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In Emotional First, Rainbow Flag Raised on Canadian Military Base to Mark LGBT Pride: VIDEO


An historic first today for Canada's military as a rainbow flag was raised at an Alberta military base in official recognition of LGBT Pride, CBC reports:

ClapMaster Warrant Officer John McDougall, 47, made the request for the flag-raising a few weeks ago through the military chain of command at Canadian Forces Base Edmonton.

A gay-pride flag is raised as Master Warrant Officer John McDougall and GLBT activist Murray Billet look on. (CBC)
McDougall, who is a company sergeant-major in a field medical unit, said he was surprised when his request was quickly granted.

The flag will remain up for a week while Edmonton has its Pride Festival:

"It was history in the making, it was monumental,” said McDougall, speaking about the ceremony. “That being said ... it’s a big deal but it really shouldn’t be that big of a deal. We’re such an inclusive society — Canada as a whole, not just the military — it shouldn’t be a big deal to be gay.

“But it is a big deal that the flag is being raised for the first time at a military base. I think that’s part of the sign of the times and it’s a further reflection of the military’s inclusiveness and their diversity.”

Watch the flag get raised, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Alberta Premier Alison Redford Will Be First to Address Edmonton's Pride Parade

LGBT advocates in Ablerta, Canada are thrilled that Progressive Conservative Alison Redford will be the first sitting Alberta premier to address Edmonton's Pride Parade on June 9, the Edmonton Journal reports:

Redford“It’s quite significant,” said Colleen Sutherland, co-chair of the Edmonton Pride Festival Society. “This is record-breaking news. I think that it shows that everybody is accepted across the province and it emphasizes the Edmonton (public) school board taking on the new sexual orientation and gender identity policy.”

During April’s provincial election, the Wildrose party found itself in the hot seat after a 2011 blog post surfaced by Allan Hunsperger, a pastor and subsequently defeated Wildrose candidate for Edmonton South. In the post, Hunsperger criticized the Edmonton public school board as “profane” and “wicked” for its antibullying stance in support of gay students, and wrote gays will burn in a “lake of fire.”

Redford’s involvement in this year’s Pride festivities takes a stand against that, Sutherland said.

Redford plans to make opening remarks at the Pride celebration at 1:30 pm.


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