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UN: End of AIDS by 2030?

SQUISHY ROBOTS: Phase-changing material built from wax and foam developed by researchers at MIT is capable of switching between hard and soft states.

AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR: Kacy Catanzaro amazes America.

RING OF FIRE: Hottest pool dunk ever?

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  1. "End of AIDS by 2030" is the stupidest s*** ever. That would imply the end of institutionalized homophobia worldwide that prevents men who have sex with men (whatever their sexual orientation) from getting treatment. The UN is dreaming in technicolor.

    Posted by: WhatsLoveGotToDoWithIt | Jul 16, 2014 5:10:53 PM

  2. i really wish journalists would get the difference between AIDS and HIV! I'm pos..but Im certainly not "living with AIDS".

    Posted by: headshaker | Jul 16, 2014 5:33:11 PM

  3. OK, Kacy, you can take my slot in combat.

    Posted by: Glenn I | Jul 16, 2014 6:43:13 PM

  4. Another idiotic HIV/AIDS media non-story.

    Posted by: Pookie | Jul 16, 2014 8:56:16 PM

  5. The U.N. report was about ending the epidemic. They are probably using the word epidemic in its technical sense - : 'Epidemic: The occurrence of more cases of a disease than would be expected in a community or region during a given time period. A sudden severe outbreak of a disease such as SARS. From the Greek "epi-", "upon" + "demos", "people or population" = "epidemos" = "upon the population."'

    Stopping the epidemic does not mean curing AIDS or HIV, nor does it mean preventing all infections.

    Posted by: Bill | Jul 17, 2014 12:38:03 AM

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