Jeremy Renner Gay Rumors Not a Concern for Giant Movie Star

Jeremy Renner

In a new interview with PlayboyAvengers: Ages of Ultron actor Jeremy Renner is reminded of an incident in which he “choked out” a man who called him a fag during a Christmas Eve bar fight, and is also asked about rumors regarding his sexual orientation.

Renner says the rumors are just the hallmark of being a “giant movie star” and he doesn’t care:

 “I’m not going to try to prove what I am or am not. It’s silly, right? When you google yourself and the first thing that comes up is ‘Jeremy Renner gay,’ it’s like, ‘Oh, now you’ve arrived. You’re now a giant movie star.’ I don’t care, ultimately, if that’s what people want to think, read and care about. F**king say whatever the hell you want about me. Look at where we’re at socially—leaps and bounds ahead of where we started. That’s an amazing thing. To suggest that it’s negative, that being gay is a terrible thing, a perversion or whatever—I just don’t get it. Don’t you wish we were in a world where we’re not shaming, judging and boxing people in?”