Vikings Special Teams Coach Mike Priefer Suspended, Fined Following Kluwe Investigation


Mike  Priefer, the current special teams coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings, has been suspended from three games and made to donate $100,000 to organizations dedicated to the advancement of LGBT people. This follows the closing of an investigation into former kicker Chris Kluwe’s allegations that Priefer played a large role in fostering a homophobic environment for the team off the field.

201401021617586597566-p5"I owe an apology to many people – the Wilf family, the Minnesota Vikings organization and fans, my family, the LGBT community, Chris Kluwe and anyone else that I offended with my insensitive remark." Priefer said in a press conference. "I regret what has occurred and what I said. I am extremely sorry but I will learn from this situation and will work on educating others to create more tolerance and respect."

Kluwe, an outspoken supporter of LGBT rights, claims that the termination of his contract with the Vikings came as a result of his gay activism. Were the investigation into Prifer’s conduct to come up clean, Kluwe and his lawyer asserted, they would not hesitate to proceed with a formal lawsuit against the team.

"There were numerous occasions that [Priefer] said that I would burn in hell with the gays," Kluwe said in a conference last Friday. "I think [Priefer's suspension] is completely unacceptable. It doesn't change anything with my lawsuit. We're going to (sue) for the maximum."

Following the Vikings’ refusal to make public the investigation’s findings last week, Kluwe and his representation followed through, stating that their suit would be filed next week.

“Oh, and in case anyone thinks this is some sort of cash grab, we'll be going for max damages and all money I get will go to LBGTQ charities.” Kluwe asserted via Twitter. “This is not about the money for me. This is about doing what's right.”

Check out a video of Kluwe speaking last week at a press conference about the Vikings' efforts to conceal the investigation, AFTER THE JUMP



  1. JackFknTwist says

    That’s a pathetic pseudo apology. It drips with insincerity and was written by or on the advice of lawyers to limit damage.
    Sue sue sue; this guy is a walking bigot who threatens anyone who disagree with him with hell.
    Give him hell here and now.

  2. JackFknTwist says

    ” Systematic changes all the way up through the organization”.
    Oh yes; publish the investigation report you cowards………..
    Who would have thought that football players would have been so afraid and cowardly to face up to their own bigots.

  3. Jay says

    Priefer is a typical Christian. He calls for the extermination of gay people. Adamantly lies that he did such a thing. Then finally has to admit it, with a pseudo-apology. “I’m sorry if you were offended.” He deserves to be fired.

  4. Martin says

    A three (possibly two) game suspension for advocating the extermination of over half a billion people. Christ, one must need actually carry out the plan in order to be fired by the NFL.

  5. BreckRoy says

    @Jay, typical Evangelical ChristianIST for sure, but hardly a typical Cristian in 2014, at least not in America. Poll after poll shows self-identifying Christians as more liberal on hot button issues, but the a$sh0les who make headlines. And poll after poll finds young Christians mkre liberal on gay rights than their parents or grandparents. Catholics are famous for this. While their leadership waits to turn over through death and attrition, actual practicing American Catholics are fine with gay marriage, birth control, etc. by slim and in some cases HUGE majorities (they are also fairly reliable democratic voters as a bloc) but not-crazy never makes headlines…crazy does. So while I have never been threatened to my face with hell ever in my life…this guy, whi is not typical, seems to have made a habit of it.

  6. steve says

    Post this on your social network page to spread this news! because the generalmedia won’t! It is the least you can do to Thank Kluwe for his activism!

  7. Wilberforce says

    This is the first admission of fault, which either helps the lawsuit proceed, or is damage control in order to shut the lawsuit down. There’s no way to know, except that their keeping the investigation private seems to indicate that there’s more there.

  8. northalabama says

    sue these religious freaks into oblivion, or until they shut up. taking their wealth seems to be the only tactic that gets their attention, so game on.

  9. Rick says

    Did he really apologize only for a single remark (as opposed to several remarks)? Coward. And the Vikings organization should be ashamed not only of the mild hand slap that a 3 game suspension reflects, but also of keeping this information secret. I’m behind you, Chris. You’re a great example of how straight allies advance our cause.

  10. Jedi says

    “Thumbs up” the associated YouTube video, “Kluwe: I Hope Vikings Make Investigation Public”, which currently has more dislikes than likes.

    Encourage love, not hate.

  11. Martin says

    The dude said round up all the gays put them on an island and nuke it til it glows. That’s over half a billion people he wanted to EXTERMINATE. Facts are never over the top.

  12. Vengeful B¡tch says

    Priefer tries to make it sound like he made one single remark on one occasion, when that clearly is not the case.

    NFL may need to step in to make sure the matter is addressed adequately.

  13. jamal49 says

    @BRIAN W It is true. I first read this on and I’ve seen nothing in the national media at all. Saw something on Huffpo about Kluwe bringing the lawsuit but nothing about this recent development. I also listen to sports talk radio and nothing there either.

  14. Joseph Singer says

    OK. I’m shallow and I admit it. I really like Chris’ chin strap beard, but something weird’s going on on with his ‘stache.

    Anyway, good that he’s been vindicated about the guy saying homophobic stuff.

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