Vienna’s Gay Traffic Lights are Staying Permanently: VIDEO

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Last week we reported that in advance of the Eurovision Awards and last weekend's Life Ball AIDS benefit, the city of Vienna changed its street lights so that they feature gay and lesbian couples.

Now comes word that the homo-traffic lights are staying permanently.

The AP reports:

Vienna Councilwoman Maria Vassilakou, in charge of traffic issues, says they will now remain. State broadcaster ORF quoted her Tuesday as saying they have already achieved cult status.

The right-wing Freedom Party says it will lodge a criminal complaint against Vassilakou for allegedly contravening traffic regulations and wasting taxpayers' money at a cost of 63,000 euros ($70,000.)

Watch a Euronews report on the traffic lights, AFTER THE JUMP



  1. Jesse says

    After the documentary “Gone”, it’s going to take a LOT f*****g more than cute traffic lights (which are being contested) to change my opinion of Vienna and Austria. I would NEVER EVER consider going there, and I would NEVER consider it a gay friendly place.

    Just watch “Gone” if you think this stunt is cute, or think that Vienna is a safe place for gay people. If you visit there, you’re taking your life into your own hands, and god forbid anything should happen to you while there because not only will your family never see an ounce of justice, your post-mortem reputation will be slandered with impunity by media and police while the government take a hard dismissive stance.

  2. sid says

    Jesse: Apparently you know nothing about Vienna and Austria. Gay life is great and care free here. Vienna has been ranked as the city with the highest quality of living in the world for the last few years in a row.

    The events chronicled in “Gone” are strange and tragic. I watched the movie and I was heartbroken for the mother but it seems like they went over the top with a huge conspiracy theory to make the story more compelling.

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