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Out YouTube Sensation Troye Sivan Releases His 'Happy Little Pill': VIDEO


Troye Sivan, who played young Wolverine in X-Men Origins and since coming out of the closet a year ago has continued to build a massive following on his popular YouTube channel, stirred up a sensation earlier this summer when he released his first single, a pulsing piece of electronic pop called "Happy Little Pill".

OwlSivan's followers have been eagerly anticipating the video to the single which Sivan just released. "Happy Little Pill" sits at the top of Billboard's "Trending 140" chart as of this posting.

Said Sivan on his Tumblr in a note accompanying the release of the clip:

Hiiiiiii guys!!
i’m soooo excited to be able to share with you the Happy Little Pill music videooooo! hope you punks like it and share it with your mates and make gifs of the radical owl. Making this video perfectly represent the song and it’s message was super important to me, and i hope you guys connect with it as much as i do. Also there is a hot boy in it playing soccer. enjoy!!

He has previously said of the track:

"It’s about loneliness and the different ways that people cope with the things that are going on in their lives."

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

If you missed Sivan's coming out clip a year ago, check it out here.


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  1. A pretty sad "happy" song.

    Posted by: Andy | Aug 12, 2014 9:32:12 AM

  2. Wow, really nice voice and great video... it's a little dark but that's not a bad thing

    Posted by: Rontex | Aug 12, 2014 9:40:37 AM

  3. Ahh - I downloaded this song a few weeks ago. Had no idea he is gay and out - good for him! And it's a good song, too.

    Posted by: reality | Aug 12, 2014 9:44:52 AM

  4. Well, at least some of these guys that are famous on internet are doing something creative (instead of getting attention for shouting homophobic slurs).
    Troye (or Shawn Mendes) have an audience, and they take profit of it releasing their music.
    And the guy has really a nice voice

    Posted by: jjose712 | Aug 12, 2014 9:55:13 AM

  5. Is there any rule that openly gay artists need to show a straight couple making out in their music videos?

    Posted by: Lefil | Aug 12, 2014 10:22:22 AM

  6. He also starred in the film trilogy "Spud" playing the leading role.

    Posted by: Bollox | Aug 12, 2014 10:44:04 AM

  7. More him, less the other gay "artists" often featured here who rely more on their looks and less on their talent.

    Posted by: Logan | Aug 12, 2014 10:55:28 AM

  8. this kid is a brave, shining beacon of hope.

    artistry, vision, purpose, integrity. yes, more of him, please. young folks like him are helping inspire so many other young people all over the world. make no mistake - what he's doing, simply by being and being VISIBLE, has a profound impact.

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Aug 12, 2014 10:59:21 AM

  9. I have followed Troye for quite awhile now and I am very proud of all that he has accomplished. Now, let's see him do a duet with Adele!

    Posted by: Phoenix Justice | Aug 12, 2014 11:13:38 AM

  10. I really like the song. The video is good too but the couple making out in it is random and I don't really want to see it. It makes me wonder if industry bosses said: "Throw a straight couple in there kissing"

    Posted by: Dana | Aug 12, 2014 11:32:28 AM

    He is gay. Yet he has made a music video about a straight couple. That makes him a sellout. You never see a straight male pop singer making a music video that is not only very gay but also sexually explicit. It's just sad that he has proven that openly gay artists have to show heterosexuallove to being marketable.

    Posted by: Lefil | Aug 12, 2014 11:33:32 AM

  12. openly gay youth makes video. closeted adults criticize it. hilarity ensues.

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Aug 12, 2014 11:52:29 AM

  13. There's also a barn owl. What a sellout to the raptor community!

    Posted by: crispy | Aug 12, 2014 11:56:38 AM

    I'm not closeted at all. Please tell me why openly gay youth like him can't make a music video about a gay relationship, If his music comes from his heart then his music videos should reflect it. It's about Integrity.

    Posted by: Lefil | Aug 12, 2014 11:58:05 AM

  15. quit kvetching about the straight couple, it fits the theme of the song. Some people deal by isolating themselves (ie: Troye in the hotel room), some throw themselves into sports (soccer player) some deal by losing themselves into another person (the lovers).

    Posted by: jexerer | Aug 12, 2014 12:08:39 PM

  16. @JEXERER
    Are you saying that a gay couple doesn't fit the theme of the song? Why?

    Posted by: Lefil | Aug 12, 2014 12:22:09 PM

  17. Lefil - your faux outrage would be cute were it not coming from some geezer.

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Aug 12, 2014 12:39:01 PM

  18. Straight male pop artists naturally make every video about a straight theme. So sad that so many gay artists don't acknowledge their sexual identity and their relationships the same way straight artists are doing that all the time. No wonder, so many gay teenagers are still having so many and so severe problems, with such an extreme lack of self-conscious, young gay role models. 

    Posted by: Lefil | Aug 12, 2014 12:56:45 PM

  19. He's Out, and young, and so far you're just an anonymous complainer on an online forum, "lefil"

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Aug 12, 2014 1:02:50 PM

    We are all anonymous here. So what? I have the right to express my opinion about his music video. I'm just dissapointed that an out, young gay aritsts like him can't make a music video about a gay relationship,

    Posted by: Lefil | Aug 12, 2014 1:19:32 PM

  21. I've been disappointed with him ever since I emailed him my naked photos, and he wrote back, "That's the tiniest cock I've ever seen. LMAO" So now I lash out every time I see him on the Internet.

    Posted by: Lefil | Aug 12, 2014 1:32:13 PM

  22. @LEFIL | AUG 12, 2014 1:32:13 PM
    You are a stupid fangirl. Don't get so buttburt just because I don't like his music video.

    Posted by: Lefil | Aug 12, 2014 1:38:58 PM

  23. Crispy's comment is the best here so far! ... Good luck to Troye Sivan with his career. His success as a young gay artist will help pave the way for others who follow. Also, just his being out and openly gay, and his being so appealing, helps improve public attitudes toward gays, and that advances all gay rights.

    Posted by: RonCharles | Aug 12, 2014 1:42:29 PM

  24. I had never heard of him until he came out. At that point, I learned that he has a devoted following. He is not a major superstar celeb, but his fan base is impressive. It is probably 85% heterosexual girls, 10% gays and maybe 5% straight guys. He starred in a movie called "Spud" with John Cleese. He is a talented young man, good acting and singing skills and a very lovely, positive personality.

    I think he is a a great example for gay youth. On his vlog, he talks about the things that normal, happy young people talk about - music, social media, family, crushes, etc. When he talks about being gay, it is in the context of talking about guys he likes, not in the context of a "problem" or an "issue." He doesn't do drugs. He doesn't waste his life on Grindr or pursuing loveless sex. He's a romantic and he pursues love. And he has never once degraded himself by calling himself queer. All in all, I love this guy.

    Posted by: Joshua | Aug 12, 2014 2:32:56 PM

  25. Lefil -

    This isn't a love song. I believe this song is about a straight friend of his, a guy named Connor, who suffers from bouts of depression. So the guy in the pool making out with the girl would be his friend. Beyond that, the record label has total control over the production of the video. This is Sivan's first record contract and he would have no power to dictate any element of the video. And since the label knows that the Sivan's demographic is overwhelmingly straight girls, you can be sure that it insisted on having a girl in the video in some fashion consistent with the song.

    BTW, I respect Troye for writing all the music on the album and for tackling different subjects and themes.

    Posted by: Joshua | Aug 12, 2014 2:41:16 PM

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