Sarah Palin Launches Online Network: VIDEO


In case your conservative hag programming isn't quite what it needs to be, there is a new channel dedicated solely to that, and it is being launched by a failed vice presidential candidate-turned wannabe reality tv player.

Said Palin in a Facebook post announcing the venture: "Tired of media filters? Well, so am I. So, let’s go rogue together and launch our own member-supported channel! This will be OUR channel, for you and for me, and we’ll all get to call it like it is."

Subscribers will pay $9.95 per month or $99.95 annually for access to hear her prattle on.

Watch the announcement video, AFTER THE JUMP


  1. disgusted american says

    so bottom feeders get to spend a $100 a yr – listening to Palin..? wow , what a bargain…LOL Hey John M…You should be FLOGGED for Unleashing that woman on the American people.

  2. Bill says

    Dear Jesus – “tired of media filters” indeed? Would that be like FOX NEWS perhaps? (That someone would actually PAY money to listen to this virago is mind-blowing.)

  3. Bill says

    Dear Jesus – “tired of media filters” indeed? Would that be like FOX NEWS perhaps? (That someone would actually PAY money to listen to this virago is mind-blowing.)

  4. Rad says

    I guess she’s looking for someone to pay her cable bill.

    Much like her cable TV show and her stint as a commentator on Fox and the pork sirloin I had for dinner, this too shall pass.

    Maybe she can guest star on Duck Dynasty? Oh, wait, they already snubbed her.

    I can her her next electronic conversation:

    Sarah Palin: “Obama should be IMPEACHED!!!”
    Voice: “Um… I just wanted to know if I could get a large fry with meal?”

  5. Greg says

    It’s just like her to be lost on the fact that she herself is a filter; filtering all, light, truth and sanity from reality. The detritus that remains after she’s done filtering is the same drivel oozing out the mouths of the Fox news talking heads.

  6. Anirban (aka Abner) Bhattacharya says

    While I’m neutral on abortion, in justness to pro-lifers they believe abortion is killing a baby-there are many women pro-lifers so it’s not men seeking to control women’s bodies. If they decided to make abortion illegal, then I would not care 1 way or another. I’m pro-abortion in some cases such as if it can be predicted an unborn baby will be deformed, transexual or gay-then go ahead and abort them. But I understand view of pro-lifers regarding abortion as murder.

    I’m against sterlizations. There’s birth control such as the pill, condoms & old fahshioned Rhythm Method. Sterilization surgeries however are mutilations. Unless it’s a hysterectomy to save a life, they must make it a crime to do sterilizations. Sterilizations are spaying & neutering people. Also they make less attractive. All things=, if you have an intact woman vs. a woman who has been spayed, most men would take the intact woman. Same thing with a man who is intact vs. a man who has had a vasectomy, most women would choose the intact man.

    I support birth control but am against sterilization surgeries. I oppose breast implants because they are fake (excludes reconstruct surgeries for women who have had breast disease). If a woman has naturally nice big boobs as singer Katy E. Perry has (she is listed as DD but there are women with bigger boobs than her), then that is good. There is nothing wrong with a woman having small boobs. Most men want a woman with natural boobs-small, medium or big vs. a woman with fake boobs. I would limit Viagra in most cases because those are performance enhancers. If a man is let’s say 25 years old and in a wheelchair, then I support him using Viagra to have sex with his wife or girlfriend and have kids with her because there’s a use to it. But I am against Viagra or any other sexual enhancement drug for old men because that’s like giving steroids to nfl player. I would also be against giving Viagra and sexual enhancement drugs to homosexuals. So I would limit Viagra or other sexual enhancement drug to straight men who are under 40 years old with a handicap to that they can father children which below a certain age it’s medicine, but after a certain age it’s perfornace enhancers comparable to Steroids as Viagra, Zestra are.

    I support fertility treatments and I support In Vitro Fertilization. There are couples who want children but because the mom has problems getting pregnant or giving birth the only way for a man and his wife to have children is by In Vitro Fertilization. Let’s say that you have a man and a wife and the wife is let’s say paralyzed so that giving birth would be dangerous. I would support that couple’s right to In Vitro Fertilization (I.V.F.) so that both can enjoy having a family, raising kids, taking kids to the zoo, fun of seeing kids raise pets and so on. While In Vitro Fertilization (I.V.F.) is not perfect, In Vitro Fertilization (I.V.F.) must be there for couples who have problems having children.

    I also support Artificial Insemination with regulations. If you have a straight couple and let’s say the husband has disease where treatment could keep him from having children. Man should have a right to have his sperm stored so that he and his wife can have children. If however, you have artificial insemination for purpose of single parenthood or homosexual parenting, then it is a problem. Of course if a woman wants to have a child without father involvement then what she can do is have a 1 night stand. Also I have a friend who is a Born Again Christian who has told me that he supports In Vitro Fertilization because I.V.F. is about creating life while abortion is about preventing life so there are pro-lifers who support I.V.F. In Vitro Fertilization must be there for people who have problems having children.

  7. Anirban (aka Abner) Bhattacharya says

    Saywhat, it does incidentally as Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Louise Palin is pro-life. You people are mean and rest of what I have to say here is copy/paste which I have said many times on other forums. see this video done by an honest homosexual man

    Though it’s repeat it must be said again. A person is homosexual or lesbian if they knowingly and willing do same sex behaviors. If a person has homosexual activities with a young boy, then they are a homosexual pedofile. Jerry A. Sandusky is a homosexual pedofile-even if J.A. Sandusky calls himself straight, he would still be gay by behavior definition. But homosexual groups say that he is not gay when his conduct defines him as such.The priests who molest young boys are gay pedophiles. If a man has sex with little girls only, then he is a straight pedophile. Rush H. Limbaugh’s right when he said Jerry A. Sandusky is gay-and columnist Patrick J. Buchanan condemns who he calls gay priests. Those priests are again gay pedophiles, pederasts or homolesters. So there are many homosexual pedophiles such as the gay priests, Jerry A. Sandusky.

    Again, it’s sexual conduct or behavior which defines if 1 is straight or homosexual. Since homosexuals and lesbians (transexuals) often suffered childhood sex abuse, it’s no surprise that homosexuals and lesbians think childhood sexual abuse is OK when it’s homosexual activities. All homosexual pedofiles are homosexuals. All transexuals are homosexual/lesbian as the act of mutilating to become false opposite sex is itself an act of homosexuality/lesbianism-sad maiming and make this illegal. homosexual groups got offended when columnist Patrick J. Buchanan condemned gay priests. What those priests did when they molest young boys is homosexuality.

  8. justkeepingitreal says

    Anirban says, “You people are mean”
    right after it makes a post claiming “I’m pro-abortion in some cases such as if it can be predicted an unborn baby will be deformed, transexual or gay-then go ahead and abort them.”

    Proof Anirban wants us dead.

  9. Tyler says

    If you guys don’t know, Abner is actually a commentor named Funissnow/funissnowfall/snowisfun.

    All he/she does is post rants about how gay people are child molesters, how Matthew Shepherd’s murder was justified because he was a “mean” meth addict, and how Trans people mutilate themselves through gender reassignment surgeries.

    He/she constantly refers to all the people he references by their First name , Middle initial (or middle name) and Last name each and every time he mentions them (ex. Katy E. Perry, Jerry A. Sandusky, Sarah Louise Palin). And sometimes (under this new username) posts completely random comments. The entire paragraph about breast implants, for example.

    Abener/Funissnow/Snowisfun/Funissnowfall is mentally ill and he/she should just be ignored.

  10. Bernie says

    Maybe, Ms. Palin is trying to emulate Oprah Winfrey, but more than likely Ms. Palin is trotting out her need to be in the spotlight to speak out against President Obama and other liberals other than Fox News. As with Ms. Palins’ other TV entities, none have ever been renewed nor had more than 3 1/2 viewers. And, who would pay a cent to hear her tired dribble??

  11. Bernie says

    This is in reference to Anirban, and I know that we have free speech and you can write whatever you want, but I am not sure why you would come into a gay website to make the kind of comments you make. IF this person is real, he or she does sound mentally ill, so I am couching my comments carefully. The comments he/she is making make no sense, have no validity, and are irrational and illogical.

  12. Bernie says

    and, just in case any of you are thinking of paying the yearly fee to hear Ms. Palin, keep in mind: 1. She quit halfway through her governorship 2. The viewership and ratings for the show might be a little low to continue after the first hour or two, so I suggest you pay only for the first month, only if they have a pro-rated refund policy…………

  13. funinsnow says

    I again read the Book of Matt by Stephen Jimenez for the 2nd time and this time took notes reading his book-I have now read the book twice. Methew W. Shepard, when I read about a gay (transexuals are mutilated gays/lesbians) bashing case in the news, I wonder what the view is of the journalist reporting this on homosexuality/lesbianism. I also wonder if the journalist is a homosexual or lesbian and if so, are they setting aside their bias and reporting the news with no problems. I do not trust news that I get from Daily Kos or the Huffington Post on their coverage of gay bashing cases because they predictably make the homosexual look like an innocent victim no matter what wrong the gay does.

    In the Methew W. Shepard case, the mainstream media left out ugly truths on who he was. When Stephen Jimenez’s Book of Matt came out in October 2013, the Huffington Post, Daily Kos & others condemned Stephen Jimenez (who is a homosexual journalist) for writing ugly truths about who M.W. Shepard was-mainly a drug dealer or courier. Casper Star Tribune covered the Shepard case and I have talked to 2 of their ex-journalists Kerry A. Drake and JC Marsden (Executive Director of Shepard Foundation)-both men leave out ugly truths on who Metthew Wayne Shepard was and Kerry A. Drake though he no longer works for Tribune along with Tiffany C. Hunt (another former CST Reporter who now runs Big Island Chronicle) continue to leave out the ugly truths of who M.W. Shepard was because their loyalty is to Laramie Project.

    Kerry A. Drake, JC Marsden and Tiffany C. Hunt are portrayed in Laramie Project.Big Island Chronicle’s journalist Tiffany Camille Edwards Hunt is a drug junky who smokes cocaine and marijuana. Big Island Chronicle’s Tiffany Camille Edwards Hunt farts and shits in front of her kids and her 2 children have smelled Tiffany Camille Edwards Hunt’s turds. Big Island Chronicle’s Tiffany C. Edwards Hunt is a fat Squaw which is why Tiffany Camille Edwards Hunt smokes drugs and again, she farts and shits in front of kids.

    Casper Star Tribune when they covered the Shepard case left out ugly truths of who the victim Methew W. Shepard was. But no matter why the murder happened, Metthew Wayne Shepard being killed by 2 men does not change the ugly truths of who he was & M.W. Shepard knew 1 of his murderers (A.J. McKinney). It’s not believed he knew the 2nd man (R.A. Henderson) and I agree with Stephen Jimenez that Russell A. Henderson should have been convicted of a lesser crime such as Manslaughter and that he should have gotten a jury trial but got bad representation by his lawyers who urged him to take a plea when he wanted a jury trial. Book of Matt discloses ugly truths of who the victim was-most of it old such as him being a junky (old news), but the new information is that the victim was a drug dealer. Book of Matt by Stephen Jimenez Stephen Jimenez’s evidence are 1st party witnesses he interviewed-over 100 of them over 13 years.

    Those witnesses verified Methew Wayne Shepard’s a junky (old news), drug dealer and courier-witnesses such as Mark K. Rohrbacher (former drug dealer), Shannon Shingleton and others. There are bartenders such as Elaine Baker who saw both AJ McKinney and Methew W. Shepard together, so this is verified information Methew W. Shepard was a drug junky and he went into bars where drugs were sold. Methew W. Shepard became a drug junky because antidepressants he was taking was not working and he mixed drugs-cocaine, Ecstasy and Meth with antidepressants. Methew W. Shepard had depression, PTSD and he mixed drugs with antidepressants.

    Why could Methew W. Shepard have gotten involved in dealing drugs & or be a courier-$ problems-he bought them and when he had $ problems, he sold them & or was a courier-this is verified by witnesses who Stephen Jimenez interviewed. These witnesses are credible as they earn nothing saying this. Stephen Jimenez verified that Methew W. Shepard would use Doc O’Connor’s limousine services. Methew W. Shepard was living an extravagant life. His dad who is an engineer in Saudi Arabia could not have sent him enough $ to pay for it. Methew W. Shepard when he sees money problems with his drugs would likely sell some in order to make money. Stephen Jimenez in his book talks of the Denver circuit and this is the drug circuit which Metthew W. Shepard was involved with.

    Near book’s end, it is incidentally mentioned that Metthew W. Shepard was a victim of child molestation by 3 different people-an adult @ his church, a friend and a relative and when Metthew W. Shepard was 15 years old, he was arrested for molesting 2 neighborhood 8 year old boys-M.W. Shepard got counseling for it. It is also incidentally mentioned that Metthew W. Shepard was involved as a witness with a May 1998 arson (Officer Flint Waters) but what his role was will never be known.

    M.W. Shepard in August 1998 (2 months before his death) attempted indecent exposure on a Cody bartender and bartender defended himself by decking M.W. Shepard. The next day, M.W. Shepard falsely accused the bartender of homosexual gang rape. When medical tests disproved M.W. Shepard, the excuse Methew W. Shepard gave to cops was that he was drunk, had PTSD and could not remember. M.W. Shepard was also once banned from a bar after a drunk M.W. Shepard committed assault and battery on the bouncer by grabbing bouncer’s crotch against will. M.W. Shepard should have been arrested and convicted by jury for those 2 incidents.

    With the criticism about Stephen Jimenez writing a book to make money, Judy L. Shepard and M.W. Shepard’s friend Romaine Patterson both wrote books about him. The last 2 also had interest to make money and since they are his mom and friend, they are biased and bias meddles with facts. The Shepard Foundation is a propaganda group whose main interest is to push an agenda and to make money. Judy L. Shepard, Shepard Foundation and Laramie Project making $ off the case. Stephen Jimenez incidentally mentioned in his book that M.W. Shepard had been molested by 3 different people including a distant relative. If Metthew.W. Shepard had not been a victim of repeated molestations, it’s possible M.W. Shepard would have turned out straight instead of gay. Any conduct can be learned including sexual conduct and M.W. Shepard suffering child molestation damaged his thinking and possibly caused him to behave sexually in ways he would not have had the molestation not happened. And again, Methew W. Shepard molested 2 neighborhood 8 year old boys when he was 15 years old and got counseling for it. Stephen Jimenez interviewed a relative of 1 of the boys who M.W. Shepard had molested.

    Stephen Jimenez in his book did go into irrelevant topics such as an unrelated murder trial in Wyoming where a teenage girl was murdered (Daphne Saulk and the man Kevin Robison was convicted of Manslaughter), an unrelated killing in Colorado (1993 of Steve Heyman a gay psychologist), but what he said about M.W. Shepard is what he learned (though again most old news) after interviewing many witnesses. If Stephen Jimenez had been an FRC journalist, he would likely have been condemned as 1 of those Christians but Stephen Jimenez is a gay journalist. While gay groups complain about Stephen Jimenez saying the murder case is complicated, that is incidental-main reason gay groups are offended by Stephen Jimenez’s book is because he talked about the ugly truths about who M.W. Shepard was. Methew Wayne Shepard does not deserve hero worship. M.W. Shepard being a drug dealer was something he likely kept secret from his family because honestly, if a person is selling drugs, they usually aren’t going to tell their friends and family that they commit this crime. Even if Metthew W. Shepard did tell his friends and family that he sold drugs, don’t think his family will admit this ugly truth about him, as they had tried to hide the fact that Methew Wayne Shepard molested 8 year old boys and got counseling.

  14. Derrick from Philly says


    I don’t try to read your comments anymore. I just look to see how long they are.

    If you were forced to read your comments out loud you would need a glass of water by the third paragraph.

  15. Tyler says

    Derrick, in this instance I’d say ignore Funissnow/Snowisfun/Funissnowfal/Abner.

    Unlike Rick, who just says things to incite an angry response, this kook just posts to be crazy.

    Funissnow is a crazy and isn’t worth any attention or thought.

    He/she is a sad person who is clearly mentally ill and whose opinions are worthless.

  16. woodroad34 says

    Why do I see Jimmy Fallon as ‘Sara’ inviting Sarah over to Nickteen and the two of them going “Ew, Ew, Ew”? That would be about the level of the Harridan of the North’s intelligent discussions.

  17. Terry Miller says

    She not lookin too good. That hate thought beginning to show. Sad, it’s not actually how she rose in Alaska. I think that $9.95 is the main key here. As with the Todd Akins of the Repugnicants, I say “get that woman a microphone.” These wingnuts have echo-chamber walked themselves right off the end of the “plank” of reason, and the public gets it. Besides lettin her talk, it’ll make for fewer click-bait headlines in HuffPo et al that I have to resist, and presumably drain financial resources from just the RIGHT constituency.

    What we need to do though, at least those of us gays still in solidarity with the oppressed, is keep our ears and minds open to the sincere thread of the teabaggers who see “corporate cronyism” as the problem, and are not merely closeted bigots & haters. They are not a unified block, and some of them have the right anger, manipulated & channeled by background financing in the wrong direction, at least for now.

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