Outsports Founder Cyd Zeigler Marries Partner Dan Pinar: PHOTO


Congrats to Outsports founder Cyd Zeigler and his husband Dan Pinar who were married today in Los Angeles, at a wedding officiated by PR practitioner Howard Bragman.

Writes photographer Jeff Sheng, who shot the photo above, on Facebook: "Congrats Cyd Zeigler and Dan Pinar on an amazing wedding in the hills above Hollywood. You brought everyone to tears. It was a joy to photograph…"


  1. Henry Holland says

    I was there, it was a lovely ceremony. Cyd and Dan are terrific guys, many congratulations to them!

  2. Sergio says

    When a libertarian catches another libertarian coming through the rye… My apologies to Robert Burns, of course.

  3. meh says

    Cyd Zeigler is a longtime Republican. He’s done nothing to help bring about gay marriage, and in fact has actively obstructed it by supporting and voting for Republican candidates.

    Yet he’s more than willing to take advantage of the rights and opportunities others have fought for.

    That is the lowest form of bottom feeder.

  4. Aaron says

    Congrats. Stopped following Cyd’s site years ago though due to his right wing politics.

  5. Jon Doe says

    doubling down on them scoring some tail… except they tend to hit me up on nude dudes… holler if you want their cock shots. its always weird when your dentist is trying to get with you and his husband stands for everything you’re against. where’s the humility?

  6. garryo says

    Yikes, what’s up with you dudes? It’s a wedding: two people who love each other (and happen to be men)and want to make a commitment to a future together. You won’t wish them well because they don’t share your/our politics?? Really? Is this the equality we fought for?

    Wake up, boys. It’s a great big world out there, and just as haters are gonna hate, lovers are gonna love. Bring it on, please!

    I think your wedding is wonderful, Cyd and Dan, and today, I don’t care about what your politics are.


  7. Mort says

    @GARRYO: What’s up with us “dudes” is that it isn’t a simple matter of whether or not we shower hugs and kisses on people who don’t share our politics. It’s that the Republicans avowedly denigrate and dishonor us, and anyone who actively supports their policies is no friend of ours.

    I wish Mr. Ziegler and his spouse no harm, but don’t ask me to get all gooey and sentimental over them.

  8. John says

    What’s the purpose of posting that they have sex with other guys? Two people can make a commitment together without monogamy. Monogamy is not for every couple. What works for some couples doesn’t mean it works for everyone. Stop being so judgey.

  9. Greg says

    Let’s just wish them well. How hard is that? Why do we have to trash each other? Don’t we get that enough already from straight society?

  10. meh says

    “Don’t we get that enough already from straight society?”

    No. We get that from conservative society… something these cretins belong to. That’s why we trash them.

    I do not wish them well. I hope they both catch antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea at one of their sex parties.

  11. anon says

    That photo makes it look like they spent like $5 on bus fare for the wedding. Is there actually anything there?

  12. André Leon Talley says

    Why are they dressed alike? Was there a 2-for-1 July 4th Sale at Kohl’s?

  13. UFFDA says

    I went to one of their sex parties too. They’re both bottoms. Us tops were, like, so busy.

  14. Kevin K. says

    It’s hilarious how this post turned out. Does Ziegler’s Wikipedia page mention the couple’s propensity for sex parties?