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‘My Gay Roommate’ Explores Coital Logistics: VIDEO


What happens when you put a bossy bottom with high sexpectations together with a clueless top? Episode 6 in the latest season of My Gay Roommate attempts to find out. Watch as lovers try to bridge the gap when their sex life hits the doldrums, AFTER THE JUMP…

Adult film star Levi Michaels even makes a cameo, lending a hand for the cause.

Also, in case you missed them, check out episodes One, Two, Three, Four and Five of Noam Ash’s light-hearted web-series.

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Robert Oscar Lopez: Same-Sex Marriage Is 'A Tidal Wave' Sweeping Up Children - VIDEO

Robert Oscar Lopez

In a July speech to the Stanford Anscombe Society, anti-gay activist and "ex-gay" Robert Oscar Lopez said that he cannot support same-sex marriage because it has become a “tidal wave” that has “swept up children,” reports Right Wing Watch.

The Stanford Anscombe Society aims “to help university students and young adults to promote the values of marriage, family, and sexual integrity to the broader popular culture” and “defines marriage as a union, until death, between one man and one woman.”

Lopez said that although he once supported same-sex marriage, many people “have chosen to yoke gay marriage and gay parenting together” which forced him into the opposing camp “because it ultimately means that in order to protect the sexual relationship between two adults, you have to shatter the relationship between a child and either his father or his mother.”

Lopez also attacked what he called “a very powerful gay lobby that has a lot of money” which works to “erase” the realities of life for LGBT people, including high rates of domestic violence in same-sex relationships,”rampant problems with depression, anxiety, eating disorders” and “the fact that HIV infection rate recently went up among boys 13 to 19.”


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NEWS: Idaho, 'GoldenEye', ISIS, Creationist Theme Park

RoadFocus on the Family says court ruling that fined an upstate New York wedding venue for turning away a same-sex couple constitutes a "home invasion."

Goat RoadFamily of Tyler Clementi, the college student who took his own life after his roommate posted a video he recorded with his webcam of Tyler having used a gay sexual encounter, receives award from New Jersey's Essex County as part of its Pride celebration: "Jane Clementi says her family wants to make sure there are 'no other Tylers in this world' and create a 'culture shift toward kindness.'"

RoadA new study from UCLA's Williams Institute finds that gay marriage would add $182.2 million in spending to Florida's economy and could generate as many at 2,600 new jobs over three years.

RoadThe baby goat that really wanted to play with a giant pig (who couldn't be bothered) and refused to back down

RoadNicki Minaj unleashes her "Anaconda."

Lohan RoadLindsey Lohan and Tina Fey had a mini reunion.

RoadGay man running for Governor of Idaho: "The Constitution Party's nominee for governor is openly gay. He supports same-sex marriage - although [Steve] Pankey opposes anti-discrimination protections for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people. He thinks Idaho's attempt to defend its gay marriage ban in federal court is folly. Marijuana, Pankey told the Tribune's William L. Spence, ought to be legalized, regulated and taxed. Abortion? Up to the first 20 weeks of pregnancy, it should be between the patient and her doctor, Pankey says."

RoadSaved By The Bell TV movie takes you behind the scenes and back to the 90s.

RoadSpeaking of 90s nostalgia, Jimmy Fallon challenges Pierce Brosnan to a game of GoldenEye.

RoadISIS beheads American journalist James Foley originally captured in Syria: "The militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) posted the graphic video of the execution on Tuesday, calling it retribution for American airstrikes against Sunni extremist forces in Iraq. The U.S. intelligence community has authenticated the video, National Security Council spokesperson Caitlin Hayden said."

RoadBilly Crystal to give special tribute to Robin Williams at this year's Emmys.

RoadStudy finds lesbians have the most orgasms.

RoadJason Collins speculates his NBA career could be over: "'I used to be able to jump and touch the top of the white square behind the rim with ease,' he said at the Castro Theatre during a Commonwealth Club event. 'As the years go by, you watch your hand go lower and lower on that square. Father Time is undefeated against us all. ... I'm really grateful for my Stanford degree now.' But, he adds: 'On the other hand, I can still dunk.'"

Parco RoadKentucky's creationist theme park Ark Encounter has received $18 million in tax incentives from the state, plans to ban the hiring of gays.

RoadIn case you haven't gotten enough of the ice bucket challenge, David Beckham, Chris Hemsworth, and Grant Gustin offer up some visual treats.

RoadEven Anna Wintour got in on the icy challenge (in her signature shades, of course).

RoadScientists say urinating in the ocean is good for marine life. Just be sure to do it far away from human life. 

RoadWhoopi Goldberg reportedly wants out of The View

RoadMother of bullied teen AJ Betts who took his own life and whose organs were denied for donation because he was gay thinks the FDA should change its policy: "My initial feeling was just very angry because I couldn't understand why my 16-year-old son's eyes couldn't be donated just because he was gay...This is archaic, and it is just silly that people wouldn't get the life-saving assistance they need because of regulations that are 30 years old," said Moore.

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Supreme Court Stays 4th Circuit's Ruling On Virginia Gay Marriage Ban


The Supreme Court has decided to stay the U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals' ruling that found Virginia's ban on same-sex marriage to be unconstitutional. As Chris Geidner from BuzzFeed reports, the lower court's ruling is on hold until the Supreme Court decides whether it will review the case or not:

Notably, the court stated that the stay will “terminate automatically” if it does not take and denies certiorari in the case — which is the process by which the court formally takes cases. If it grants certiorari, then its stay ends when it “send[s] down … the judgment of this Court.”

Same-sex marriage was scheduled to become legal in Virginia on Thursday had the Court not intervened.

USA Today reports that in its coming term, the Court will have a number of same-sex marriage cases to consider:

The justices will get their first crack at the broader issue in late September, when they meet privately to consider petitions that accumulated through the summer. They could grant one or more gay marriage cases for the 2014 term or wait for additional appeals.

More cases could arrive at the court this fall from the 6th Circuit appeals court, which heard cases earlier this month from Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee; from the 7th Circuit, which will hear Indiana and Wisconsin cases next week; and from the 9th Circuit, which will hear Idaho and Nevada cases early next month.

(Image via Chris Geidner, Twitter).

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Hot Cop Of Castro Gets Wet For Charity: VIDEO

Chris Kohrs ice

Remember how we told you last week that Chris Kohrs, aka The Hot Cop of Castro, would be joining in on the ice water challenge? Officer Kohrs followed through with the event and doffed his shirt to raise money for the Officer Down Memorial Fund. The SF Examiner compiled a slideshow of the event, while YouTube user Nathan Tatterson caught it all on video to share with the world, so you can watch Officer Kohrs get all soakin' wet AFTER THE JUMP...

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Federal Judge Rules Indiana Must Recognize Out Of State Same-Sex Marriages: READ

YoungOn Tuesday, a federal judge ruled that Indiana must recognize same-sex marriages performed out of state, nullifying a provision of the state's ban on same-sex marriage that forbade gay couples wed elsewhere from being recognized as married in the Hoosier state. The AP reports:

U.S. District Judge Richard Young decided Indiana must recognize the marriage of Michelle and Shannon Bowling of Indianapolis, who were married in Polk County, Iowa, on Jan. 18, 2011. Shannon Bowling is employed by the Indiana Department of Correction, and couple sued to seek state benefits for Michelle Bowling and her children from a previous relationship.

Judge Young also issued a ruling in June that struck down Indiana's same-sex marriage ban in broader terms. Though weddings quickly ensued following his decision, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals intervened and stayed Young's decision. Young's latest decision on same-sex marriages performed out of state is also stayed until the 7th Circuit has a chance to review. 

Read Judge Young's latest order, AFTER THE JUMP...

Bowling v. Pence District Court ruling by JohnMBecker

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