Gay Man Creates $50,000 Indoor Playland for His 15 Rescued Cats: VIDEO


Peter Cohen, Manuel Flores, and Hiroyuki Furumoto have built an indoor playland for their 15 rescue cats which is unlike anything you've ever seen.

CatguysThe playland consists of dozens of platforms, tunnels, nooks, spiraling ramps, and holes that look like a shark's gaping mouth on which the cats can scratch their backs. It even has closets with filtration systems and exhaust fans to hold the many litter boxes as well as constantly cleaning Roomba vacuums.

Cohen, who lives in Goleta, California (near Santa Barbara), says that he has spent as much as $50,000 on the project.

Check out the clip, AFTER THE JUMP

While the video from HouzzTV which began going viral this week says nothing about the relationship between the men behind the project, a bit of sleuthing shows that both business and romantic relationships are fueling the project. And a mad love of cats.



  1. Mike says

    !$?)@&%! Non-caring men and businesses in a SICK society! The homeless PEOPLE in the United States alone is estimated at somewhere between 2.3 million and 3.5 million. According to Amnesty International USA the vacant houses outnumber homeless people by five times. Remember that is in this country ALONE!

  2. says

    We have four cats (all sisters) and one dog (Skipper). The cats are indoor, now 15 years old and have never been sick. They could go outside through the dog door but they never have. Sissy is all black and thinks she is a dog, pals and waits by the dog door for Skipper to come home and they play, nap and eat together. CiCi is the singer. She climbs into the bathtub and sings her heart out.

    We love them.

  3. says

    I’m halfway there, with six, including 4 three month olds. I rescued a 9 month old cat who turned out to be pregnant. Had six kittens, one did not survive, found home for one so far. Now looking for homes for the others. (WeHo area)

  4. bandanajack says

    LOVE IT…
    there is much that could be said about all the pain and suffering in the world and wouldn’t that much money be put to better use acting on some of that, but really, we don’t know what other charitable causes they contribute to, and they have made their little corner of the world a happier place for the cats and for themselves.

    i am currently fostering 3 kittens until they are old enough to neuter as part of a program of the
    program that is a no kill shelter that takes in all animals and treats their illnesses tags them and finds homes for all that are suitable, and a safe place for all those who are too ill or traumatised.
    this is a great thing for people like me who are too old to care for a pet for the duration of its life, and for who the medical needs of an older cat, or even the daily needs, would be financially impossible. food litter and medical are supplied, and in return they have 3 lovingly socialized kittens ready to go to home with some family, and i have had the pleasure of kitten in the home when i thought those days were over. almost worth all the claw marks up my legs as they attempt to climb me.

  5. bandanajack says

    and is NO ONE going to mention what appears to be a triadic family unit? have we come that far? its not the first i have known, but i am surprised it has gone unremarked thus far…

  6. emjayay says

    Not one to have a bunch of cats myself, but the whole catwalk thing is artistically consistent in form and concept and color and seems to work. Nice job guys. Looks like the white guy and Asian guy are a long term couple. The Hispanic guy is younger – can’t see these guys suddenly adding a just-a-roommate. Anyway, charming guys and charmingly multiethnic!

    Oh, and nice house – since 1988? He said “we” bought the house. Interesting. They were fairly young then, and had some change.

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