Scott Lively Takes Aim At The ‘Dangerous Heresy’ Of Gay-Affirming Christians – VIDEO

Scott Lively has taken to promoting a brochure attacking gay-affirming Christians, even those who disagree with the religious right’s odd obsession with homosexuality but believe it to be a sin


Vile homophobe Scott Lively has taken to promoting a brochure attacking gay-affirming Christians, even those who disagree with the religious right’s odd obsession with homosexuality but believe it to be a sin, reports Right Wing Watch.

Lively is known for helping to spread anti-gay laws in Africa (an allegation he denies) and for his book The Pink Swastika, which blamed gay people for the rise of Nazi Germany.

The brochure, A Biblical answer to the question of homosexuality and the rise of “gay theology” in today’s church, is being promoted by Lively on BarbWire, the virulently homophobic website belonging to anti-gay wingnut Matt Barber.

LivelyIt includes 18 short interpretations of Bible passages that Lively says make his point that homosexuality is “the harbinger of God’s wrath.” It also states that:

  • “Not a single Biblical passage portrays homosexuality positively.”
  • “Condemnation of homosexuality predates the Mosaic code and is reaffirmed in the New Testament, so it bears no relation to the ban on ‘eating oysters’ or other supposedly ‘repealed laws of the Bible.”
  • “Jesus unequivocally condemned ALL sexual sin including homosexuality by affirming the ‘one flesh’ paradigm of Genesis.”

In the BarbWire post, Lively says the LGBT equality movement is pursuing a long-term “blueprint for supplanting Biblical morality with sexual anarchy — in essence, the overthrow of family-centered Christian civilization.”

He argues that the “one last barrier to ‘gay’ cultural hegemony remains: the Christian church. All of the battle-hardened ‘gay rights’ activists with all of their formidable resources are mobilized for an assault on Christianity itself under the hijacked rainbow banner of ‘Gay Theology. Indeed, the process has already begun, like the retreat of the tide before the tsunami.”

Lively also takes the time to sell his hatred for hard cash, referring to himself as “one of a small group of highly educated and experienced pro-family advocates available on a limited basis for speaking, seminars and Christian media interviews at”

And in case you missed it earlier this month, watch Lively's 'debate' with newly out Christian singer Vicky Beeching, AFTER THE JUMP… (the debate starts at the 5-minute mark, following a profile of Beeching.


  1. Russ says

    Why does Towelroad consistently give these haters a platform. Why not just relate that they’ve said something hateful, without full quotes & vids?

    This way, we can be aware, without wasting space on hate!

  2. Mikey says

    So by their own admission, these people are EXACTLY like the Taliban? Anyone who doesn’t adhere to the exact same beliefs as them is wrong and deserves to be punished?

    I think most level-headed Christians should be absolutely terrified at the prospect of these people getting into power. Because it won’t just be LGBT’s and other “social outcasts” who will come under the gun. This christ-taliban WILL come after the “non-conforming” Christians next!

    Doesn’t the New Testament somewhere say that evil will come clothed in robes of righteousness, or something? In other words, people will try to speak in god’s name, but in reality will be evil. If you ask me, that’s definitely one biblical prophecy that’s coming true (and I’m not really a believer).

  3. MikeKV says

    Unfortunately for Lively (and his ilk), “the church” is no barrier to equal rights. There’s this little document, which he and his kind like to trot out when it suits them, called The Constitution. See — it guarantees everyone freedom of religion (including freedom *from* religion). Laws based on religion simply cannot be enacted by congress.

    Guess he (and people like him) are S.O.L…

  4. ToThePoint says

    He continues to spew words that encourage and incite people to violence against our community and additionally, these “godly” words are killing our LGBT youth – emotionally and literally. When this vile, despicable, dishonest, dehumanizing, demoralizing, sick, wicked, evil and priggish *ss succumbs to life, there will be a celebration in the streets because this is a very, very dangerous sub-human capable of anything given his support of the Ugandan “Kill the gays bill”. If anyone wants me de*d just because I am gay, then what is good for the goose…….Back at you!

  5. Disgusted American says

    Lively is a criminal against any decent Human! Send him to Syria/Iraq to push his christianity….see how far it gets him.

  6. dc20008 says

    One can listen to the blathering of this fool, or one can listen to the words of Nelson Mandela.

    No brainer to me.

  7. ToThePoint says

    I would think he would be happy to leave evil gaymongering America and live happily every after under the Sharia law he obviously wants the world to adhere to. ISIS should welcome him with open arms. And that tells you everything you need to know about this sickness called extremist christianity.

  8. Gene says

    “The sins of the flesh are bad, but they are the least bad of all sins. All the worst pleasures are purely spiritual: the pleasure of putting other people in the wrong, of bossing and patronising and spoiling sport, and backbiting; the pleasures of power, of hatred. For there are two things inside me, competing with the human self which I must try to become. They are the Animal self, and the Diabolical self. The Diabolical self is the worse of the two. That is why a cold, self-righteous prig who goes regularly to church may be far nearer to hell than a prostitute.” – C.S. Lewis, in Mere Christianity

  9. woodroad34 says

    And so The Devil speaks. This fool is not an expert…he’s just a venal and anti-Christian loudmouth

  10. says

    I posit another angle:

    i was raised by gay-affirming Christians, and I’m still here.

    Rick Warren raised his son in a family of anti-gay Christians, and his youngest son blew his brains out.

    not a very polite way of saying it, by why sugar coat ugly reality?

    so, what was more dangerous? hate or affirmation?

  11. Alex Parrish says

    “He argues that the “one last barrier to ‘gay’ cultural hegemony remains: the Christian church.”

    Well, that’s good news because the Christian church is becoming increasingly irrelevant to the modern world. It no longer holds moral authority it once claimed, and fewer sheeple are surrendering their intellect to it. As soon as it is gone, the last vestiges of church-controlled hate will vanish with it.

    But, I’m not willing to wait for that, so I hope this guy is convicted and goes to rot in jail — preferably in Iraq.

  12. McMike says

    Not a single scripture?

    So David & Jonathan doesn’t count?

    Jesus referring to a gay man as having the best faith every doesn’t count?

    Jesus saying gay men are born that way doesn’t count?

    There’s a theory Christ might have been gay and it would be divine, if it’s true, to be at the Gates when Scott finally meets Peter.

  13. Dback says

    I’m an Episcopalian, born and raised, and my uncle was a priest. I try really, really hard to be tolerant and kind, but when someone asks my faith and I say “I’m an Episcopalian,” and then they have the effrontery to say, “Oh…so you’re not a REAL Christian” (meaning an intolerant, fire-and-brimestone fundy), I have a strong urge to take a baseball bat to their skull, and hope Jesus forgives me later.

  14. anon says

    It’s important to not try to argue with him about his interpretations of the bible. It’s up to him to prove the bible is at all relevant to discussions regarding social policy. The fact that multiple interpretations exist and many of the edicts of the bible are either impractical or unworkable should present a very high burden of proof.

  15. ToThePoint says

    The Anti-Christ has arrived and has taken the shape of Scott “I really love d*ck but too afraid to ask” Lively.

  16. RonCharles says

    The best way to combat this bigot is for religious gays who consider themselves to be Christians to seek out and support the very gay-affirming churches that he hates so much.

    They can choose from:

    The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

    The United Church of Christ

    The Presbyterian Church

    The Unitarian Universalist Church


    The Episcopal Church

  17. Bernie says

    oh yeah!! Mr. Lively is so brilliant and well educated that is why 99.99% of what he says is illogical, irrational, asinine, mean spirited and stupid dribble………..

  18. MaryM says

    All Christians are stupid.

    In fact anyone who believe in ‘god’ is making a concious choice to be stupid.

    Belief in ‘god’ is as dumb as belief in the tooth-fairy.

    There is no ‘god’.