Sen. Ted Cruz Headlining Hate Conference Hosted By Extremist Anti-Gay Group This Weekend: VIDEO


Does Sen. Ted Cruz believe AIDS is God's punishment for being gay?

Does Cruz believe that government should regulate homosexuality and that public schools are using anti-bullying laws to indoctriinate children into homosexuality?

Does Cruz believe that we need more hate and less tolerance in the world?

If not, perhaps Cruz should explain why he's headlining a legislative conference in Dallas this weekend hosted by a group whose founder has said each and every one of those things.

Cruz, along with another potential 2016 GOP presidential candidate, Gov. Bobby Jindal, is scheduled to keynote the Wallbuilders ProFamily Legislators Conference, which "provides an opportunity for conservative pro-family State legislators from across the United States to come together for an insightful briefing session with leading experts in a variety of fields that touch many of the most crucial areas of public service."

Wallbuilders is led by founder David Barton, who in addition to anti-LGBT extremism is best known for a total lack for credibility. From the Southern Poverty Law Center:

BartonDavid Barton’s ascendant star as a self-taught “historian” and influential leader of the evangelical far right crashed in a storm of ridicule when the world’s largest Christian publisher recalled Barton’s 2012 book, The Jefferson Lies, for too many serious whoppers — the kind of gross factual mistakes that are a death knell for any real historian. …

Barton still retains some influence, but only in the most extreme and uneducated segments of the Christian Right. Virtually all serious conservatives have repudiated him, and his chances of making a comeback seem remote, to be kind, although he sounds just as glib and sure as himself as ever.

Apparently, "the most extreme and uneducated segments of the Christian Right" include two potential GOP presidential candidates.

Cruz made headlines this week when he called net neutrality "Obamacare for the Internet" and railed against government regulations to enforce it.

Maybe someone in the mainstream media should ask Cruz whether he believes, like Barton, that government should regulate homosexuality. 

After all, Grindr is probably nothing but Obamacare for Cruz's iPhone.

Watch a promo for the upcoming hate summit, AFTER THE JUMP…





  1. Here's the thing says

    Cruz is a Dominionist ideologue ready to accept and perpetuate any obvious lie or misappropriation of fact as long as it fits his narrative.

    Calling Barton an historian is a great stretch. He’s a revisionist. Any other period of time in civilization when facts mattered and science wasn’t a political tool would have seen him dismissed as such with ridicule.

  2. You built this says

    Like McCarthy before him his witch hunt will slowly unravel until the despot beneath the facade is revealed. It always does and it will with Cruz. His arrogance will be his downfall. Given enough rope he’ll hang himself or drown in his own pool of self-importance.

  3. moses says

    Hi John,

    Keep up the good work.

    If it was up to Cruz the government would not be sanctioning any marriage in a country where all are supposed to be treated equally under the law.

    But I totally empathize with the plight of the homosexuals. I ignore that there is no gay gene nor biological difference and promoting trans is akin to promoting mental illness-like Cruz and other libertarians every single one believes-all citizens should be treated equally under the law. No different than an assault is an assault whether it is because the attacker hated someone for their bad breath or their sexual orientation.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Anon says

    @GROAN You’re a monster. No – You’re a stupid monster.

    “The hate all comes from your side. Trying to save people from sin is not hate. It is the opposite.” In fact, ALL of the hate comes from YOUR SIDE; all the aggression: passive, active, direct, indirect. The resentment (bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly) comes from us, and it’s not going away because your side doesn’t cease and desist.
    “Sin” is not a relevant word to relate to gays. It is UNETHICAL to refer to homosexuality as a sin; check your prejudices and stop cramming your religious bigotry down gay people’s throats.

    Indeed, you are the opposite of what you think you are.

  5. simon says

    What sin? Are you too stupid to understand there are other religions and people of no religion not covered by your “sin”? You are lucky to live in a world that is more lenient towards your kind. You could have been put away in a mental institute or worse fed to the lions.

  6. Bernie says

    There is little question that Mr. Cruz’s beliefs about gay people is far to the right and that he blows a lot of hot air rhetoric, but his behavior during the government shut down last year demonstrates his impulsive and irresponsible thinking that brought the federal government down and then, he denied his part in it….that is what is really scary about him…..I don’t see how anyone sees that as presidential…..this conveys to me he is unable to work with anyone that is not to the farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr right of him………

  7. Bill says

    @groan : while you can argue that “trying to save people from sin is not hate,” such a statement hinges on the idea that hate requires bad intentions and requires ignoring the observation that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. The problem is that people have different ideas of what “sin” is, and someone who tries to force his/her beliefs on others comes off as a bore at best. At worst, you end up with the practice in the Middle Ages of torturing people to death over their religious beliefs – the rationale at the time was that “saving” them from an eternity in “Hell” justified any abuse imaginable here on earth. You are far better off in a society run by “moral relativists” than one run by religious fanatics. At least the moral relativists are not going to burn you at the stake over a difference of opinion on something nobody can observe.

    @Pandion : he was born in Canada due to his parents working there. His mother was an American citizen and his father had escaped from Cuba before the revolution – his father initially supported Castro and got in trouble with the Batista government as a result, but then became critical of Castro. Regardless, with one parent being an American citizen (not sure of his father’s status at the time of his birth), that makes him an American citizen at birth.

    At least he can’t become the president due to being born outside the U.S.

    Also, he graduated from the Harvard Law School magma cum laude so he can’t really be stupid – his crazy positions on things must be for a reason such as appealing to very dumb voters (or certain very wealthy donors) or getting name recognition.

  8. Walter says

    Cruz is simply NORMAL, which is something queers (due to their extreme narcissism) can’t get. Before all the pro-homo propaganda of the 1990s, most Americans felt this way. Many still do, but they keep it to themselves because they don’t want to have Left-Wing-Loons and homosexual activists call them names.

  9. simon says

    Well. Walter was normal in the 90’s but now has to hide himself for fear of being called names. Walter even admitted that he is not “normal” now or still lives in the past. Just like he was “normal” being a racist in the 50’s. He is a “traditional” “man” who occasionally visits gay sites when his “wife” is not home. In other words, Walter is the “new queer”.

  10. thom says

    NORMAL. Now there is a concept…Well, Walter, are you NORMAL? And what does that MEAN anyway?…oh, that’s right it doesn’t matter because…well, just because. Ted Cruz unfortunately denounced his Canadian citizenship so,yeah, he is technically eligible to run for (Gasp!) President. Now there is a chilling thought. He may have a high degree from Harvard Law School, which clearly has lowered its standards in recent years. That does not qualify him to govern a country. I really paid no attention to his idiocy until he “shut the government down” because…because,,,,well, he could. Same mentality as a former President (You know who you are, Bushy)who took us to war in an illegal and immoral war resulting in thousands of deaths. He believed he was listening to God. Look it up. It’s true. Now THERE was a terrorist…and Cruz is just as dangerous. If he gets any farther than he already has, we are in deep, deep trouble. Wake up, fools. He is a charlatan and a delusional fraud.

  11. Mr Eric G. Osterberg says

    “The hate all comes from your side. Trying to save people from sin is not hate. It is the opposite.”

    So you are saying that God sinned when he created us? My, are you mixed up. You should not say things about those you know nothing about. We are born the way we are and are part of civilization, living our lives just like other Americans. We work, pay taxes, serve our country, marry, etc. My lifetime partner and I of over 52 years, married over 10 years, are retired and living the American dream.

  12. Mr Eric G. Osterberg says


    Well it looks like Cruz and the rest of your ilk have not learned about equality and are fast becoming the minority. This is evident not only by the polls and voters, but also the advancing number of states who support marriage equality, 32 and climbing. Most of the state bans were created years ago before people had learned that LGBTQIs are part of society and are not a threat. Those of you who refuse to learn and keep on digging your heels in will bury yourselves.

  13. BrokebackBob says

    Can’t Ted get hit by a speeding car or fall down a really big flight of stairs or get struck my lightening or get shot by a hunter or be poisoned by his wife or accidentally die in a thousand other ways?

  14. jamal49 says

    I know a gayface when I see one. If David Barton ain’t gay, I ain’t either. What a wuss. It’s time we all get serious about this anti-gay bigotry that emanates from the Republicans and their base of christian evangelical effluvia and fundamentalist filth. Speaking of gayface, the same goes for Ms. Cruz. Methinks Miss Texas Senator doth protest the gay thing just a tad too much.

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