1. Bob K says

    — listen to the anti-equality guy.
    You can hear in his voice that he is trying to put across something that is wrong and cannot really be justified.

  2. Randy says

    Woman in the middle seemed bored out of her mind. Wonder what was in the drawer?

  3. Randy says

    Just once, I mean just once! I would like for a judge to cross-examine Council on their statements regarding gay sex prohibiting people from procreating or raising their children. Just ask him for any evidence for any logical reasoning to back up their claims. It would be very easy to force them into a corner with a say I don’t know, or I don’t have any evidence and that and they admit that it’s just speculation

    Then we could use that transcript against them whenever they get on TV and make the same assertions. Please, just once!

  4. Paul B. says

    You’re so right Randy. I think Charles Cooper was asked that during the Prop 8 case and his answer was something like…I don’t really know your honor. Bingo…the sign of a lost cause and maybe that’s why they don’t like to ask…because at that point it’s really “court adjourned”.

  5. William says

    Judging by what I saw of the hearing, this seemed to be more of a hearing on whether to proceed to trial or not

  6. simon says

    The defense lawyer. Same old. Same old. They may well put Brian Brown up there free of charge. Slippery slope, procreation, better parenting etc etc. What made him think he can sway this judge when they have failed miserably in all previous cases. I rather sympathize with the judge who has to endure all this nonsense while maintaining a straight face.

  7. says

    I didn’t listen to it, but my husband did, and the state incompetently trotted out the same losing arguments other states have failed with: Regnerus, Baker, etc. Pathetic. Not sure what would be gained by going to trial except further embarrassment and a delay … Equality Florida is expecting/hoping for a ruling in days or, at most, weeks.