27 Men Detained in Beirut on Suspected Charges of Homosexuality

On Wednesday, Lebanese NGOs called for the immediate release of 27 men detained in Beirut last week after police received a tip that the group were at a Turkish-style bath house looking for sex with other men.

LebanonLebanon's The Daily Star reports:

On Aug. 9, a unit with the judicial police’s Moral Protection Bureau raided the Agha hammam after a detainee told police at the Hbeish police station in Hamra that gay men sought “sexual encounters with other men” there, the NGOs said in a joint statement.

Police arrested the owner of the hammam, the employees and several clients. All clients remain in custody at the detention center, the statement said, quoting a colonel at the police station

The NGOs – Helem, Arab Foundation for Freedom and Equality, M-Coaltion, Marsa Sexual Health Clinic, and the Lebanese Medical Association for Sexual Health – released a joint statement saying in part:

“We made contact with the detainees who expressed their discomfort and confusion regarding the process of the investigation and the charges. It has also come to our attention that at the time of the raid no public sexual act was taking place at the Agha hammam, and the investigation at the police station revolved mainly around the detainees’ alleged (homo)sexuality,” the statement said.

“We denounce this incident as a case of homophobic practice that aims to police the sexual rights and liberties of the individuals involved and we call on the General Prosecutor and Hbeish police station to respect the dignity of the detainees and their rights to their (sexual) bodies,” it added.

Lebanese officials informed the NGOs that none of the men were forced to undergo the widely-criticized 'gay test' – forcible anal probing – that we reported last month was being carried out by Lebanese police.    


  1. Rick says

    Maybe if these men weren’t so obvious they would have been out of harms way. By openly transgressing, and adhering to the culture of effeminacy promoted by the more liberal West, they secretly desire to be imprisoned by the most macho of men (the authorities) and desire to be raped and humiliated by them. In doing so, they are seeking desperately after their own lost masculinity, which the culture of effeminacy has deprived them of, having caused them to internalize the larger societal idea that homosexuality and masculinity are incompatible. It is this contradiction that defines much of gay male life and culture……its dysfunctionm and the self-destructive behavior of so many of its adherents.

    And it will only change when gay men decide en masse to reclaim their masculinity and re-define their own sexuality as a form of shared masculine experience rather than as a form of femininity and pseudo-womanhood.

  2. simon says

    police’s Moral Protection Bureau.
    Technically they are not anti-gay. They are against all kinds of immorality according to their religious teachings. There was a case in Gaza that a girl was killed by a mob for sitting alone with her boyfriend in a car.

  3. brian says

    Two thing first any country that has a morals protection bureau is not anyplace a gay man or woman should live. If they have the option of leaving that is. Second to Rick can I buy some weed from you because dear God you must be smoking something.

  4. jamal49 says

    @RICK This sissified, effeminate, flaming, rainbows-out-his-anus homosexual queer boy is just aching, praying, begging for the day when I can find out who the f*ck you are, find out where the f*ck you live and then have an up-close and personal encounter with you in which I will pick you up by the scruff of your stupid, closeted, pathetic neck and righteously kick your @$$ clear into next year.

  5. Donny says

    Idiots, the above post is from the deranged Little Kiwi posting as his obsession, Rick. IMHO, Kiwi is warped. He posts under at least 3 or 4 different names. And I am pretty convinced that he created “Rick” just to have a Satan-like figure against whom he can crusade.

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