New Twitter Account Mocks Roland Emmerich for Cinematic Whitewashing

Director Roland Emmerich has been accused of “whitewashing” Stonewall by making its lead character a straight(ish) white man (inspiring a boycott), and a stand-in for, well, himself (read our film critic Nathaniel Rogers’ review here).

Roland Emmerich“As a director you have to put yourself in your movies, and I’m white and gay,” Emmerich told Buzzfeed this week.

A new Twitter account called @RolandMovies mocks Emmerich for his alleged whitewashing, presenting hypothetical films as cast by the Stonewall helmer.

The films, presented as individual tweets, present movies like Tutti Frutti: The Little Richard Story starring Neil Patrick Harris, Cassius, The Muhammad Ali Story starring Ryan Gosling, and Leonardo DiCaprio as Kunta Kinte in Roots: Rebooted.

Nick Jonas as Bayard Rustin, Anne Hathaway as Rosa Parks, Tom Hanks as Barack Obama, and the Jackson 5 story starring The Osmonds, below.

(h/t papermag)