Florida Pastor Sticks By Decision Canceling Man’s Funeral Because He Was Gay: VIDEO

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The Tampa pastor who created a firestorm last week after it was revealed he had canceled a man’s funeral after discovering the man was gay and married isn’t backing away from his actions, saying that the ‘trials’ his church is facing in the public eye have “come to make us stronger.”

Florida station WTSP went to New Hope Missionary Baptist Church service on Sunday to ask Rev. T.W. Jenkins about what happened. The station was initially not allowed into the building, but were permitted to enter at a later time. In the video, Jenkins can bee seen talking about his family’s well-being and thanking his congregation for their prayers.

“My family is doing fine,” he said to claps from the audience. “Church family please remain focused and prayerful … and we will continue to stand on the word of God.”

The Reverend and church’s concern for the family of the gay man? Not so much..

Watch WTSP’s reports, AFTER THE JUMP…(warning: autoplay)



  1. says

    typical selfish response.

    a family expresses a galling lack of humanity from an outlet that should be there to AID THEM during their time of sadness and mourning – and the people responsible for inflicting pain and emotional hurt on them end up saying “we the haters are doing just fine, thanks for all your prayers that you sent to us in this trying time when we’re being criticized for showing hatred in a time of another’s family’s pain”

    what a hideous man, with a hideous family and a heinous congregation.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Big ol’ vicious closet queen.

    (sigh) well, this AINT nothin’ new throughout evangelical Christendome (did I spell that right?)

  3. says

    i’m just sick of their selfish mentality. it’s amazing how they only care about themselves. rob portman – the GOP senator who, two years after his son came out, decided that he would support marriage equality. then goes on and on about how “it’s going to make his career as a republican politician more difficult”

    no real consideration as to how his career as a republican politician has, you know, made life more difficult for his son and the millions of other LGBT people.

    a family loses a son. where’s the grace? where’s the love? where’s the approach Christ, scripturally, is supposed to implore people to take? it’s not there. this church is just about hate. and, likely, filling this bigot’s pockets.

  4. Chadd says

    Dead people are not gay or straight. They’re dead. This conman isn’t even a good minister in his own world because if he had the funeral in his church, he could have used the opportunity to preach his stupidity to a captive audience that would not normally have attended his church. So fail by societal standards and fail within the realms of his own beliefs. Idiot.

  5. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “at their own church”. The news reporter got that part wrong. Neither the men nor the mother were members of this church. Her own pastor had agreed to conduct the funeral, but her church was not big enough, so that’s when they approached New Hope Miscreants Baptist Church. It’s not just this minister, but the congregation who are Miscreants for Christ. It was members of the congregation who saw the obituary and told the minister they didn’t want the funeral in their church.

  6. Me says

    @Dastius…you need to show proof of this..just because you say/writ it does not mean is true…

    BTW that pastor looks so angry and miserable that’s religion for you…

  7. Frogview says

    The patrons on this church should find another church who teaches love for all of gods children. (If you believe in that sort of thing)

  8. Dastius Krazitauc says


    [After Evans’ tragic death, his mother asked her pastor to preach the funeral service. He said he would, but that his church was not spacious enough to accommodate the hundreds of loved ones from across the country who were expected to attend. So they asked New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, which has larger facilities, for permission to hold Evans’ funeral there.

    The church agreed and the date was set… but the publication of Evans’ obituary in the local paper changed everything.

    Evans’ obituary listed Capers as his husband — because, of course, he was. But when New Hope parishioners saw that their church would be hosting the funeral of a married gay man, they called Pastor T.W. Jenkins to complain.


  9. Vint says

    @Little Kiwi – exactly my first thought: “*My* family is doing fine”!!! Who asked him about *his* family?!

    That, and what a very very large and sadly tax-free building he’s using to further his bigotry.

  10. Derrick from Philly says


    thank you so much for your follow-up on this story and what actually happened.


  11. SeattleMike says

    “Continue to stand on the word of God,” huh? If you’re a Christian, you must believe that Jesus Christ is the Word of God:

    “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.” John 1:14.

    Jesus’s entire life was example after example of compassion showed to those who were rejected by others. What this pastor and this “church” did was as far from the Word of God as you could possibly get.

    No wonder so many people have come to reject Christianity.

  12. HadenoughBS says

    So much for the “Nope Baptist Church” espousing a true Christ-like accommodation of the deceased’s family. Neither the pastor nor the church are really Christian; however, they are Baptist and big believers in the Old Testament which was written by mortal men in ancient times and with each Old AND New Testament book’s acceptance an Biblical inclusion then decided on by various religious groups. The Bible was NOT written by God.

  13. Steve says

    That doesn’t strengthen the church’s case at all. So there were asked to rent out their space. That’s it. Nobody there had to participate in any ceremony. It was a simple business transaction without any religious significance whatsoever.

  14. sy says

    Religion does not make us better human beings. It does not make our world a better place. Incidents like this and others much more serious and with graver consequences have proven that time and time again.

  15. simon says

    “Biblical inclusion then decided on by various religious groups. The Bible was NOT written by God.”
    In the Old Testament, there is no inclusion. It is the “words of god” spoken to a particular race. Their god is a self-righteous and vengeful SOB.
    Not only was it not written by “god”, the Gospels were written by some charlatans who got most the things wrong.

  16. rickky says

    Gosh, this pastor, it seems to me, is quite mentally ill. His family needs to seek professional psychiatric counseling and treatment for him. Pity the poor people in his congregation. Well, anyway, he’s gotten his self in the national spotlight to gain attention.

  17. rickky says

    Oh, one more thing about pastor: It would be so nice, if he has children, to hear from them, “Dad, mom, I am gay”. Wonder if they would continue to love them as before after they revealed this news to him?

  18. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “Not only was it not written by “god”, the Gospels were written by some charlatans who got most the things wrong”.

    And half of the New Testament was written by a zealot claiming to speak for God. Paul was the first in a long line that includes Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and Franklin Graham.

  19. Me says

    @ DASTIUS KRAZITAUC thanx…and my apologies if I’d seem rude..

    we just get a lot of this commentators saying stuff without giving a link or whatnot..

    I’ve been reading a lot about this and that article is the first that i know of that mentions this..


  20. Bill says

    @Dastius Krazitauc : at least Paul didn’t have a TV show.

    One look at the video, though, specifically the “pastor”, and it will be clear why they give “sins” such as gluttony a pass.

  21. Tigernan says

    Just got to love a group of people who applaud themselves for excluding someone. There are times I wonder why black people don’t get the irony. Having said that – the body is a lump of flesh, it doesn’t need the dancing around of a holy man to get it into the ground.

  22. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “There are times I wonder why black people don’t get the irony.”

    Do you, Miss Ann? Anti-Gay hatred and anti-Black racism. Both are all over the place, Miss Ann.

    And will you please correct your posting name. Isn’t it supposed to be “TigerMan”?

  23. says

    I’m sure they don’t let any sinners have a funeral there. I’m sure they’ve never allowed a funeral for people who’ve been divorced, or adulterers, or convicted criminals, or anyone else who has ever sinned according to the tenets of their faith.

  24. simon says

    “half of the New Testament was written by a zealot claiming to speak for God. Paul was the first”
    That part was also the words of a Charlatan. The Acts were written by the anonymous author of the Gospel of Luke. Surprisingly, the two Lukes can’t agree on whether Jesus ever existed on Earth.

  25. mike in nyc says

    one look says it all: the Jim Jones shades, the corpulent overfed body, the shameless narcissism “my family is doing fine….”

    He looks like a typically corrupt over-ripe Third World despot.

    How much farther from Jesus could this fat miscreant be??

  26. The Milkman says

    It’s typical christianist holier-than-thou meanness. Christ said nothing about homosexuality, but he said plenty about hospitality, loving your neighbor, and treating others the way you’d want to be treated. Of course, one needn’t be christian to live those ideals. In fact, it may be easier to live with kindness, love, and respect if you stay as far away from churches as you possibly can.

  27. jamal49 says

    Dastius, that is an interesting clarification about this story. Although it doesn’t necessarily excuse the pastor’s nor the congregation’s bigotry, it does make it more like an attempt by the family to pick a fight where none was necessary.

  28. Perr says

    JAMAL49, I would have been in agreement with you had you only said “…it doesn’t excuse the pastor’s nor the congregation’s bigotry.”

    You honestly think this looks like “..an attempt by the family to pick a fight where none was necessary”?
    You think the family used their dead relative as some kind of Trojan horse or token to pick a fight with an anti-gay baptist church?
    You don’t think they just wanted a venue that would allow everyone to gather and perform the necessary rituals for the dead?

    Do you also think that gays and their families are just ‘picking unnecessary fights’ when they try to enter restaurants, or public pools, or get their taxes filed, or whatever it is lately that bigots are refusing to do for gays?

  29. Rowan says

    Jamal49, thank god you are no friend of mine or/and I don’t know people like you in my life.

    Give me the creeps Jamal.

  30. ToThePoint says

    They will stand by their personal judgment, he means. He is one of the one’s perpetrating hate, judgment and bigotry from the pulpit to unsuspecting congregates that believe his interpretation without challenge. So sad to be a religious puppet with pastors pulling the strings. Religion = hate. Religion =violence. Religion = war.

  31. Bill says

    @jamal49 : no it doesn’t look like the deceased’s family wanted to “pick a fight”. The claim was the the church’s pastor reneged on the agreement when his parishioners saw a funeral announcement in a newspaper. Almost certainly people going to the funeral had been notified of where and when it would take place.

    The pastor and/or his church deserve to be sued for damages – not for their religious beliefs but for breach of contract. Damages include the hassle of trying to notify everyone that the funeral would be held elsewhere and any hotel bills due to having to stay longer for it to happen, plus of course airline fees for changing one’s flight. And that is only including things on which you can objectively place a dollar amount.

    The right thing to do would have been to allow the funeral to take place. The pastor should have told his homophobic congregation that it was too late to change the location. He can promise to do more checking in future cases before renting out or providing the church for other funerals, but what he actually did is inexcusable.

  32. StudioTodd says

    Isn’t it interesting that the “pastor” disallowed the funeral in order to make a point about his church’s views on gay people, yet he refuses to speak to any media to justify his actions?

    If what he did was right and justifiable, why is he so afraid to be questioned about it?

    What a coward.

  33. Bill says

    To put the question of whether a church should allow a funeral in perspective, read http://www.charismanews.com/world/40008-italian-bishop-denies-church-funerals-for-mafia – it seems an archbishop in Sicily has denied mobsters funerals in Catholic churches that report to him.
    One critical point in this article:

    “Churches in the Diocese of Acireale will refuse to celebrate funerals for mobsters who have been convicted with a final sentence in Italy’s three-tier court system, and who have shown no sign of repentance before death, according to the decree.”

    The rules were announced in advance. They are not accepting funeral arrangements and then pulling the rug out from under a mobster’s family. So, the Catholic Church is actually being more fair to the families of gangsters than this creepy pastor is being to a gay man’s family.

  34. simon says

    How about the atrocities the Catholic Church perpetuated throughout the ages? If they were honest, they can’t even bury some of their Popes. May be the only difference is that they were never convicted other than some weak apologies by John Paul II.

  35. *****overTX says

    The pastor’s face certainly does not display any of the joy of being a Christian. He seems to have a permanent scowl on his supposedly Christian countenance.

  36. Bernie says

    This kind of behavior is NOT Christian or loving by any stretch of the imagination……..what a bunch of bull……the trials in the face of the public…….yeah, being a homophobe…..

  37. simon says

    Sometimes it is confusing what is christian and what is not christian. You mean the whole hierarchy of the Catholic Church is unchristian? The SF drunk archbishop and the New York Archbishop. Are they Christians? I would say precisely because they are Christians that they have such hateful mindset. Their teachings demand it. It is put black and white in their catechism.

  38. Bill says

    @Simon : as it turns out, it is kind of pointless to try to undo a funeral service, particularly when all the people who attended are already 6 feet under. So the Borgia popes are safe. Besides, nobody is going to mess with Pope Alexander VI given that his daughter was Lucrezia Borgia: she might temporarily resurrect herself and take you out for cocktails. If the real Lucrezia can’t make an appearance, we’ll swap in Renee Fleming.

    Check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKhahYCbNv4 and see what her “cocktails” do to people at the end (but one word of warning – you’ll be sorry if you didn’t see the whole performance live).