Obama Announces Executive Order Banning LGBT Employment Discrimination – VIDEO

Barack Obama, Pride Month Address 2014

Yesterday, President Barack Obama announced that the White House is preparing an executive order banning employment discrimination based on gender identity for federal employees.

The measure was announced during a White House reception to mark LGBT Pride Month.

Speaking at the reception, Obama said:

“The majority of Fortune 500 companies already have nondiscrimination policies to protect their employees because it’s the right thing to do and because many say it helps to retain and attract the best talent, and I agree. So if Congress won’t act, I will.”

Earlier this month, the White House announced plans for an executive order banning federal contractors from discriminating against employees based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

On June 25 a group of about 140 religious leaders and advocates for religious freedom asked Obama to secure an exemption for faith-based groups from the pending executive order.

Watch President Obama's Pride Month address, AFTER THE JUMP…


  1. Rick says

    It only took six years. How noble. Truly the people’s president. Next on his agenda is banning the use of the word tranny. Let freedom ring!

  2. HAHAHAHA says

    Oh RICK, you still haven’t answered the questions posed to you in the last Tim Cook story comments. So, sit down and shut up already.

  3. Hani says

    Hahahaha (wow you take yourself seriously): Tim Cook never declared his sexual orientation. Because there’s no need to do so. It’s a distraction and it makes the discussion something uncomfortable. Gay visibility at the CEO-level of company policy serves only the ego of the individual making themselves visible.

  4. HAHAHAHA says

    Hey HANI: you need to READ! I NEVER said Tim Cook had to declare anything! I think many here are making a big production out of whether he owes us anything by officially coming out to the world. But thanks for playing! My point is people asked RICK questions to some of his comments he made in that section. He has yet to answer them. He never does, he makes his drive-by comments and pontificates to us but never backs anything up. Yet, he gets his “facts” from a sports message board! LOL