Donatella Versace Accepts the Ice Bucket Challenge: VIDEO


Fashion designer Donatella Versace is the latest celebrity to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, challenging Pedro Almodovar, Pharrell, and Prince to do the same. Two blinged-out shirtless Versace models did the honors.

Donations raised for the ALS Association charity, which benefits care and research to fight the progressive neurodegenerative disease also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease, have reached an astonishing $88.5 million.



  1. gr8guya says

    Cold water. Hot guys.

    By the way, I am waiting for the Wicked Witch of the West to
    take the bucket challenge. “I’m melting…I’m melting….”

  2. JohnAGJ says

    Cute guys and a worthy cause, but… Sad really, in trying to fight age she’s actually made her looks far worse than what the ravages of time normally does. Ugh.

  3. throwslikeagirl says

    The camp factor with this one is out of control. Hee-larious! Peace out, girl scout.

  4. BobN says

    All my female relatives are Italian. Some of them speak English with a heavy Italian accent and they smoke. She sounds pretty normal to me.

  5. marc says

    I agree. She is Italian and speaks with a very heavy accent like alot of Italian people living in Italy do.
    She also smokes ALOT so her voice is pretty normal for her Robert.

  6. SpaceCadet says

    I thought this was going to be an SNL skit! Hahaha. She’s got great hair at least! Not to mention vast wealth, celebrity, and a legendary successful company.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “To those of you who say that trannies never do charity, here’s proof that they do.”

    Nope. Not Tyler.

  8. james street james says

    …just another August afternoon in Versace land.

    “Umberto, Angelo help me warm up, come closer, never mind a towel, rub my goose bumps away… ah, the things I do for charity!”

  9. tinkerbelle says

    Bet her cujones just went right up there the moment the ice hit her. She probably thinks this is a great anti-aging treat.

  10. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, I’m not quite sure what to say about Ms Donatella.

    If you aint pretty…well, you’re lucky to have hundreds of millions of dollars.

    That’s Life!!!

  11. boynextdoor says

    Seriously, I haven’t seen Ms. V. recently, and I thought that was Scott Thompson doing a parody until I read the comments.

  12. Tyler says

    Rick waits until I start my shift to post transphobic comments under my name. What a class act.

    Rick, I’m gonna troll hunt you until you disappear. So keep at it.