The Right-Wing’s Attacks On Michelle Obama’s Appearance: VIDEO

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Because when you can't legitimately attack someone's stances or methods, you might as well go straight for the ad hominems and attack someone's physical appearance.

Unable to come up with cogent arguments as to why, precisely, Michelle Obama's promotion of healthy eating is a bad thing beyond the fact that they simply don't like being told what to do, right wing talking heads are taking pot shots at her figure. Such thoughtful observations include:

  • The problem is – and dare I say this? – it doesn't look like Michelle Obama follows her own dietary advice.
  • The meal [Michelle Obama ordered] was over 1500 calories, roughly the equivalent of eating a live raccoon.
  • And how well can she be eating? She needs to drop a few.
  • Every time I look at Michelle – or "Michael" – Obama, the First Lady, or the First Tranny…

Compassionate conservatism at its absolute finest. You can listen to the intellectual giants of the right, all of whom surely have the physical fitness of a 22-year-old track star and bodies of the Greek Pantheon itself, speak for themselves AFTER THE JUMP…