Salem Mayor Writes Awesome Defense Of City’s Decision To End Contract With Anti-Gay College – VIDEO

Read Salem Mayor Kimberley Driscoll’s awesome response to right-wing critics following her decision to end a city contract with an anti-gay Christian college.

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On Wednesday we reported the decision by the City of Salem, Massachusetts, to kill a contract with anti-gay Gordon College.

Under the contract, the college operated the city’s Old Town Hall.  College president Michael Lindsay was one of more than 140 signees of a letter to Barack Obama seeking exemptions from a pending executive order which aims to prevent work discrimination by federally funded organizations. Letter by Kimberly Driscoll

Speaking to The Christian Post, Salem Mayor Kimberley Driscoll said that Gordon College's "behavioral standards" policy, which specifically forbids "homosexual behavior," "is in violation of the LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination ordinance that was unanimously adopted by the Salem City Council earlier this year.”

Driscoll has since published an awesome letter defending Salem’s inclusive policies and calling out attacks made by right wing blogs and websites.  Specifically citing wingnut Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, Driscoll writes that “this has resulted in a number of phones calls being place to my office from people outside of Massachusetts who have expressed some patently offensive views regarding LGBT individuals.”

In response to the barrage of phone calls, Driscoll goes on to say “we are keeping a tally of these phone calls and for each one we receive I will be making a donation of $5 to nAGLY [North Shore Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth], in support of your good work to create, sustain, and advocate for the policies and services that support youth here on the North Shore.”

Driscoll also asks that individuals make contributions to nAGLy as a response to “the persistence of those who would deny LGBT citizens their equal rights.” 

Watch a video introducing nAGLY, AFTER THE JUMP




  1. Robert Rhea says

    June 21st My husband and I officially married in Salem. From planning through to the end of our honeymoon, we experienced nothing but acceptance and encouragement from city officials, hospitality venues, and business operators in Salem and the surrounding towns (we got the cake, flowers, and tuxedoes in neighboring Danvers). The town officials in particular were amazing in helping us find the right location (We used Winter Island Park because our ceremony was the same day as Pride and the Bandstand in Salem Common was booked) It was truly a wonderful experience in a genuinely warm and welcoming town. We loved every minute of it.

    This letter and the Mayors actions just prove that we made the right decision – I couldn’t be more proud of Salem if it were my hometown. It also proves what happens when we are Out and Proud and people get to know us as real human beings and not the gross caricatures that the religious right makes us out to be.

    Salem did the right thing. The college is violating the law. The Old Town Hall is a museum open to the public, paid for by public funds, thats quite a draw for tourists. If they want the right to pick and choose, they can get off the public teat as the right would say. If they want public funds, they have to obey the same laws as everyone else.

  2. pete n sfo says

    Once famous for burning witches, now for defending equality for gay people, Salem has quite the history.

    Ticheba would be proud. :)

  3. Hawthorne says

    As a gay graduate of Gordon many years ago, I applaud Mayor Driscoll’s actions. The College administration needs to learn that actions and positions have consequences. I echo Robert Rhea’s words, using government funds comes with rules from which no one is exempt. I am deeply saddened that the conversations in recent years (before Lindsay signed the letter) among students, faculty, staff, and administration concerning begin gay and Christian – which seemed to indicate a slow change of heart by College administration – have now been for nought. The Lindsay years at Gordon will not be remembered well. So, in short, if you want to do things your way and with your rules, Gordon College, stop accepting government money and discriminate to your heart’s content. Unfortunately, doing so could not be farther from the spirit of Christ.

  4. pete n sfo says

    @ Frank. Thanks for the know-it-all correction, but the pronunciation which is also footnoted on the web, and which I guessed would be better recognized is, you guessed it, Ticheba.

    Now seriously, go get a life, until you have something relevant to say.

  5. CAMBPITT says

    The phone number of the mayor’s office, which was actually on the bottom of the letter and is available on the municipal website, is 978-745-9595 x.5600. I called to congratulate the mayor on this brilliant idea. The person I talked to was very glad to hear from someone who had not been listening to Glenn Beck. I bet they’d appreciate more encouragement.