Department Of Labor Announces Protections For Transgender Employees Of Federal Contractors – VIDEO

The Department of Labor has finally issued guidance to protect transgender employees of federal contractors from discrimination

Mia macy

The Department of Labor has finally issued guidance to protect transgender employees of federal contractors from discrimination, reports Buzzfeed.

The move comes after an April 2012 decision by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) supporting a claim for discrimination against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives filed by transgender woman Mia Macy.

The EEOC ruled in favor of Macy’s claim under the sex discrimination ban in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act because anti-transgender discrimination is a type of sex discrimination.

When Labor Secretary Tom Perez addressed the issue in February, he said that the issue was under review. However, it wasn’t until President Obama announced in June that he would be signing an executive order banning discrimination against LGBT employees of federally-funded organizations that Perez announced the Labor Department would be applying the Macy decision to the existing executive order.

The guidance was issued yesterday “[t]o clarify that existing agency guidance on discrimination on the basis of sex under Executive Order 11246, as amended, includes discrimination on the bases of gender identity and transgender status.”

Welcoming the decision, Sarah Warbelow, The Human Rights Campaign’s legal director, said:

“The Labor Department guidance issued today is a giant step toward ensuring American workers are judged based on the work they do, and never because of a fundamental aspect of who they are — like their gender identity.”

Watch a Center for American Progress profile of Mia Macy, AFTER THE JUMP…


  1. MaryM says

    Good for the trannies.

    But of what relevance is this to the LGB community.

    The LGB community and the trans community are 2 separate communities. We need to wish them well on their way and stop letting our civil rights campaign be bogged down by their gender identity issues.

    Drop the T.

  2. Andrew says

    The fact that trans activists believe this is so important only shows that they don’t really believe that they are covered by the 1964 Civil Rights Act. They made a lot of noise a few months ago when the EEOC made a ruling to that effect, but that agency ruling is not law and they knew it. But they nevertheless chose to pretend that it was a great victory. They are inveterate liars and will lie about anything and everything. Not to be trusted.

  3. Rowan says

    That video is deeply, deeply creepy. Look at the way it tries to mimic stereotypical female mannerisms. (I refer to this person as “it” since that is what they want to be called now, according to trans activist “Hex” at the University of Chicago.)

    Listen to the way its voice turns up at the end of each sentence like it is asking a question. It learned these stereotypes and then recapitulates them. It’s the living embodiment of misogyny. The idea that LGBs should be associated with the toxic brew of transgender is nauseating.

  4. Paul says

    Here we go again with the Transsexual agenda. I’m getting really irritated with this site pushing the tranny agenda. Wish they’d break away & form their own group rather than attaching themselves to us like a barnacle.

  5. crispy says

    “But of what relevance is this to the LGB community.”

    Ohfuckoff. You don’t speak for anyone but yourself. Trans issues may be very relevant to some members of the LGB community and perhaps not at all to others. It’s not your call to make.

    The Ice Bucket Challenge isn’t directly relevant to the LGB community, but no one complains about it like your single-minded obsession with trans people.

  6. MickyFlip says

    Rowan –

    I don’t know if I find this creepy, but there does seem to be an affectation of stereotypical femaleness. There’s this sort of valley girl parody that he’s doing. It reminds me of how Adam Sandler and David Spade used to play college girls on SNL back in the 90s. In general though, I agree that this phenomenon of transgenderism, which is probably multiple phenomena grouped together under one label, is a big unknown for most LGBs and it makes no sense for us to link ourselves to something we don’t even understand.

  7. Leanne says

    From The Piers Morgan Show, February 2014. Morgan interviews trans activist Janet Mock:

    JANET MOCK: Gay rights are not trans rights. Gay rights are not transgender rights. It’s true.

    PIERS MORGAN: I just came to try, I was about to say “transgender,” I was halfway through the word. . .

    JANET MOCK: But it has nothing to do with gay rights.

    PIERS MORGAN: Don’t interrupt me.

    JANET MOCK: Gay rights and trans rights are not the same thing.


    I agree with trans activist Janet Mock. Trans rights has nothing to do with gay rights. They are 2 different things.
    LGBT is a LIE.

  8. says

    Why would Towleroad drop the T? Besides the fact that many of us want to read trans-related posts, on every story like this, the usual assortment of transphobes appear and make comment after comment, click after click–all your whining has, if anything, put more T on Towleroad. Congrats, MaryM!

  9. Tyler says

    Fun fact: Leanne, Rowan and MaryM are all established aliases of Rick, this site’s infamous transphobic troll. His hatred of Trans women and effeminate gay men centers around his hatred of women. For the record, 3 out of 9 posts were made by Rick under three different names.

    Rick’s troll skills are fading with time. Because he makes it more and more obvious with each comment thread who his aliases are. What a loser.

  10. Derrick from Philly says

    @ TYLER,

    you’re correct.

    But there is one annoying factor, and that is that there is a commentator from Britain with the posting name “ROWAN”. He usually has some genuine progessive thoughts.

    It’s terrible that RICK uses this sickening tactic–using other folks posting names to post pure sh!t.

  11. Leanne says

    Sorry Tyler/Derrick (both of whom everyone knows is Kiwi) – I am not Rick. I don’t agree with his misogyny and sexism and have said so on numerous occasions. But, unlike you, I also oppose the misogyny and sexism of trans activists and especially their hegemonic impulse to co-opt the voices of women and LGBs.

  12. Tyler says

    Lol Rick/Leanne, you’ve never stood up against sexism or misogyny. Do you think we were born yesterday? As I already said, you’re an ESTABLISHED alias of Rick.

    You aren’t fooling anyone.

  13. Leanne says

    Be quiet, Tyler! You have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m not an alias of this Rick character. If anything, Rick is probably Little Canadian (aka Lil Kiwi). Rick and I just happen to be equally against this tranny nonsense.

    With regards to the video, notice how the disgusting “transwoman” is put first and foremost and is trying to seem presentable and normal. They crave attention and are aggressive when they don’t get it.

    BTW, this makes not one but 2 tranny posts on Towleroad in the last 2 hours. Andy Towle must be desperate for any trans content that doesn’t involve prostitution or murder.

  14. Tyler says

    “Leanne,” you said the exact same thing on that Laverne Cox/Conan story a couple of weeks ago. Rick, are you only capable of copy and pasting rants at this point. You’re. Such. A. Loser.

  15. Ben says


    lol. your right, there is a bit of David Spade in that vid. but it isnt when he played a college girl, it is more like the skit when he played one of those teen girls who work at the Gap. i guess this Macy guy saw girls act like that and decided that is how he is supposed to act if he wants people to think hes a girl.

  16. Tyler says


    lol. *You’re* an idiot. Funny how a knuckle-dragging bigot like you can’t even use English correctly. But without bitter queens like you the need for Trans equality wouldn’t be so obvious. So thanks for being yourself (a clown and a piece of garbage).