Fourth Florida Judge Declares State’s Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

FloridaA judge in south Florida has become the fourth in recent week's to strike down the state's ban on gay marriage, in an inheritance case, Reuters reports:

Frank Bangor, who lived in Pennsylvania before his death in March, left his estate to the man that he married in Delaware. This included property in south Florida's Palm Beach County.

In finding the same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional, Circuit Court Judge Diana Lewis limited her ruling to the specific circumstances involved in the probate case.

The ruling did not include an order for Palm Beach County officials to begin issuing marriage licenses, according to Equality Florida, a gay rights advocacy organization.


  1. EO says

    FOUR judges is still not enough! More appeals! More time and money wasted! Take it to the Supreme Court! More stays, more delays, more motions filed! Jebus help us!

  2. RonCharles says

    The best outcome for these cases would be for them to go to the Florida Supreme Court and for that court to rule in favour of gay marriage. To date, no federal court has overruled a state supreme court’s decision to decree marriage equality. The more states that already have gay marriage when the final case does reach the US Supreme court, the more likely that court will be to rule for it for the entire nation.

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