Prancers Everywhere Cheer As ‘Prancercise’ Guru Joanna Rohrback Returns With New Video: WATCH


Joanna Rohrback is, well, back, and bigger than ever! The slim, inventive “fitness guru” who created Prancercise, a truly unique workout, has clearly upped her budget for a new video showcasing how you and a partner can prance your way to a happier, healthier life. With sweeping vistas and a bunch of real horses, Joanna has come a long way since her original appearance on the web. 

Go on a fun, rhyming journey with Joanna and friend; you’re sure to find it a fulfilling experience. As Ms. Rohrback says: “Why settle for mediocrity, when you can Prancercise your way into ecstasy?”

Check the equine activity out, AFTER THE JUMP


  1. parkrunner says

    When I was a kid, we used to herd cattle with this same little dance. Well, I did. My brothers probably didn’t dance; they just whooped and waved their arms. I outgrew the dance, but I still love jumping on fresh cow pies with my boots. It always cracks me up.

  2. emjayay says

    Most annoying voice on earth, exercise ideas so absurdly stupid it’s beyond a parody of well, something.

    Why is this here? Sort of a so-bad-it’s-good sort of thing?

  3. tinkerbelle says

    I love Joanna (for her free spirit) but it looks to me like if you followed this “routine” religiously, you would have one side of your lower body developed, so to speak, and the other side more or less atrophied—unless you consciously moved your left brain to your right. Maybe this could be her next project.

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