspended.

    Primitive savages.

  12. says

    CT: “After the Balkan Wars in 1913, Greece took control of southern Macedonia and began an official policy of forced assimilation which included the settlement of Greeks from other provinces into southern Macedonia, as well as the linguistic and cultural Hellenization of Slav speakers” There are maps from the 19th Century that show Thessaloniki in an area marked as “Serbian-Macedonian (the Slavic language)”

    Oh Marym, always good for a laugh!

    Primitive barbarians with their apartheid — just like France and England until 2013. And Australia today.

    They voted just like the Californians in 2008!
    And how many states voted for mini-DOMAs? Primitive barbarians.

  13. ct says

    And what exactly is the source of your quote?

    Thessaloniki was the prime jewish city in the Balkans. And the slavs were mainly farmers and always stayed in the hinterlands. The littoral was always occupied by the greeks who were more proficient in trade and shipping.

    As for the greeks that settled in the greek part of Macedonia, they were forcibly kicked out of turkish territory and exchanged with the muslims living in northern Greece. Both countries benefited from increased national cohesion at the cost of enormous human suffering and misery. Do you propose that Greece should have let them drown in the Aegean Sea?

    After the end of the Ottoman Empire, Macedonia was divided between Greece, which got about 51% of the total area, Serbia which got around 38% and Bulgaria that was left with the rest. The Serbian 38% is now an independent state that claims the name of the whole region. How logical is that?

  14. says

    DON”T CONFUSE FYROM WITH MACEDONIA!!!. Macedonia is a province in Greece. Ancient Macedonians spoke Greek and always claimed to be Greeks.. The Macedonians came from a Greek tribe called the Dorians one of the 4 tribes that made up the Hellenes, same tribe as the Spartans.. FYROM are Bulgarians and still speak Bulgarian, before 1950s was referred as “Vardar Banovina” at that time referred themselves as Bulgarians and language as Bulgarian..

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