Tunisia Sentences Six Men Accused of Sodomy Following Anal Examinations


A court in Tunisia earlier this month sentenced six men accused of sodomy to three years in prison in violation of international law and rights to privacy and nondiscrimination provided by the country’s constitution.

Authorities also subjected the men to anal examinations and banned them from the town of Kairouan for three years after they are released from prison.

A doctor issued a medical report identifying unspecified “signs” of recent anal intercourse.

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One of the men was sentenced to an additional six months in prison for “indecent behavior in public” after police found pornographic videos on his computer.

Human Rights Watch is campaigning for Tunisia’s Justice Ministry to order prosecutors to stop using anal examinations, to “respect people’s right to physical dignity and integrity,” and to repeal laws criminalizing sodomy.

The six men had until yesterday to appeal.