Pastor John Hagee: ‘Counterfeit Christians’ Supporting LGBT Rights Are America’s Biggest Threat: VIDEO

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For televangelist John Hagee the biggest threat facing Americans today are those “counterfeit Christians” whom, amongst other things, either endorse womens’ open access to abortions or support LGBT rights to marriage. Hagee, known for founding San Antinio’s Cornerstone Megachurch, has made a name for himself  through John Hagee Ministries, his series of radio and television ministries that are broadcast to over 150 million households in North America.

“Those of you who got on national television and endorsed homosexual lifestyle because the president did so, you are a counterfeit Christian, you are a moral coward, you are a hireling shepherd,” Hagee said, condemning the increasing number of pastors that are accepting of homosexuality. “Shame on you.”

Watch video of his rant AFTER THE JUMP

[via Right Wing Watch]



  1. Rad says

    I see wing-nut hatred and vitriol is up 3000%.

    Welcome to the dog-days of summer when there is nothing else for people to focus on.

  2. Mark says

    I am sorry but this holier than thou jackass is the #1 counterfeit Christian if he can cay that he is sin free. NOT POSSIBLE FAT ASS!!! Did he read that “judge not that ye be not judged” and that whosoever believes in Jesus will be saved. (Whosever includes GLBT) I guess he and the rest of the sinners in that audience have some’splaining to do to God.

  3. tinkerbelle says

    As this… words cannot describe… thing is obviously the product of an abortion, maybe he knows of what he speaks. Not.

  4. 1♥ says

    Christian’s don’t lie? The Bible is a lie.
    Of course, if anyone quesions the Bible for factual historical data the Christian’s will produce some more wordsmithing to prove the Bible’s wordsmithing. They have NO facts.

    Christian’s have NO moral authority, The Christian and the Muslim religions are the opposite of a faith in a loving God.

  5. spg says

    Why is this news? Why does this site have an obsession over these types of news stories? Are there no real special interest stories out there? Seriously

  6. Merv says

    He’s right about pro-gay Christians being counterfeit. Have they never read the Bible? It’s full of hate.

  7. woodroad34 says

    As Calvin would proclaim: “Opposite Day! Anything said is the exact opposite”….in this fool’s and Uganda’s case it’s a lifetime of opposites.

  8. Mike in Texas says

    He’s still pissed because his minions were unable to stop the San Antonio Nondiscrimination Ordinance.

  9. Jim in TO says

    “broadcast to over 150 million households in North America”? There are not 150 million households in NA and I doubt if more than a very small percentage actually watch his show!

  10. gregory brown says

    The ancient ideas of Physiognomy are usually dismissed as unscientific. Nonetheless, the proposition that someone’s inner character is revealed by the outer appearance seems to be accurate in the case of Hagee and just about any hateful, bigoted, pompous, manipulative denagogish Theocrat, racist or self-righteous crook I have seen. This man is a pus bag of vile excretions pretending to represent a system of beliefs that has plenty of nastiness hanging on to it but still retains kernels of love and compassion.

  11. Profe Sancho Panza says

    I think this is significant. Once the more conservative Christian denominations start attacking LGBT-accepting churches as “not Christian”, then this aspect of the larger debate changes: opposition to LGBT acceptance becomes seen as a matter of sectarian squabbling, and the whole “Christianity vs. secularism” narrative crumbles.

  12. Brendan says

    What would this gluttonous Protestant bigot know about true Christianity? He’s about the furthest thing from a true follower of Christ than anything I can think of.

  13. mike in nyc says

    superstition is never a good thing.

    anyone who needs a make believe sky god,
    really needs an intervention.

  14. john patrick says

    Well, this comes from a preacher who said the Catholic Church is the whore of Babylon. Yet the leaders of the Catholic Church are among the biggest enemies of LGBT people.

  15. simon says

    Unless he is a Catholic, he has no right to claim he himself is a “real” Christian. Christians also need to evolve with the society to stay relevant. Soon he will be in the minority.

  16. Mike says

    That this super phony, money grubbing, nonsense peddling, dogmatic idiot, cheerleader for ALL things Chri$tian EXCEPT Christ, and yes bloated toad has the audacity to call anyone ELSE “counterfeit” is totally laughable . . .


    Look closely at the video, for once the vast majority of his mentally challenged hard core and usually marionette like supporters did not applaud and shriek together as one. The script called for that. Listening to this bombastic charlatan instead the vast majority sat stunned. Could it be that this proselytizing Emperor of “Christian” Hate has no clothes? Yes.

  17. woody says

    Most people would find this video abhorrent. His message, his tone, his obvious wealth, his eagerness to condemn–all turn offs for the majority of people. So, let him talk ’til his head explodes. This nonsense helps our case.

  18. thom says

    I used to work in the travel industry and one of our biggest accounts was the Hagee Ministeries.This troll took hundreds of “Christian’s to the “Holy Land” on a regular basis. He was a bully and an egomaniac to deal with. If his “henchmen’ who made the arrangements for the trips couldn’t get what they wanted, he would step in…He was totally unpleasant to work with and he seemed to believe that we had to bow down to him for all the business he gave our agency. He demanded the lowest airfares imaginable for his “flocks” reducing what little profit the agency or the airline they were using to almost nothing…a ton of work and no fair payoff for it. He demanded first class seats for himself and his close associates. He didn’t want to pay, he wanted us to intercede and plead with the airline for this “perk”…again no profit whatsoever for us nor the airline. He is a sham and a troll of a person. He is an egomaniac and he is a glutton (just look at him)…Did you also notice the bowls laid out strategically around the auditorium?…placed just so that the cash would be filling them in when his hate service was over. He is a money-grubber and a charlatan and those in his audience who stood and clapped and cheered wildly are the most dangerous people walking around today..he keeps them frothed up so they dig a little deeper into their pockets to “donate”..Counterfeit Christian?” Really Hagee? I know one when I see one.And he is one.

  19. Bill says

    When these Christians read about Jesus telling a rich guy to sell all he has and give to the poor, they must have added an exception for the contents of the refrigerator(s).

    Why are so many of these homophobes morbidly obese?

  20. Niic says

    How ironic. John Hagee calls gay supporting Christians “counterfeit Christians”. Funny how all of these highly influential Christian leaders who brainwash Christians into hating gays… Hagee, most of the other mainstream preachers, the popes, etc. are all SATANISTS!!

    Google Hagee’s name and ‘flashing the horned hand’. As well as the rest of today’s “Christian” leaders and ‘horned hand’. You are all being deceived. They know that the vast majority of Christians are too lazy to read the Bible so they can twist Scripture and brainwash you into believing whatever they’d like. Jesus’s only 2 commandments.. “love God with all thy heart, and love thy neighbor as yourself. On these 2 commandments hang ALL the law”. Thanks to modern-day Christendom’s leadership, who are all Satanists, most Christians have broken 1 of Jesus’s only 2 commandments as well as turned themselves into hypocrites, sinners judging “sinners”.

    So the real threat to America is its religious leadership, like this spawn of Satan, the true counterfeit Christian.